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Saturday, September 26, 2009

gradual healing...isn't it always?

So much for salvadore dali vision....yesterday I woke up (at 4am mind you so we could get to Rosie's appointment in Boston on time) and I could actually see pretty clearly through both eyes! She was all hooked up to 9 different electrical leads with a shoulder bag carrying and recording the imaging that was happening inside her body from the giant pillcam she very bravely...I mean bravely,..swallowed. We spent the day (it took almost 8 hours to get through the important parts of her digestive tract) at the Boston museum of fine of our favorite hang outs in Boston and within walking (or in my case rolling) distance of children's hospital. It was my first full day ever experiencing life from the height of a wheel chair. (they graciously let us borrow one from the hospital for the day, because I could not possibly have done all that walking) So it was fascinating from many I could see as if for the first time through both of my eyes. What a wonderful place to be able to re-experience eye sight. two. the experience from a different height perspective. three. being aware in an immediate way of what it is like to be a disabled person in a wheelchair navigating the abled world.

When Rosie would get tired out, she'd pile on top of me so we were like a British double decker bus (wheel chair) that our driver (Gordon) gallantly drove through the city streets, the museum and hospital. Rosie, was so cute. She held the museum map and was our RPS (Rosie positioning device) telling him which way to turn to get to each exhibit.

My eye sight is not yet completely normal. In fact to type/read on the computer I still need to close my left eye in order to see clearly. Sometimes the SDV (Salvador Dali Vision) switches back on and everything is skewed again... I see edges of light around objects (which is kind of interesting) or my eyes just get tired and teary and blurry) so not exactly normal yet...but definitely improving. My walking/balance/strength also is quite variable from moment to moment. We notice that when I am particularly tired I have a hard time finding the correct word and I stutter until I find it. This is new in the past 3 or 4 days, really frustrating, because of course I KNOW the words/thoughts...I just can't access and express them. Both of my arms have tremors at times now...hands shaking and clawing...but again like everything else, these symptoms come and go. My back cramps up and that can be painful at times. I get tingly sensations in my arms, hands, legs and feet. And yet. I am learning to accept things more and more each day...and still praying that soon this exacerbation will pass and I will feel healthy again for a while...cannot predict anything...good life lesson, right? So I hope this doesn't sound whiney or like I am complaining...really, just the facts ma'm.

When we came home yesterday after lots of traffic and feeling exhausted we found an amazing gift. My dear friend Barbara had tidied up and folded the mountain of clean laundry on our dining table...then we had a delicious meal provided by a loving congregant (trying not to name drop...wouldn't want to accidentally miss better not to use too many our community is filled with amazing loving just assume it could be any one of them). It was the most wonderful comforting feeling, to come home to these bits of loving magic.

Belin and I have long talks about her kitty Lev, and how interesting the grieving process is...the possible ways we can interpret tragic events to make sense of them in our lives...finding the blessings. She is blossoming into an incredibly wise young (not quite 16) year old woman.

Gord has a big gig today with the Klez band. I know, weird it's Shabbas...but it's a big festival thing in Portsmouth and they are one of the featured bands...which is phenominally cool...I so wish I could be there to cheer them on and dance. They are a fabulous band! I'm so happy that he will have this afternoon of much deserved pleasure and relaxation with his band buddies!

So, that's the news from Lake Woebegone (as Garrison Keilor would say).

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