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Monday, March 1, 2010

Waiting, Watching

watching the storm
calmly observing
nothing to do
but breathe
in and

We lost power again Friday evening through mid-day Saturday and then again Sunday night into Monday...powerless. Storms have a not so gentle way of reminding us how powerless we are at times. We learn to watch, observe, do nothing, breathe, patiently...we learn to wait. I think that's ok...this learning to wait. There are times when empowerment is essential, when one is healing from victimization trauma, for example...learning to own the power we do have. But it is good to know where our power begins and where it ends and when it's ok to trust that we are safe even without the power to change certain things. Watching, observing, doing nothing, breathing, patiently allows us to figure out exactly what is in our power to do, what it is that we can change...and when we know, when we are ready...we will.

I am grateful that my dear, dear young friend Eve is safe in Santiago, Chile after the earthquake. I had some extremely anxious moments waiting for news from her parents who were spared some anxiety because they still didn't have electricity and didn't know (until I called their cell phone) that the earthquake even happened. They were able to quickly contact the organizers of the program and found out all of the students were safe and sound. I am saddened by the loss of many lives not far from where our beloved Eve is staying as an exchange student. I pray for all of the emergency aid workers to do their jobs safely and efficiently to find those buried in the rubble who can be rescued and for the bodies of victims to be found so their families can have resolution.

*the photo above is our cat Nefi watching the storm Saturday night.


  1. I'm so glad that your friend, Eve, is ok. It really upsets me to see those images and hear of the all the losses.

    Your cat is soooo cute!!

  2. Yes, sometimes waiting patiently is the best practice.

  3. Laura,
    I am glad to hear that things are now settling down in your corner of the world. That you and loved ones are safe...Also that your MRI turned out to bear good news. Relief! Let's hope the days and weeks ahead bring strength back to you.

    BTW, I sent a recording of your Modah chant to one of my directees. She is taking a "Jewish Len" class and is learning Hebrew. I knew she would love to hear your voice and learn about the practice. She does not have internet so I will let you know her thoughts when I hear...

    Love to you this day.

  4. I like your cat photograph. Sometimes it's good to just sit back and observe, and nothing else. To just be in the moment and absorb everything around us, taking what it offers our senses and thoughts.

  5. There is as always a lot of wisdom here. Thanks, Laura, for sharing your inner light with us.

  6. I am happy your friend is safe and the photo of your cat is precious:)

  7. I have been thinking about my friends in NH and hoping all is well. Glad to hear you are alright. Good news about your friend in Chile, too.

  8. Ah, it looks almost like my cat.;) He too likes to look out of the windows.
    Right now watching large snowflakes falling. I much rather wish it was rain...
    Glad to hear that your friend is safe.;)

  9. Chile was on my mind terrible what happened..It's good to read that your friend is fine...

    Love the picture of your lovely cat !

  10. Sometimes I feel that the only power that is real is in my breath.

    May we yield to the Mother of us all.

    Love that picture of Nefi.

  11. Glad your friend is OK. I have a weakness for black kitties, as a most advanced being was in the form of one, blessing us with her presence, for many years until she passed on. I totally believe that certain animals can attain humanhood in their next lives.

  12. I too am glad your friend is safe. And I hope the lights stay on for you and that the weather will be kind.

    Love that photo.

  13. Thank you everyone for all of your sweet comments about our kitty and especially for your compassionate responses regarding Eve. She is A-OK according to her facebook messages and emails...we are so grateful. She is like family to my family...we have known her since she was 10 and watched her grow into the phenomenal young woman she has blossomed into.

  14. oh to have the patience of a cat...

  15. Hello Laura

    you have a most interesting blog. I am going to enjoy my visits here. This is a wonderful capture of your kitty, exemplifying the perfect way that cats are able to just watch and wait...such patience...

    One of my sisters lives in Tiberias with her family so I found your Hebrew/Jewish content very interesting.

    Happy days


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