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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Two Year Blogiversary: Reflections

inhaling the fragrance of Jasmine

in my cup

transported to this mysterious


ice, trees, shadowed


converging in a moment with me as


awe, honor, grace
for the simple blessing of being


here on earth

on a single perfect day with a hint of
sky through gray

clarity is always possible


if I wait
and take a closer look to

what is true
if only for a timeless

Can you see the blue ribbon of sky reflected on the ice? Can you see it in your own life? Today, in this moment? Breathe deeply, close your's inside of you too even on your grayest, saddest clarity. Breathe into the blue. It takes courage to dwell in the gray and faith to find the blue, awareness to recognize this blessing and gratitude to tie it all together. Any single one of these words/feelings/emotions you can muster is enough. You are enough, and so am I.


  1. Beautiful words,Laura!Clarity is so important to appreciate the moment!

    Happy anniversary!
    I have also completed a year of blogging at my blog and have written a post reflecting on it.

  2. Thank you Sema, congratulations to you too!

  3. Two years ... congratulations! I love that photo and those words - truly inspiring!! Hugs, Silke

  4. I love the poem and photo -- beautiful! Happy Blogoversary!

  5. "Blue clarity," I think I will always remember that, Laura.

    Unbelievably beautiful photo.

    Thank you for this timeless instance from your soul.

  6. Laura,
    Two years! How awesome. You are creating something very special here. Wishing you many more days, weeks, and years here in this beautiful space...

  7. Hi Laura...
    I just love the word "Reflections". It stirs so much for me, immediately I think of hologram, mirrors, contemplations and soul. I recently took part in a mask-making workshop and afterward we put them on, and only our eyes showed. It's interesting what you see "reflected" in your own eyes when you don't have other facial distractions to criticize i.e. blemishes, wrinkles. A very different experience, one I've not yet been able to accurately articulate - but know I want to revisit. Reflections... they're so powerful in so many ways. Thank you for sharing your soul's beautiful reflection with us, in this life right here and now; and thank you for sharing all that your soul reveals through your artful, loving life. I love you dear friend...and that "Reflection" makes for me, a glad heart. Congrats on 2 years of sharing yur Reflections and Insight

  8. Dearest Laura,
    Happy blogiversary! Two years is a milestone, no question. And I so appreciate how you are marking it...with reflection on the last two years. I am so glad our paths have crossed in recent months. You are a blessing to me and many.

    Your photo is stunning and it was wonderful to read how you invite us to look for the ribbon of blue. Yes, it is always there-even in the midst of adversity-we just need to look for it. :-)

    May this coming year of blogging continue to bring you peace of mind and heart...and joy! xo

  9. What a beautiful and inspiring photo and poem to celebrate your two year blogiversary. Thank you Laura and congratulations!

  10. Happy Blog Birthday Laura

    I see that some of the blue yarn from the scarf below made it into this post too :)

    Hoping your MRI results also held some blue sky in their story

    been thinking of you today

  11. I am always grateful for your beautiful words of wisdom and inspired by your light. Thanks for all you have shared for these past two years. I look forward to all of your posts to come this year! Love and light - Jill

  12. Laura, Congratulations on two years of blogging!

    LOVE the poem! It is beautiful and it helped me slow down my racing mind.

    Thanks for your comments on my blog!


  13. Oh! Much appreciation for following my new blog as well!


  14. Even on the darkest days, the sun shines above the clouds radiating Light through the shadows. Thank you dear Laura for reminding us of this. Blessings to you and yours. Love and Light, Nina P

  15. Thank you so much for your inspiring thoughts..You are enough and so am I...shall be my mantra for today..

  16. Beautiful. What you've said here about glimpsing the blue on an otherwise gray day (what a great metaphor for life), reminds me of what I saw last week. Same scenario --- grayness everywhere, and yet I still looked up when I walked outside, and that particular day, I was rewarded with just a sliver of blue, showing me that indeed, bright color exists if we look for it.

    Blessings to you!

  17. Your words and your photo are lovely, reminding us of enduring beauty no matter how gray. Happy Anniversary! Wishing you another year of joy and friendship as you blog.

  18. i love the way you celebrate anniversaries - 'specially this one jewel: "It takes courage to dwell in the gray and faith to find the blue, awareness to recognize this blessing and gratitude to tie it all together". thank you and happy blogoversry.

  19. Oh, me, too ~ "It takes courage to dwell in the gray and faith to find the blue..." I am grateful every time I find the blue. This is a beautiful poem, Laura.

  20. I have been in a very quiet space of late and am sorry I have not been good about responding to comments, please forgive me friends. Just where I am at the moment. Please know that I appreciate all of you stopping by and sharing words of wisdom, connection and kindness.

  21. Oh wow..wonderful image..great reflections! Also, congrats on your blog!!

  22. Congratulations on your second blogoversary. A lovely photo to celebrate it.

  23. Happy anniversary! I will be celebrating my second anniversary in April. I'm sending you soul hugs today.

  24. Happy Two Year Anniversary! I like your image of the blue ribbon of sky, I sometimes like to think of a blue ribbon of light when I meditate or send healing thoughts...
    In a yoga class I took once I heard this: 'We have enough, we do enough, we are enough', and I think of it often and find it helpful and re-assuring. Thanks for the reminder, in the last sentence of your post.
    best wishes from Japan,

  25. Your photograph really communicates your message well of finding the blue in the gray.

  26. Blue Clarity...I like that.

    We are courageous women. Though fear may be present, we look past it to find the Blue Beauty.

    Happy Blogiversary!

  27. Amazing post, Laura! I do indeed need reminders to look for the blue clarity. Your inspirational words and beautiful photo have lifted my spirits. Happy blogiversary to you!

  28. Beautiful sentiments and photo. Happy 2 years of blogging.:)


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