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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Skywatch Friday: same sky-same mind

To my loyal, kind, and patient blog readers,

Please forgive me. I have been absolutely horrid about responding to comments excuses being icky, overwhelming MS fatigue and gathering inner storm clouds (...feeling dramatic, dark, know, like February on the inside). The extremely good news is the latest MRI I had last Friday did not show significant changes in my brain or cervical spine, so it must have just been the little virus I had a few weeks ago that confused my immune system and sent me reeling backwards a bit. My speech is extra odd, with "th" replacing "s" and "r" but a memory. Add to that a slightly nasal quality...and well, it is NOT my favorite of the various vocal patterns that have been passing through my voice since November. Although this would likely sound adorable coming from the mouth of a four or five year old child, it doesn't sound so cute coming from a 44 year old woman. It's frustrating when I know people don't understand everything I am saying, and I have to repeat myself...and damn it, I just don't like the way I sound. This whole MS business is like some twisted "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" thing. How's that for HONEST blogging? It's a lot to adjust to, and just when I think I've adjusted it changes again...but that does make life interesting. Ok, got that off my heart. More about this in a sec, from a kinder, gentler more contemplative perspective.

I want all of you to know that I do read and appreciate every single comment you leave. Please, please keep them coming if you feel called to do so...I love feeling connected to all of you through this miraculous world wide web of community. God willing I will feel more energized soon, and will spend more time visiting your blogs, returning emails and catching up with what is happening in all of your lives.

Onto today's entry...

I thought I'd give Skywatch Friday a try since it works so well with today's post.
Welcome to my internet lair if you haven't been to Shine the Divine before.
And if you are new to Skywatch Friday (like me) please click on the link and check out the exquisite photos of other participants, you'll be so glad you did :)

Looking out a window and into the sky is a lot like looking into my mind.

The very same sky/mind witnessed from a different window offers a new perspective.

Is it all real and true in the moment of perception?

One could say "It is what it is." And perhaps that's real & true right then and there, but what about right here and now? Is becomes was the second I notice time has passed.

The moment to moment shifts can be rather subtle. Often, close observation and a longer span of time are needed to see the variations that have been constant all along. Like the movement of clouds and light across the sky, the mind is in a continuous state of change. Even when one is feeling "stuck" in a mind pattern, a habit or feeling state such as sadness, grief, loneliness, longing or fear...these emotions do fluctuate. Photography, meditation, and journaling on this blog help me to see these ever present shifts, awakening me to the knowledge that I am NOT stuck, not really.

For many people change is scary for others it evokes freedom or curiosity about what's next. For me, I think I would check D, all of the above. What about you? I'd love to read your thoughts in the comments below.

gentle steps,

*A special thanks to my dear friend Barbara for allowing me to shoot these photos from her kitchen. They were all taken on the same afternoon, through two different windows.


  1. Hi dear Laura!

    I am sorry to hear that the MS and that lingering virus has been messing with you once again! Maybe it's the weather, maybe it's that it is February...But I have been feeling it, too. I hope that your body is able to fight back against the "body snatchers" very, very soon.

    Beautiful photos, beautiful scenery. As far as change goes, there are times when I just accept it willingly, and other times that it drags me kicking and screaming(wasn't that a silly movie?) into the future. Like you, I would say that D is my answer! Change can be scary, but it can also be wild and wonderful. And we know that nothing ever stays the same, so we might as well just move ahead with it!

    Feel better soon, dear heart!

    Love and hugs,

    PS-Thank you so much for all of the love that you have shared with Jack and Merrill. I never had the honor of meeting Merrill, but I followed her first journey through cancer because of Jack. I am so sad that she is gone now.

  2. Wonderful pictures from the sky !!
    Hope you get better very soon !

    Happy skywatching !

