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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Wheels Turning, Sort of.

kinetic sculpture at MIT Museum
(don't know the artist's name, sorry)

I'm feeling a bit like this shadow today...wanting to move, but stuck in a single frame. Not so much my body, but my mind...turning and turning and continuously ending up at the same place. And so the best I can do for this moment is acknowledge that it's "that kind of day", remember that these feelings shall pass, and ease will always does...eventually.

gentle steps everyone,

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  1. Thanks for your smiley & words - you just keep up with those one sky breaths. I was on my small lawn last wek doing some gentle yoga while sun bathing & realised I hadn't looked up into the blue sky listening to the skylark while doing yoga before. A lovely breathing moment. Get well.

  2. The look of motion is sculpted here, with gears and wheels. Being at MIT, the artwork does have an engineered grace about, leaving behind an eclectic shadow on the wall. Art is truly in the mind of the viewer...that your body is working well enough to at least get by is a great thing. Your mind is actually willing your body, which is wonderful!

  3. shadows can make something look different to the reality of the actual thing casting the shadow

    better or worse
    or just different

    may the movement in your mind be enough
    for now

    it is still movement
    and one that moves us

    thank you

  4. I know the feeling, Laura. I think it's nature's way of slowing us down.

    I really like this complicated shadow and the fact that you included the object that's creating it.

  5. I feel much the the extent that I'm having trouble even mustering a more substantial comment...but, yes, this too shall pass...

  6. The sculpture and its shadow makes an intriguing photograph, Laura.
    I have those days when I feel like a bug suspended in honey.

  7. What a fabulous, complex shadow. May your ease of movement return soon. I love your sky pics, I may just have to join in next Friday.

  8. Sometimes a shadow has more life and movement than the actual object. Hope your hand is feeling much better, Laura!

  9. Thank you for your comment on my blog!
    I agree with you a binky doesn't mean anything with teeth position.
    I think adults have a harder time with addictions than kids. we think it is hard for them but actually they get red of a bad habit faster than us LOL
    Anyways....Have a great week end.
    Great blog by the way and i love blogs that try to collect to danate to a good cause. :) Good job!

  10. Your feelings are so recognisable...... don't we all have such days...... Interesting that you connect them to those "active" shadows! Take care and enjoy your Sunday!

  11. I really like that artwork and the shadow it casts. Sorry you are having one of those days. Hope it has passed now and all is better :)

  12. Laura,
    Thinking of you today...and wishing you much peace and love, always...

  13. What a fitting juxtaposition of image and words. (Laura)

  14. Oh, did I find myself in your words this morning. It seems like the week I had last week. I had time to do things I wanted to do, but my mind wouldn't engage. Today, I feel different and I am hoping for a very creative week! Thank you so much for your smiley face on my blog! Wishing you a wonder-filled week! Love, Silke

  15. oh dear Laura....sometimes i live the same...but the best in the life it is that everything can changed
    have a nice sunday, dear

  16. Fabulous shadow, and what a mysterious-looking contraption. The play of shapes and light is dramatic and it fires the imagination.

  17. Wonderful insightful post to read...and super beautiful shot..gorgeous piece of art..great shadowshot! Recieve what you need..then the wheel will turn upward and release you with joy! Get to ready to fly in new energy!
    Happy Shadowshot Sunday! yay!
    Have a sparkly day!

  18. Intriguing image and captivating words.
    I hope your Sunday is lovely despite it all.;)
    Thank you for leaving me a smiling face.;)

  19. Hi Laura,

    Nothing lasts forever, I am sure, that the feelings you have will pass. May they pass sooner than later.

    Of course, as you know, it will all unfold as it is meant.

    With love and blessings always,

  20. Amazing image...this bike is amazing. great imagex Hope you are feeling better my friendxx

  21. Hello Laura! So nice to stop by and visit with you. I like your Shadow Shot ~ very interesting! I have perused a few of your posts and enjoyed getting to know you a bit.

    Thank you for visiting my place and leaving your comment! Kindly, ldh

  22. Dear Laura,

    I understand the feeling. Life seems to move all around us and we are stationery.

    I love the image since the sculpture casts this beautiful shadow. The artwork reminds me of the Russian Reconstructivism movement in the 1920's.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Wishing you all the very best,

  23. I like the machine/sculpture and its shadow. One good thing about getting older is that experience gives you some perspective where you can realize that these things do pass. I feel like that didn't make sense- must be having one of those days, too. thanks for the smiles, and feel better, Laura! xox

  24. Mmm, been having a few days like that... unable to engage my brain & a bit out of focus somehow. But sometimes it is the hazy part of a shot that makes it more interesting... like us i suppose!
    Love the photograph.

    Thinking of you x

  25. The shadow part of this art piece is so fragile and vulnerable and soft compared to it's strong efficient alter-ego real life self. I think I could compare myself to the shadow part too.

  26. Such great advice for "one of those days".
    Love the shadow!

  27. Great shadow shot. Sometimes I feel like that too. Hope you are feeling good now.

    Have a great day always


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