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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Torah-Yoga: a Tree of Life

This image is profound metaphor for one of my favorite spiritual practices...Yoga & Jewish Spirituality...combining the ancient wisdoms of both yoga and Torah. In Jewish tradition...the Torah is often referred to as the "tree of Life". Great learning can be received from reading and interpreting the text of the written Torah (AKA the Five Books of Moses)...and even more is to be gained through the oral Torah (the commentaries on the Torah that have been passed down for generations). Putting these teachings into practice by seeing what they reveal about your life is what I like to call "living Torah". Living Torah makes it all the more meaningful, because all the stories offer metaphors/inspiration that can open us to truths about our own lives.

The tree pose in hatha yoga is an asana (posture) that holds a special place in my heart. It requires simultaneously looking out into the world (being in the world) to maintain balance and a deep inward focus (connecting to breath, being present). Both In and Out serve to connect us to the Divine...and to living the Torah that is our life experience.

This photo is a reflection of trees superimposed on the rolled up yoga mats
(kind of like a Torah scroll)in the trunk of my car. A photographic moment I noticed only because I was present enough to pay attention to what was both inside and outside of my vehicle that takes me where I need to go on my spiritual journey!

To learn more about Yoga & Jewish Spirituality, go to my website and follow the link to the Yoga & Jewish Spirituality page.

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