  3. Great skies and beautiful post.
    Keep shining.
    Have a great day and weekend.

  4. Hi Laura,
    Your photos are very dramatic and often reflect our thought and emotions. I hope you are able to find the strength and graces necessary to see something good in each day. If we can't get something to work the way we would wish it can be very frustrating. You sound like a very courageous lady.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comments. I hope you have a lovely weekend.
    Melbourne Daily Photo

  5. Your photos are absolutely lovely, thank you so much for sharing them with us all and thank you for visiting my blog and commenting, I hope you'll stop by again soon :o)

    I also hope that you get through this rough patch with your health soon, keep you beautiful faith strong in your heart it will help you pull through :o)


  6. Good news on the MRI, hopefully the speech issue will correct itself soon.

    Your SkyWatch set is very intriguing. The scenes have an ethereal feel to them. Lovely.

  7. You are so brave. And what clearly manifests itself through your beautiful creative flow is not hindered at all by th and s or r. :-) Lovely shots and the philosophy is beautiful. Thanks again for coming by my blog, I misplaced your link so am very glad to have found you all over again! <3

  8. Laura: May your mind see the blue sky windows of life.

  9. Well, you stopped by my blog leaving thoughtful comments and lured me over to yours. What do I find? Not just some pretty pictures that I can glance at and move on but thoughtful commentary that I must read several times and absorb.
    Some blogs I appreciate for the wonderful photography and others, like yours, for the thoughtful essays that challange me to examine my beliefs.

  10. I'm glad to know
    the sky photo is a common language.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Have a Nice Weekend ♪

  11. You have some cloudy skies and some blue skies! I also wish you the best in your batle with MS.

  12. Thanks for visiting my blog.
    I like your skies. They look dramatic and wonderful at the same time.
    Hope you feel better soon.
    And I wish you a great weekend here from cold Norway:-)

  13. many different looks of the sky, yet it is but oen sky. :)

  14. Awesome shots! Thanks for your visit.
    Take care.

  15. Dramatic skyes!
    Have a nice weekend!


  16. Great sky photos Laura. I too am fascinated by moving from one window to the other and how the sky changes-even in just a few feet or so!

    I hope you keep posting SkyWatch Friday! (With commentary too!)

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  17. Those are beautiful shots of the clouds and sky!
    Thank you so much for commenting on my blog!
    I hope you have a nice weekend!

  18. Wonderful, dramatic sky shots - and a bit ominous, too. Yes, seeing things from multiple perspectives can be very enlightening. It's important to look at life from different angles.
    Thanks for the visit, and have a great weekend!

  19. I know, the changes are so scary. I cannot say anything that doesn't sound artificial, as I feel so humbled before your fight: I know little about MS. But I know a lot about despair and faith in dark moments, so it's this side of the story I give you. So I say, e4ven if your sky is stormy and dark, there's a world of light inside of you, and that's what You got to hold on to. I hope it gets better soon. Hugs and kisses.

  20. Glad to hear about your MRI! I like seeing the changes of the sky through your camera lens.

    I don't know what is real or if time exists, but suffering occurs when I believe that what is happening shouldn't be. So, I am at peace with the way things are.

  21. There is such poetry in this post. Using the sky as a metaphor for your changes is great!

    My son's girlfriend has tested positive for MS and has an appointment on Monday in Hanover. She's 36.

    I like your down-to-earth attitude!

  22. These are dramatic and beautiful clothes.

  23. May the good Lord bless you and give you strength and courage to carry you through the bad times. I thought all the pictures you shared today were very good. So pleased you stop by for a visit.

  24. These images of the sky are very moving, dark and emotional-- sorry to hear of your health issues and I hope you are getting better.

  25. Hi Laura
    I love yr photos, especially the dark ones. They are really moody and scary and I can imagine them in an exhibition - they speak to me.

    I'm sorry you are unwell. I am not good with change. Depending on what it is, I would check D too.

    Take care and I hope you are having a nice weekend, Ev

  26. I love your comment about "the ever present shifts" and how sometimes they are hard to see. Like you, blogging helps me to see that time and change happen.

