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Counting the Omer

Day 22

Chesed Sheb’Netzach love within endurance, I cannot fully fathom the suffering of the people near the epicenter of the earthquake in Nepal nor those dwelling in surrounding areas who have been affected. I do not know the misery of those who live in war torn nations, in refugee camps, hungry and thirsty without shelter across the globe and in my own town, the anguish of people who have survived tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes, shipwrecks or a thousand permutations of suffering, only what I’ve heard. It is not the same. Yet, I am no stranger to loss, to sorrow, to pain, to little earthquakes that rumble through my family and circle of friends, shaking the inner landscape of our lives. It is not the same, still as humans it is lovingkindness person to person that gives all of us the strength to bear the catastrophes we should not, cannot face alone. I do not know firsthand the thousands of permutations of suffering of others but I listen, I feel the aftershocks in my heart, wave after wave of prayers, Chesed Sheb’Netzach.

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday: Diving into Silence

I'll not be doing as much writing/typing for at least a week or two :( maybe longer, because my hand and wrist hurts and needs rest. Instead I've decided to join a few photo memes; a way to stay active as a blogger without say plenty anyway. Please excuse my simple :) smiley signature if I stop by your blog...that's my way of saying I viewed and enjoyed your blog post in your comments.
Here I go, diving into the silence with my first Shadow Shot Sunday post:

wild shadow dance

I was not consciously thinking about it when I chose to put up this image or the title for this post came to me, but today, this Sunday, is Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day...a time to reflect upon and acknowledge the shadows of the men, women and children who were mercilessly murdered and those who continue to still dwell with us all these many year later- their shadows will dance across the psyche of humanity forever...

Please take a moment to honor them with a moment of silence today.

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  1. And a lovely shadow dance it is! Hope you hand and wrists are feeling better very soon. I have trouble with mine sometimes, too, and it's no fun!! Have a lovely weekend, Laura!


  2. A picture's worth a thousand words ;)

    Hope your hand is feeling better soon, take care.

  3. That is beautiful and a little mysterious-my favourite kind of shadow. Thanks for your visit-I appreciated your smile!
    Sarah :)

  4. A lovely way to let us know you stopped by. I hope the rest heals your hand soon.

  5. This is a fun shadow too!

    I wonder if you will begin to think more in pictures. I used to write a lot but now I prefer expressing myself through my camera.

    I hope you are feeling better soon, Laura!

  6. Lovely shadow, this flower/vine seems to be spinning like a hurricane around an axis. Wonderful!

  7. Great shadow!
    Hope your hand feels better soon.

  8. Love how the dance of shadows becomes the whole photo! A very beautiful image!

    And you are most welcome to leave your smiley signature any time on my blog! I'm just glad you've been there!

  9. Hi Laura, Very creative shadow shot, it does look like a dance! Happy weekend. :)

  10. Laura,
    I hope your hand is feeling better quickly.

    What a wonderful shadow shot!!! It really is WILD!!!

  11. Oh, it's beautiful! I'm glad you've joined the group - and I'm honored to have received one of your smiley faces. Hope you feel better soon!

  12. I've always loved shadows - it's like they have a separate life.

    Hope your hands and wrists feel better soon, Laura!

  13. We should all dance so wildly too!
    I know what you mean about MS changing your life for the better. I have CFS in remission and was diagnosed with it in '91. It has taught me many valuable life lessons.

  14. Laura, I love this photo. Sometimes pictures can say more than words. Have a nice Sunday, Inge Thank you, for stopping by my blogs.

  15. Dear laura

    I come here, everyday but do not comment...I like to read your messages and history.At the moment, I return to write, togethers with my photoworks...but sometimes...I dont get to write nothing...and when happens it..i visit you...
    Congrats for everything

    Have a nice sunday

  16. A wild shadow dance indeed! It's quite peaceful and calming to look at though. Very lovely. I hope your week goes well for you :)

  17. I like the name - fits the image.

  18. what a lovely shadow! and i hope your wrist clears up soon.

  19. :)

    Happy SSS greetings from Casablanca, Morocco!


  20. You captured an interesting here. I feel the movement.

    That's a lovely way of telling us that you stopped by. I was a bit confused. ;-)

    I hope your hand and wrist feel better soon.

    Take care, Laura.

  21. Haunting shadow knowing what Remembrance day it is.

    Thanks for visiting. Hope your wrist gets better.

  22. A smile is worth a thousand words - thank you for visiting and smiling!
    Your wild dance shadow, combined with Holocaust Remembrance Day, speaks to me of darker events. Great shot!

  23. Thank you so much for the not on my blog--I hope your hand feels better soon!


  24. (Oops, I meant "note," of course.)


  25. Beautiful picture and such poignant words.
    Please get better soon dear friend,

  26. Nice shadows. I don't use many words on my blog. I like things kind of quiet, unless I feel like posting really loud music, which I do on occasion.

    Thanks for looking at my SS post.

  27. It's so pretty!! Thanks for the visit I do appreciate it much!

    SSS-Curved shadow

  28. That is indeed a great set of shadows, and a perfect title for the shot. I hope your wrist feels better soon, but in the meantime I'll enjoy your pictures.

  29. Beautiful shadows and a beautiful tribute for all the lives lost.
    I do hope your hand/wrist will be feeling better and it was so sweet to leave the smiley..

  30. Laura - this makes my mind wander back to the Dakau we visited in Hamburg; almost like we could feel the spirits gently telling us "Remember".

  31. Dear Laura,
    Feel better, soon!
    Kind regards,

  32. Dear Laura, I'm so thankful for your presence! Hope the wrist heals soon. I have a similar problem wrist. And I have some shadow paintings stewing away in my mind and imagination. May your rest be fruitful! ~Kris

  33. :) i love your photo.. beautiful! it can be so good to dance with our shadows! thanks for stopping by laura, enjoy your healing silence.. sending healing thoughts your way.. and hugs xx

  34. Lovely picture Laura. And beautiful words to go with it. To this day I still cannot wrap my head around the Holocaust and how it was allowed to happen for so long. How was it possible that one evil-minded man convinced others that this was the right thing to do? But then, every day we still see the depths of evil man still goes to, don't we? We have been given the gift of reason and superior intelligence over all other animals and this is how we choose to use it? We are still in our embryonic stage when it comes to worldwide compassion and understanding and love. Until we change, we are forever damned.

    Hope your hand is healing love....


  35. I like the simplicity of color and form. Shadows give us another way to see. It's good news that you will be able to post photos, and I love the idea of your smiley face "hello."

  36. Beautiful post. I paused on this remembrance day as well, but keep it in my heart through the year as well. We took my son's class to the local Holocaust museum when he was in middle school, in early April. The school, a Catholic school, has made is a tradition ever since.

    On another note, I applaud you for taking time off from blogging when you need it. I find it hard to keep up with blogging, at times, and it's good to have "permission" to pull back when you need to...

  37. Been reading around on your blog (including old posts) and really appreciate the meditations on spirituality. I'm a Pandora-style animist, but have been thinking about ravens a lot lately.

    They got a bad rap in the Judeo-Christian tradition because of the way the Noah/flood story has been translated, but I was happy to find a good correction to that misconception. The original Hebrew makes the dove/raven thing much more subtle & complex, with the two birds serving very different functions. That, and the different role Raven plays in parallel tales (such as Gilgamesh) made me feel better about my old friend.

  38. I love the play of shadows... lovely photo, title & sentiments... thinking of you x


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