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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Gratitude for Receiving the Sugar Doll Award

I am so grateful to Paige for this Sugar Doll award. I never feel like I've done a thing to deserve these awards so am always, always shocked and delighted to find someone thinks my blog worthy. [SugarDoll+Award.bmp] I did not see a clear list of rules for how to proceed, so I've decided to make up my own. Here is a list of 10 random things I love not in any specific ranking order (notice I said things, not people, there are too many!)

1. I love the feel of cool wind on my face at the peak of a mountain after a long climb. (I hope to have this experience again one day)

2. I love the sensation of a towel fresh out of the dryer wrapped around me after a bath.

3. I love the way trees appear to grow straight out of the boulders here in NH.

4. I love when the sun is low in the sky and the mysterious inner glow it brings out in everything it kisses.

5. I love the sound of kitten sneezes.

6. I love the scent of pavement after a summer rain.

7. I love the slow pace of summer mornings.

8. I love birdsong this time of year and the promise of spring they evoke in my heart.

9. I love the smooth feel of an oil pastel (craypa) being drawn across the surface of paper.

10. I love the welcoming community of bloggers I have become a part of!

I am sending this award on to the following bloggers who always write from their hearts. Congratulations dear ones!
Please take a few moments to visit these sweet blogger friends and say hello.


  1. Laura, thank you so much. You've brought sunshine to an otherwise dreary day. Many thanks for all the gifts you share.

  2. Laura,
    Reads like a poem, a meditation. I love so many of those things as well--the low sun and the mysterious inner glow, the scent of pavement after a rain, the coolness I feel after a steep climb. Beautiful touchstones. Peace, Nicki

  3. Congratulations Sharon! It's pretty dreary here too...but somehow I am enjoying the sound of the rain that has replaced the hush of snow.

    Thanks Nicki, I hadn't thought of this list as poetry, but I see what you mean. Oh a blog post idea is a brewing now!

  4. This is a real honor. Sometimes I feel like I am trying to be something I am not...wise. But then I hush the inner critic and show it my real heart, the one that tries to open despite all the fear in the world and inside me.

    Laura, your gift is received with that open and tender heart today.

    Thank you.

    And thank you for sharing such poignant descriptions from nature and your life.

  5. You are quite welcome sweet Mermaid...You are endowed with an extremely wise heart...I am so honored to have met you these past several months, I always look forward to your precious pearls of wisdom on your blog.

  6. hey, i love that list. i'll second that! and congrats!

  7. Congrats! It's been a long time since I heard a kitten sneeze, but last night my cat was snoring, if that counts!

  8. oh yes Debra, cat snores and dog's muffled woofing in their sleep (you know with the legs running too) these definitely fall under the kitten sneeze category!

  9. Laura,
    You DO deserve plenty of awards, oh creative caring friend. Enjoy! I enjoyed reading about your loves. Marvelous they are.

    p.s. I just remembered that you gave me a lovely award a few weeks ago that I did not end up posting on. I hope you will forgive...It was at about the time we were leaving for FL so things were rather disjointed. I appreciate the kindness. :-)

  10. Laura,
    I appreciate that you have chosen me as one of the bloggers to pass this award on to. It is a sweet and kind gesture.

  11. Congrats on your Award, it's always nice to be recognized this way. I hear you on the birdsong, and the hint of spring. Especially this week here in southern New England, with rain and snow competing for equal billing! Bring on the birds :)

  12. congratulations on your award. and i love your loves.

  13. congrats. wonderful work.

    thank you for your visit and kind comment

  14. Great to have you join me! I've just been reading thru a few of your posts & I am alternately inspired, saddened & encouraged. I find being creative & practicing yoga healing on so many levels (not too deeply, I'm only just starting, really!) The mixture of the living in the now plus the hope during the journey is important to me, as is the listening, at the same time, sharing.

    What did Jane Eyre say? "I know no medium" ....or something like that :)

    Nameste (sp?) Warmest, stay well, Emma

  15. I love your list of things you love! And I can relate to every one of them. The one about how you love kitten sneezes made me smile.
    Congratulations on the award!


  16. Beautiful loves!

    Haven't heard a kitten sneeze in ages! Thank you for the reminder.

  17. Oh!

    I'm a little behind on my readings and it was a big surprise to see my blog listed there at the bottom of your lovely list. Thank you!

    You'd like my cat...I think she has allergies. She's been sneezing a bit more than usual this spring. *smile*


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