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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

WOW! Kreativ Blogger Award


What a lovely surprise!

Today I offer deep gratitude to Debra at
She Who Seeks who has passed this award on to me. Wow! And thank you to Miss Zoe (Bunny) and Marcy Hall at Ordinary Enchantment who birthed this heartwarming award :)

Seven Rules
1. Thank the person giving the award.

2. Copy the award to your blog.

3. Place a link to their blog.

4. Name seven things people don't know about you.

5. Nominate seven other bloggers who you admire.

6. Place a link to these bloggers.

7. Leave a comment on their blog notifying them of the award.

I'm going with really random stuff here and adding an extra word to the simple 7 rules (hope that's ok Marcy & Zoe) 7 things MOST people don't know about you (I don't have too many secrets myself, plus I'm feeling grateful and giddy and spontaneously rebellious as I write this).

1. I love raw almonds.

2. I once started to write a song entitled "Alien Babies in a Jar"...with my sister Pam, inspired by something scary our Dad had purchased and placed in the fridge...unfortunately we didn't really get past the first line. This was the 8o's it was going to be a headbanger punk tune.

3. When I was a little girl and we played "Indians" (never Cowboys) my tribal name was "White Hawk" and I was known as "Peace Maker". (You might be thinking this makes sense knowing me as a grown-up, but back then "trouble maker" at least according to my brother and sisters might have been more appropriate.)

4. I kissed McCoy Tyner (the famous jazz pianist) on the cheek after listening to him play (it was really late at night and we were at a table right next to the piano-also back in the 8o's - my life was slightly more exciting back then).

5. I had a gold fish named Moishe when I was a little kid (my first pet, my parents told me that goldfish were related to carp which is what gefilte fish is made from-really awful now that I think about it...I wasn't a vegetarian back seemed logical to give my fishy the name of the man who led the Jewish people out of Egypt-the story we read at the Passover Seder...the meal at which my Mother always served gefilte fish).

6. I have short legs and a long torso...when I stand next to my sister Amy she is much taller (5'7", I'm 5'4")...but when we sit, we're the same height!!!

7. In the 4th grade, I saved the longest french fry I ever saw in my desk lunch, was just as long, but a different color when I found it again cleaning out my desk on the last day of the school year.

Is this TMI?

This list of Bloggers might seem random as well, but each and every one has inspired me...along my bloggy travels. (Picking 7 was really, really hard to do...there are so very many inspiring souls who creatively share their journeys every day)

So here's to Randomness and Inspiration and Creativity in all it's many forms.

Congratulations to the following KREATIV, beautiful humans!

1. Judy @ Peace Be With You
2. Robin @ One Still Frame
3. Christine @ Mystic Meandering
4. Jan @ Awake is Good
5. Nicki @ Touching the Universe
6. Kel @ X-facta
7. Joanne @ Breathe as Me


  1. Wow, Laura, I am so moved by your choosing me. You are also very inspiring so your picking me has even more meaning. May your day be filled with peace, love, and kindness.

  2. Why would I NOT choose you Judy? May today be one of ease and minor frustrations (if any arise at all) for YOU, for all of us!

  3. Good morning, Laura. I, too, am so pleased you chose me. This means a lot coming from one of the most creative people I have had the pleasure to get to know in blogland (and life!). So I humbly accept, though I have to wait a bit to post my part, as the Meditation Challenge is still on and I want it to run its course. After that, I'll tell all ... and pick more creative folks. How's that? Hugs to you today.
    p.s. I am excited to check out these creative women too!

  4. It is my pleasure to honor you in this small way Jan. I can't wait to see what is up at the Challenge today!

  5. Hi Laura -- I'm glad you had fun with the award and I enjoyed reading your 7 revelations! Let my fishes go!

  6. looove your no. 7, heee heee heeee. congratulations, a lovely award for a lovely girl!

