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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Still in Mitzrayim

Here is my: Creative Journey Game Board
Can you tell from the picture where I am?

There I was thinking I had somehow gotten ahead of Torah time…thinking without sinking down into embodiment… I am in mitzrayim, the narrow place, after all. I was so certain by now I’d passed through, dwelling for weeks in the wilderness, bamidbar. When I closed my eyes in meditation today I recognized the hardened muscles holding me back in their attempt to brace me from pain…from the dizzying movement of earth beneath my body. My head is cradled against pillows in an attempt to appease my brain as it sorts through exaggerated messages, detecting more motion than is actually happening: vertigo. Then again, maybe on a subtle (or not so subtle) psycho-spiritual plane this movement my brain is registering is exactly what is happening.

I remember birthing my daughters; such struggle in the pushing. Yet I believe it was the easing, releasing sighs of breath between that enabled them to birth themselves, for this is the way of all living things.

I have forgotten, to be gentle, to soften, to set free the desire for change -forward motion: indeed, to acquiesce to rest. Expecting this yearning to leave me altogether would not be in alignment with my soul’s truth. Instead, I continue to learn to be with this wanting, consciously allowing longing to ride the wave of breath, waiting, while God’s Living Presence flows through me into my next life (held in this life) as I will be renewed yet again.

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