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Monday, January 18, 2010

A Peaceful Mind Generates Power

I had had my monthly Tysabri infusion on Friday. It left me achier than the last two times and slightly more light-headed, but I didn’t feel too bad. Saturday and Sunday were lazy days of resting though, and catching up on blogs I haven’t read in a while. I skyped with my dear, long time friend Art Baner (we've been friends since the 7th grade!!!) We talked about the power of our minds to support healing and practiced using our breath, and thoughts to energize our bodies. I am LOVING Qigong, and beginning to incorporate what Art has generously taught me into my daily meditation practices.

As I wasn’t up to cooking dinner yet Sunday evening, and Gordon had a gig during the day, he picked up Chinese take-out on the way home. The photo above is the fortune from Gordon’s cookie.

The storm must have started sometime after 10pm. The girls were snug in there beds and Gordon and I were sleeping soundly after our lovely evening meditation together. By midnight the intermittent barking began. Dogs do NOT like the loud popping sound of transformers blowing out from the weight of ice and snow on power lines in the distance. Around 1:30 or so there was a particularly explosive noise followed by our power shutting down at the Gnome Mound. We were not feeling peaceful. Last winter when the power went out it did not come on again for a full week (a full and really challenging week!) and we did not have a generator yet. Last night, however it came back on sometime around 3am…with much barking and jumping on the bed (dogs) and relief (from us grown-up humans).

With the morning light, these enchanted trees became visible through our bedroom window.

Look at how heavy the snow is, the poor young tree is bowed completely to the ground.

This is the image that caught my sleepy eyes, my breath, my thoughts this morning when I came down stairs to the family room. The fire of the pellet stove is reflected in the window, superimposed over the snow-laden branches outside. Fire dancing on that's something to contemplate!

The sky began to clear and I was totally awed by the snow on the trees. This is a perfect example of how a peaceful mind or in this case, a joyful mind, generates power...This feeling of AWE for me was so uplifting I put on my boots and coat and trudged through the dense snow a few yards behind the house to look up and snap these photos of the undersides of the branches while the sun melted chunks of snow that kept surprising me as it fell on my face!

And then…the power went dead. We waited awhile. As afternoon progressed and the sun journeyed lower down in the sky it was evident Gord would need to schlep out the generator after all.

And so now I sit, still bundled with fleece blanket, extra socks, and dogs cuddled near by.

The pellet stove is up and running with the assistance of the growling generator and yet, my mind is peaceful anyway. (Apparently generators also power peace!)

Join me at Awake is Good on Friday where I have the honor of sharing a meditation practice as part of Jan's still on-going 28 day meditation challenge. Actually, stop by every day this week, Jan has some wonderful guest bloggers lined up to teach a variety of meditation/mindfulness practices. Even if you have been meditating for years, there is always more to learn!


  1. Oh my, your photo of Fire On Snow is absolutely stunning!

  2. Thanks just amazed me! all though, I am fairly easily amazed.

  3. So glad to hear you have a generator. We bought a portable generator when we moved to the woods three years ago. We've only needed it once, but it made all the difference in the 36 hours we were without power. Fire dancing on snow is amazing.

  4. Beautiful post and I love the pictures, particularly the reflecting fire; *fire and ice* it could be called.
    Sorry about the cold weather and no power, that must be really challenging. But at least you have the stove.;)
    Please stay warm,

    PS; Thank you for your lovely visits, I truly appreciate them as well as your kind words.;)

  5. Like the others, I loved the fire on snow image. I'm glad you have your generator. Having been without electricity for weeks post hurricane, I have some sense of what it's like to not have it.

  6. those trees are enchanted for sure! and fire on ice? wow!!!!!!

  7. hi Sharon, yeah ours is portable too...but boy oh boy is it heavy! Poor Gordon. It only powers very basic things, the well pump, lights, heat and the refrigerator. No hot water, no oven/stove. But that's so much better than last year! So I am not complaining. Plus the power came back on in time to make dinner tonight, so YAY!

    Thanks so much for visiting me too! Yes that "fire and ice" image was a startling discovery...I just love when things like that happen. We are much warmer again now. You stay warm in those funky boots too!

  8. Hi Judy,
    Several weeks without power, Wow! Last year during the ice storm some towns didn't have electricity for a month and the temps were hanging out between -5 and -15, we were very fortunate to have ours returned within a week. As cold as I felt yesterday, it was no where near that cold. I hope you are having a good day today.

  9. the travails of winter make summer so desired! your photos are amazing ... glad you are warm and snuggle with your adorable doggies! life is good.

  10. it's beautiful where you are too....but with a few issues

    last year I had a tough time with winter, but this year I put my boxing gloves away, and I'm just rolling with whatever it hands out....

    I hope your electricity comes back on and stays on....winter's too cold not to have heat and hot tea !

  11. Hello Shadow...and you my dear are surely one to recognize trees that are enchanted!'s true...I enjoy the stark beauty of winter, but I would be perfectly happy to wake up tomorrow to a sunny summer morning! Winter is so very long in New England.

  12. Hi Beth, it's true, just rolling with "winter's punches" is part of living in NH. After 10 years though, I'm feeling a bit trounced.

  13. What a super shot- fire on snow-
    I hope you are up and about feeling better

  14. Hi Paige,
    Thanks I really love that image too. I am starting to emerge from my Tysabri induced, low blood pressure cocoon now. Hope your arm is feeling better too.


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