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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tamuz (from Sliver of Light blog)

The month of Tamuz ( 10th month of the Hebrew calendar) begins a period of mourning for the Jewish people. Idol worship of one kind or another provoked much of this deep sadness; delusion followed by destruction. In the time of Moses it was the Golden calf (some say that is why we women who did not participate in the calf’s construction were granted Rosh Chodesh as a time to relax and celebrate each month). During these three weeks of morning we remember the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem (by Idol worshiping Babylonians and then again by the Romans) In our time, we too have our idols, our illusions and delusions that lead to destructive behaviors.

I spent time with my daughters, nieces and nephew this past week at the seashore, a family tradition for more than 15 years. One of our “rituals” is to select a single movie that everyone will enjoy. This year’s pick was WALL-E, a film that echoes this historical human pattern of idolatry that leads to destruction. As the story unfolds we realize that once again, two
“temples” have been destroyed: temple one “planet Earth”, and temple two “the human body”. Both destroyed for the sake of worshiping a golden calf here named “consumption”. It is through the simplicity, devotion and love of a childlike robot “Wall-E” that humanity is reminded of our connection to life, to each other (and for the spiritually centered-the ONE who grants miracles and blessings).

This often times is my personal pattern as well. (No judgment on others) Why must I fall to the bottom before I look up to see a Light that has grown dim and distant? Perhaps the word “I” is a clue, for it is when “I” separate myself from “other” that the descent begins. It is not until “I” look up that the lush green of life comes into view, filling me with wonder, reminding me that as Wall-E discovers (and teaches the “humans” in the film), “I” am not alone. The world is vast and when “I” is removed and “me” becomes “we” purpose, hope and reality are restored.

What are your Idols? What will it take to knock down your “temple” walls for the light beyond (and within) to be revealed?

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