    Your cloud photos were a great way to show your thoughts visually.

    Hoping you bounce back quickly from the virus set back.

  27. Thanks for sharing your shots, may all problems that bug you go away; enjoy your weekend. :)

  28. Beautiful series of sky shots.

    I hope you get well soon. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving sweet comment. I really appreciate it. Have a good weekend.

  29. Shalom Laura. I'm glad you are on SkyWatch and sharing your skies and your thoughts.

    I wish you all those things you wish others in your Profile.
    My blog was honored by your visit.
    Blessings and greetings to you from rainy cold Jerusalem.

  30. hello..and thank you for commenting on my Skywatch Friday picture
    it was my first participation.
    your photos certainly convey your inner self at the moment
    each moment in life brings the opportunities for a range of we handle it all depends on how and at what moment we 'look out the window'.
    hmmm..yes take gentle steps...otherwise one might miss the beauty right in front of the eyes :)
    have a blessed day

  31. You have some wonderful and dramatic photos on this post!

  32. Dear Laura, thank you for your visit on my blog! I like your stormy photos very much, and I wish you all the best for your health!

  33. I have been watching the sky closely for the last few days, looking for a hint of what's to come. It's hard to read, when the clouds shift and the colors change, as you so beautifully describe with your words and photos. So I wait because, as you say, what "is" becomes what "was" as soon as I pay attention. That makes it hard to grasp what is real, but it also means that anything is still possible. I love that thought.

  34. Beautiful shots. I hope your skies, both external and internal, are calmer and more peaceful feeling today.

    Here in Israel it's Purim today, and with it the most horrific weather we've had in months. I can't even see the sky, let alone know what it looks like!

  35. im so sorry to hear about your MS,can't imagine how hard it is to be unwell,just saw my dad so sick before he died 1 month ago.please takecare and wish everything will be alright with you,thanks for visiting my blogs....those skies speak so loud and just right for the day....

    let me hug you,

  36. Firstly what beautiful images to go with the description of your internal world, this is a very thoughtful Skywatch Friday post. Secondly, what a fantastic idea, to use your blog as a record of your progress and changes. A journal is a fantastic tool.
    Thirdly, thank you for visiting my blog and kindly commenting there; The Birds In The I can't comment here directly from that blog as I am not on blogger, so I've used openid.

    Lastly but most importantly I hope that your voice may eventually settle into a pattern you don't mind so much. And if it won't, I hope that you'll settle into the change as well as you can. The best of luck to you on your journey.

    The Birds In The Meadow

  37. Hi Laura,

    So sorry to hear your health has been no fun at all! I send you vitality on a warm breeze. Your photos are lovely.

  38. Thinking of you Laura, I hope today is a good day for you.
    Great photos.....
    Linda x

  39. Hi Laura,

    The photos that you shared are just breathtaking. I love to gaze at the sky and these pictures were a joy to look at.

    Something about the sky makes me feel more grounded and connected to the Earth. Thank you so much for sharing them with us.

    May you feel better soon. Your are always in my prayers.

    With love and blessings,
    Nadia - Happy Lotus

  40. Invasion of the body snatchers is exactly the feeling I was getting as I read your words describing the many voices of MS you have been experiencing. I guess the best place to be is in observer mode when another foreign sound escapes to confuse and baffle the ear that wants to hear You! Of course its all a part of you, but we do grow accustomed to certain established senses of ourselves, don't we? Sending love and thankfulness for your honest presence and the encouragement you've sent me. The photos are all beautiful, so if they do reflect images of your mind, they reflect well; light and dark, shifting with grace.

  41. My whole comment disappeared when I hit publish and I got an error.


    I just want to say that I am glad to hear your MRI looked good and that I wish you good health. I am always thinking of you, Laura. Take good care.

  42. Beautiful, dramatic cloudscapes.

    Laura, I hope you feel a lot better soon.

  43. I can see how you would find your voice changes challenging and frustrating. I think it's part of what makes you adorable and human.


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