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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Heart -Soul-Living

I discovered a wonderful website for healing, from Sandie Hum, who is sharing the Creative Journey Game experience with me and 20+ other fabulous women. (more about CJG in a moment) I signed up to receive the free 5 Vital Ways e-course...and eagerly await each clearly written, informative and straight from the heart message. Today's message outlines essential acupressure points and how to access them. Thank you Sandy, from my heart to your soul!

Now the Creative Journey Game. I had heard talk of this from some of my SoulCollage buddies in the past, but really didn't know what it was, exactly and didn't think I had the time to engage in something so BIG. Well, life, has a way of giving you what you need, right when you need it most (albeit in unexpected and sometimes awkward forms!). I received a message from Anne Marie that a new game was forming this spring, with visionary/creator/healer/master doll maker Barb Kobe. This was just after we came home from the hospital. I hummed and hawed about whether or not I really had the time, because my life was busier than ever with all of the changes that came with caring for Rosie. And yet...I needed something that would support me through all of this, something creative that involved community...particularly because I've been so isolated from others by our situation at home. (Aside from the amazing internet community!) So I talked it over with my husband Gordon and we both decided this was the mental health/heart/soul vitamin I needed.

The game officially started last Sunday with a tele-conference led by Barb...but even before Sunday there were many e-mail exchanges as members of the group and our beloved leader reached out to meet and support one another. I've been a bit frustrated, wanting to get started on my board, but stuck in bed with I did the only thing I could (which was actually a lot, considering) I started collecting images and journaling.B’reishit - chaos of emotion. Standing alone among discarded dreams - I am a frightened child. A celebration of unknown ancestors -glancing forward and back, urging me on Fragile roots held in gently disturbed earth, -while delicate leaves drink Light for strength I face the wind… wrapped in dignity and courage -heart open to meet this vast gray sky. My Creative Journey begins again -spiraling towards God, towards myself.

My body, in it's infinite wisdom...decided on it's own that I needed to slow down and take care of myself and granted me that time I thought I didn't have through the gift of shingles. I use the word gift here with thoughtful intention. Because it mostly doesn't feel like a gift. But PAIN I have learned is not is a profound teacher...if we re-frame our relationship with it. That's not to say it isn't terrible's both! I think one of the things pain has taught me over and over again is that life is full of duality-well, actually maybe multiplicity is a better word. Everything, every situation, every person, relationship, flower, mountain, snowflake, illness...has multiple layers and facets from which it/he/she can be viewed and understood.

Yesterday, despite a long day of driving me and Rosie to doctor's appointments and working (his "real" job), running errands and so forth, Gordon (
my Superman) stopped and found me hardboard for my game board at the hardware store and gesso at the craft store so I can start to lay out my game. The doctor gave me the green light to be out and about-but I still need the nerve pain medicine, (I tried going without a dose yesterday, he said I could try and see how I felt...not good, I'm still in considerable pain with out the meds) so I still can't drive...but (small blessings) I can be with my family outside of my bedroom...and in my studio space to work when I have the energy! I still can't touch Rosie until Saturday, just to be sure I'm absolutely not contagious to her.

Life is hard, life is good, life is mysterious...I Thank God for all of it!

The gathered images above are from various magazines...I am grateful to all of the talented artists/photographers who's work I use in my personal with all SoulCollage images, these are never to be bartered or sold as my original works of art, they are for personal healing purposes only. I share them with you, with that knowledge.

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  1. I'm so thrilled you're enjoying the 5 Vital Ways, Laura...they're the fruits of experiences similar to yours...very gratifying when my heart-gifts are so warmly received, thank you!

    You capture the many layers of experience so well...such richness and poignancy when it spans such a wide range...congratulations on being out and about once again--yahoo!!! And kudos to your husband :)

    So glad our paths have connected through the Journey Game,


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