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Sunday, February 15, 2009

SoulCollage® Podcasts

*These are a few of the SoulCollage® cards I have created over the past few months since my daughter's diagnoses of Crohn's disease. Click on the image to listen to a podcast of me reading the card.

Life, as we all know, doesn’t always go according to our fact, most of the time it doesn’t go the way we planned it at all the best plan (if you can call it a plan), I've come to realize is to be as present as possible to whatever shows up. Traveling off into fantasies and wishes for “things to be different” serves only to complicate the reality of a given situation, and deeper suffering is the result. When I am able to stay in the moment physically, mentally and/or emotionally I can find the kernels of goodness even in the most difficult of days. Recently I have been particularly aware of my emotional shifts as they happen. That doesn’t mean I can always attend to those feelings exactly when they happen, but I am able to notice what arises and return later when I do have time to dedicate to deeper exploration. In the few hours a day that I am lucky enough to have to myself and in the midst of doing mundane tasks, I find that I am often left with my raw feelings. They are certainly no easier to meet face to face than the concrete physical challenges that keep emerging...and yet that's what my soul asks me to do…face my own inner world. As gently and compassionately as possible... I engage with my emotional life through art. That’s what you're seeing in my SoulCollage® cards...parcels of that engagement expressed visually. The podcasts I have made available here take the process a step further. They are of me facilitating the “I am the One Who” process outlined by Seena Frost in her book SoulCollage® An Intuitive Collage Process for Individuals and Groups, for myself.

So if you ever wondered what a person “does” with their SoulCollage® cards…this is a good example of one way they can be used.

When I speak you will hear me ask myself a series of questions. After each question I will take some deep breaths to “enter into the card”, allowing the voices of the images to share their wisdom. Essentially, this is my own inner wisdom…or perhaps one could say the voice of the Divine being filtered back through me…much like the sacred listening practice of Spiritual Direction, except, here, I am my own guide and witness. None of this has been edited…so it is as real and immediate as the process gets. Sometimes words or phrases are repeated...or there are long pauses. This is simply how the process unfolded for me as I sat with these cards. Some of the images/readings may seem in conflict with each other...this is that emotional shifting that I mentioned previously in this entry.

My intention
in sharing these intimate recordings is partly to express myself as an artist in a richer way, but also to offer a deeper understanding of this practice for those who are interested in SoulCollage®, but for whatever reason have not yet tried to do a reading. Many SoulCollage® practitioners ask themselves the questions and then write down their answers in a journal. I have done it this way for the past three years but have never been fully satisfied with the break in the free flow of words that occurs when I stop to write. I’ve always preferred having someone witness and scribe for me for that reason as well as for the feeling of community that is built by sharing the experience with another person. It is not always possible to have someone available to help in this way however, and it is different to be a solo witness to ones own reading. In the beginning, I do recommend having a chevruta (partner/friend) as a scribe and witness until you feel confident in the process of facilitating the “I am the One Who” questions for yourself.

I used Garage Band on my MacBook to make these podcasts…but you could use a simple cassette recorder to do the same thing. I also offer one on one SoulCollage® readings by phone for clients whowould like the support of a trained facilitator. Just send me an e-mail if you want more information about that. (

As always, I am grateful to the many artists and photographers whose work I have incorporated into these SoulCollage cards. Because these are borrowed images it is paramount that I mention that SoulCollage cards are for personal use only...never to be bartered or sold as original works of art.

I hope that these images and recordings will serve as a welcome invitation for you to try this powerfully healing practice for yourself.

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