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Friday, November 14, 2008

Peace Begins with Me

I am honored, proud, excited, announce that my 11 year old daughter won a competition for creating a poster promoting international peace and understanding. Rosewillow entered the Peace Poster contest and came in first place in our local Lion's Club association! The poster will go on to compete with others in our state, maybe all the way up to the international level. Even if the poster doesn't place in the next level up...we are so pleased and proud of Rosie's work. The poster is beautiful...but what is more valuable in my eyes and in her Dad's is that she has a clear understanding of her responsibility in the peace process.

Here is her artist's statement: "I believe that peace begins with me. If I can learn to find my own inner peace, then the peace inside of me will expand to those around me. Those people will carry that feeling of peace to other places and pass it on, and on, and on."

Rosewillow Hegfield


  1. Laura,
    I see..and feel...why this won first place. Your daughter IS amazing! This painting is incredible. I love everything about it, the witnessing "eyes"; the tear, the woman coming from within the earth into the universe giving her love and peace.
    This would make a beautiful holiday or Happy New Year card or post card. If you do that please add my name to the list!

    hugs to you and your amazing daughter...

  2. Laura...
    Our treasured youth...and the amazing
    ability that they have to see the world...This is truly a BEAUTIFUL and heartfelt poster...Amazing the depth of it....I am so taken...


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