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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Lessons Learned Through the Magic of Bubble Blowing

Some people love to blow bubbles with a deep, rapid release of air. This produces many bubbles, going in different directions. Or, you could dip your wand and run or even spin around creating a myriad of tiny bubbles. Do you share this childhood memory of watching them float and magically disappear in the air with me? Perhaps you were the child who enjoyed chasing them and trying to make them pop. That was my little sister.

I learned my preferred method of bubble blowing by watching a master in this art, my older sister. She was deliberate and patient with each bubble. My younger sister and I watched in amazement, as her bubbles grew to unimagined diameter. I remember holding my breath, willing the bubbles not to burst. But they did, despite all of my wishes to the contrary. Unwittingly, my big sister was teaching us a valuable lesson.

How to Meditate with Bubbles:
The practice begins with a slow deep inhalation (face turned away from the wand to prevent accidental aspiration) and then the steady stream of breath gradually fills one bubble at a time. By controlling the breath several interesting opportunities arise. First, you learn to pay attention to your breath. The rate at which your breath is flowing has to slow down for the bubble to expand without bursting. This allows a relaxing sensation to fill you while your breath fills and transforms a simple soap solution into a magnificent iridescent orb. And then, if you are blessed with a gentle breeze, up it goes into the clear blue sky. You can follow it with your eyes and time travel back to the sensation of childhood awe as it disappears into the sky.

This process can be repeated over and over offering a point (albeit a moving one) for your mind to focus upon. With deep attention, bubble blowing can become an unusual, playful meditation practice.

What ifthe bubble pops mid-blow! What happens to your breath, your body your emotions at this moment of inevitable surprise? This was the lesson my sister taught me. Be patient, nothing is permanent, new opportunities will again arise, breathe.

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