  7. Congratulations on this much-deserved award! I enjoyed reading your "about me" list, too. Aren't almonds delicious?! Like you, I also always preferred to be on the side of the Indians, at play and when watching old Westerns.
    Best wishes from a fellow short-legged person,

  8. Congratulations on your award, well deserved!
    I am the same when compared to my sister, her legs are so much longer than mine.;)
    The last one was very funny.;)

  9. Thank you Laura!

    Your recognition here seems quite "award" enough! I appreciate the heartfelt exposure :)

    With gratitude ~ And well wishes for your own continued inspiration in the Lifestream ~~~~~~


  10. Hi Shadow, Angela and Zuzana,
    It was fun to make the dwell in happy memories and silliness...I am so very serious at times!

  11. Congratulations Christine...I love reading your blog and thought other of my readers would too!

  12. Laura~thank you so much for choosing me for this award. i am at work right now but i will follow the rules once i get on are a lovely soul that i am so pleased to have met in this cyber world...
    have a blessed day.
    just BE.

  13. Robin,
    I'm so happy to have brought a little extra joy into your day!

  14. I sit taller than taller people too, but for me I think it's more a matter of my butt being rather robust that props me up so!

    Alien babies In a A Jar, be still my beating 80s heart.

    So you a jazz fan too, like me and my hubby!?

    Oh, and darn -- you were on my list to give this award to that I have recently "won" too! I guess twice would be too much for you?

  15. Hi Jannie,
    That's so sweet. I think we need to spread the love and pass this baby on to some other unsuspecting and most worthy blogger:)

    Yeah, my husband and I actually met in the hallway between practice rooms at Presser Hall (the music school at Temple U) I was the clueless voice major who hung out with all the cats...actually some of the guys we hung out with really are serious players in the Philly Jazz scene (one is a Luthier -Bill Comins- he makes awesome Jazz guitars-check out his guitars at My husband is killer jazz pianist (cleverly disguised as a software architect/klezmer musician.

    Who knew we'd miss the 80's...good times!

  16. Oh Laura, thank you for gifting me with this award. It is just the kind of encouragement I need and it makes me smile. In return, I am full of gratitude. Specifically, I want to thank you for your beautiful singing voice (from Jan's Meditation Challenge)that still resonates in my mind as I awake each morning. Thank you for being a person who points out that creativity is a spritual practice! Thank you for shining the Divine!
    I'll post my part soon on my blog. The next few nights are creativity nights so I will be working on a writing project, but I get to it soon. Peace, Nicki

  17. You are most welcome and totally deserving of this award Nicki!

    I can't believe my singing is still resonating for is something I gave up doing in a public way a very long time ago!!! So thank you for your encouragement...hmmm courage is the center of that word. It takes courage to be creative, to write, to sing to make art from our hearts. And so here we are standing together (much easier to be courageous that way) supporting each other as Creative Spiritual Warriors (of course the BIG war is always inside our minds!)
    gentle steps

  18. Reading your list was a lot of fun, Laura! Mazel Tov on the award! You truly deserve it, dear one!


  19. Laura,
    Very awesome and well-deserved! And NOT TMI!!! It's great to learn a bit more about you!

  20. oh laura... what a lovely mention and gift, and to be among such wonderful company is so amazing... it feels like being wrapped in a warm quilt ... thank you so much for including me (i think doing so probably makes the blanket into a crazy quilt... :)

    i love learning more about you through your seven things... so sweet to read...

  21. Congratulations Joanne, you are among colleagues and friends. I love the crazy quilt image!

  22. Alien Babies in a Jar !!!!

    that tickled my funny bone

    thankyou for including little old me in such a talented list

  23. Now who is tickling who? WHY would you NOT be on this list of talented humans?

    Congratulations KEL!

  24. Wow, nice to learn your hubby is a jazz pianist.

    I think God was awfully awfully proud of himself those days he strung the jazz chords together!!

    Do you sing much these days, Laura?


  25. I'm more of a shower singer these days. And for devotional purposes. You can listen to me chanting a prayer on Jan's Meditation challenge page:

    Not exactly Jazz.


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