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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Time Release

Sitting in stillness
My breath, my thoughts, emotions
The world rushes through
Anchored to heart beats
Time released, I find center
Surrender that too

Yesterday there was a whole lot of surrendering going on, my neurons were not particularly cooperative. Okay, that sounds isn't as though they have choice in any of this. MS is a disease of complete randomness, and my body is doing the best it can with the strange situation it is forced to cope with day in and day out. Yesterday began with birthday hugs, a wonderful coaching session with a client I adore (become friend-I LOVE when that happens) and then a heart to heart talk on the phone with a blogging friend who has also become dear. I made it to the end of both conversations with my NORMAL, non-globally accented up to bathe and next thing I knew, my legs went rag doll and I was on the floor. Which also meant not just an accent but dysarthria. I needed assistance in and out of the tub and rested the rest of the afternoon. I was able to slowly walk down the steps by dinner time with Belin's assistance and we celebrated with gifts and a cake and laughter. Then it was piggyback up to bed (thank God my husband is strong and I am light). I don't know what today will bring. I pray for my brain and my muscles to communicate with more ease than yesterday, (it is a PT day after all) but it's okay either way. It is all just practice in the art of surrender and opening my heart/mind to peace within my own center; remembering the gifts of stillness, breath, heartbeats and time released.

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  1. My dear LAura
    I so pray too that you feel better today and as the day goes on even better, as good as it gets
    You are such an inspiration and sweet person

    Lots of love from across the Ocean

  2. May you experience rivers of kindness today, Laura, gentleness too. This came across my email this morn, loved it, thought of you. xo

    "In the dew of little things, the heart finds its morning and is refreshed."
    Kahlil Gibran
    The Prophet

  3. Hi my friend Laura,
    I am not sure what to say but I am glad to hear that, with the help of Belin's assistance, you ended the day with laughter (and CAKE, GIFT).
    Please have a wonderful day.

  4. i hope that today is a better day...this verse so resonates...the surrendering...

  5. Hope you're feeling so much better now Laura.

  6. My heart is yours, yesterday and today. Yours is a big breath. I will hold a space for you today, and each day, hoping all is better.

    The non-word at the bottom. Was "loggedop" it seems like a wonderful word, for things unspoken. xoxoxoxo

  7. I have never thought about surrendering my heartbeat, my center, too, but I guess that is the ultimate surrender in death.

    Thank you once again Wise One for this humble teaching. And Happy Belated Birthday Belin.

  8. Hope you are finding the wisdom, grace and strength to guide you to a more comfortable place.

  9. Randomness - you have to always expect the unexpected ... but I wish you didn't have to. I'm thrilled that the beginning of the day was so wonderful with your friends, and that you enjoyed Belin's birthday celebration. Under other circumstances, a piggyback ride could be a lot of fun. I, too, pray for days of more ease and muscle control for you, my friend.

  10. "MS is a disease of complete randomness". I like that characterization of MS.

    Now I'm off to check out that Buddha Chick class....!


  11. I appreciated your visit and hope you will find renewed strength.

  12. Laura, your optimism and strength are an inspiration to us all........

  13. Laura
    I can relate to you about the falling and crazy nerves. I too have MS.

  14. Beautiful pictures!

  15. The photographs look like paintings constructed with brushstrokes in every shade of blue. Poetry in pictures.

    May each day be a new beginning ~

  16. Solid, smile-causing poem. :) See?


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