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When we see through our hearts, we recognize that every single one of us is infused with creativity. Divine Sparks are embedded in everyone and everything. It's up to us to be courageous, to look and listen deeply, to find the sparks, gather and release them back into the universe, transformed into something new. Join me as we wake up to the sacred-ordinary blessings waiting to greet us each and every day.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

I was just "window shopping" through some interesting blogs. This one, Portable Peace from Janice Lynne Lundy, really caught my attention this morning. It made me think of all the little stones my daughters have collected in their pockets over the years (for me to discover tumbling through the laundry). Some of those pebbles were important enough that they have kept them on their bedside tables for days, weeks, months...and in collection boxes for years. They are small remembrances; objects of comfort that simultaneously jettison them back to a particular moment of discovery and hold them safe in "this" moment.

I too have my momentos that share that dual purpose. A necklace pendant from my Reiki teacher (that I often wear), a diary that once belonged to my Great-Aunt BeBe (logging her travels across the country as a young woman), a favorite amethyst crystal I bought many years ago when I was feeling quite depressed (now covered in ash from insence), my mother's wedding ring that I wear as my own (mine was swept away by the ocean years ago as I was filling a bucket with water for Belin, a baby at the mother gave me her own to replace it and I've worn her's ever since), and my SoulCollage cards...of course they, like the diary, are too large to place in a pocket or wear, but they are never far from my bedside or meditation altar....constant companions reminding me exactly who I am...that I am indeed safe, wise, complex and present.

As I commented on Janice's post this morning: it is easy to get lost in mindwebs like anxiety, fear, anger (perhaps they are the same spider in various costumes?)...having a tiny treasure to gently guide us back to "this moment" is a creative and compassionate way to herd our divided selves back to the oneness of "now". These objects are like tiny treasure maps that connect us to our past and fast forward us to the present.

The most abundant and easily accesible treasure for most of us, perhaps, is not one that we tend to fill our pockets with (although I can visualize blowing into my pocket...but it would not last there for long) and it is not an object (although we can hold it briefly)...It is of course, our very breath; a constant reminder that we are indeed alive in this moment...that we are connected to all of the Divine breath that flows through each of us and all of Creation. And for this breath, right now, we are safe.


  1. Laura, so pleased to meet you. I am deeply touched by the heart and soul of your site. It seems we are kindred.

    Grateful that my post this a.m. jumpstarted yours. Isn't this the wonder of the universe? Your response is precious and I loved reading about all your little treasures that bring you home to yourself. And the breath, Ahhhh, that is the ultimate, I agree. It is for me too, my direct connect to Spirit. It saves my life daily.

    In fact, when I first started penning my monthly column "Pockets of Peace" for Michigan Women's Forum (the link is on the blog post), of course the very first installment had to be about the sacredness of the breath--definitely our most portable peace.

    Thank you again for the link love. I will be back often. Blessings!

    (I would also invite you to visit my other blog at "A Room of Her Own.")

  2. This was amazing to read. A beautiful trip through what these tangible things are for you that help you to connect. I myself have a few things as well. Including one set of little hearts from YOU, Rosie and Belin that say Sing, Play and Dream. They are at my workspace (my desk) to remind me when I get to stressed that the work i'm doing is about all of those three things and therefore I should DO all of those three things!


  3. Jan...I think on this earth part of our purpose is to learn from each other, inspire one another, and discover from our unique perspectives ways to pass on the teachings to other beings whose hearts are open and ready to receive.


  4. Oh Naomi, what an honor to know that our small gifts to you assist you when you are feeling overwhelmed...litte hearts to open your BIG heart and release the fear/stress that sometimes takes hold.

    Love you my chevruta,

  5. Hi Laura,
    It's so good to be here today. And as I read this here, I am pulled in by those two words - portable peace. Something we can take with us. And hold onto when we're away. Pebbles...seashells...a coin...something that has some meaning to us. Another is a small notecard given to me by a friend - painted and with a small emblem bearing the word "wisdom". It seems so simple, and yet it means so much. It is portable, but I have it hanging up - to see and be drawn back to. And reading today, this little piece of construction paper has taken on an even deeper meaning. And that is so, so good...

  6. It was so nice to see you at my blog and especially that it led me to yours!
    I too am one who will always bring back a rock, like taking a bit of energy from a special place.
    I have been doing "consciously connected breathing" each morning and before bed. It is the greatest tool to bring up back to present moment awareness.
    ...and now to update that blog!!!!
    thanks for the link :-)

  7. Lance, I'm pleased this was meaningful for you. "portable peace"is Jan's phrase...I can't take credit for that...You might enjoy her original post that inspired this one. Both of her blogs are beautiful.

    It's amazing the small things we collect that hold such significant value in our lives...placing that card in an easily viewed space is exactly the same principle. It has the power to transport you to your loving interactions with this friend and wakes you up to the deep knowing that you possess the wisdom you need to live your life perfectly in this moment.

  8. Doe,
    I think of our breath as the present that reminds us to be Present. I'm looking forward to reading your next blog entry and seeing the world through your eyes in your art.

  9. Hi Laura
    I have left a lot of things behind, but there are a few things I carry with me. Never gave it any thought why, now I know.
    They anchor me into my peace and as our lives are not always peaceful and neither the world around me, I do love this notion of wearable peace and what it can be represented by.

  10. Hi, Laura! I dropped in from Jan's post and I'm glad to find you, another of what I call "Namaste people." In a world with so many negative, non-healthy messages, I am gladdened to find so many people working with a love energy in this world. Thank you!

  11. Rose, I'm so glad you found me too. I was just working on an interview with a friend that will come out later this year...the section I was just writing is about shining our light and passing it on to others. Your message arrived at exactly the right moment.

    Namaste to you as well


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