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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Oy! Always a Drama

Dramatic clouds on our way up toward Hanover, NH

It's been a couple of long weeks! First thing first. I started to feel better on my own by Friday evening, no steroids. Thank you everyone who checked in with me online to ask how I've been feeling and if we made it to the MS Walk, I feel so blessed to have so much support from this amazing blogging community! We walked the walk on Saturday. Rosie, Gordon, Belin, Ken and Viv walked all 8 miles. I walked about 3 city blocks (chatting with my doctor who we caught up with at that point) and rode in my chariot the rest of the way. It was an absolutely gorgeous sunny day and we had a wonderful time walking and chatting with our dear, dear friends. I cannot believe Rosie who was soooo sick in the hospital with Crohn's disease last year walked the entire 8 miles, we are all so proud of her! As a team we raised $2,300 which for our first time is pretty darn phenomenal. We have been told that they are still accepting online donations, so if you still want to support the MS Society in New England you can click on this link Rosewillow's Meandering Messangers . Thank you to EVERYONE who supported our team. Know that very dollar will make a difference!!!

Rosie and Belin piled on top of me in my chair taking a brake, Gord behind us.

After the walk we went back to Ken and Viv's who generously hosted us Friday evening and Saturday afternoon in their lovely home (they live only a half hour ride from Hanover) and we all took a bit of a rest. Belin was difficult to wake up, very grumpy and lethargic and we thought she was just being a sulky 16 year old. We dragged her out of bed with us to go up and visit our friend Barbara at Loch Lyme Lodge for a potluck and Belin ended up sleeping in Barbara's cabin. She seemed fine Sunday, went off to school Monday. At around 10am Monday morning I received a call from the school nurse. Belin had an odd rash on her arm, a sore throat, head ache and stiff neck and was extremely sleepy. We picked her up from school had her checked out at urgent care as her regular pediatrician was booked. He said it looked a bit like a petechial rash but was unusual because it was only localized to one place. He didn't know what was causing it and said to keep an eye on it. Monday evening around 9 Belin showed me how it had spread to other places and her headache and neck pain were worse. I called my sister on the phone (she's a pediatrician in PA) and described what I saw and Belin's other symptoms...she recommended calling whoever was on call, because if this was her patient she would want blood work asap...this could be serious and we needed to rule out the scary stuff (meningitis, leukemia, rocky mountain spotted name a few) we arrived at the ER (as recommended by the doctor on call) at 10pm It was an exceptionally crowded and busy night. She was taken back to a room by 12am, seen and had blood work drawn at around 2am...lots of praying, wishing and metta meditation for me while Belin rested on the gurney and Gordon and Rosie tried to catch a few zzzz's in the family waiting room...all her blood tests looked good (THANK GOD)...they sent us home with antibiotics and two possible diagnoses...viral or tick born. She is still home (it's Thursday) extremely tired, a few more petechiae dots, headache and neck pain...but we figure after a long weekend of sleeping-in she will be A-Ok by Monday.

I don't know why but medical drama seems to just follow us. Right before Belin's Bat Mitzvah 3 years ago Rosie had this weird thing going on with her hip (toxic synovitis) then her leg couldn't support her weight...lots of pain and fevers every night...after many xrays, mri's, ultra sounds, bone scans and even a biopsy at Children's Hospital (they were concerned she had a tumor in the bone because of the way one of the mri images looked) ultimately they discovered a mysterious fracture in her femur. We still have no idea to this day how she broke her leg!!! She even had a seizure from one of the medications she was on (that was an ER night too...our niece's Bat Mitzvah a few weeks after Belin's). Seriously, enough with the drama.

Ok, this is not the most inspirational of posts, except to say that despite adversities (which sometimes seem outrageously abundant) goes doesn't just stop because somebody (or somebody's) get flows and we must ride the waves up and down because they (the waves of life) don't stop...sometimes we get dunked under and we have to doggy paddle our way back up the surface again and find the's there, wide and open and full of the potential of another day of blessing. I do feel blessed. I absolutely do. My kids are getting healthier every day. (Rosie grew another 1/4inch) My husband is devoted and loving. I am feeling better this week (even with altered sleep patterns)...we will be celebrating our youngest daughter's bat mitzvah in just a few weeks with family and friends and you know what? Life is good. (wow, my punctuation is awful...sorry, need to sleep more).

I won't be online much over the next 6 weeks (Bat Mitzvah stuff and then a family vacation)...but I will try to stop by your blogs and post from time to time. Then mid-July I'll be back to my normal once-thrice weekly posts. (and hopefully lots of beautiful photos to share too!)

Happy SkyWatching everyone!

and gentle steps,

Sun setting on our way home from Lyme, NH

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  1. I love the subtlety of the moon and clouds. So very fine.

    I'm glad things are better for you.

  2. Your sky photos are awesome! My favorite is the last one looks like it is painted. Happy weekend!

    SWF~Natures Abound

  3. whew, it has been a roller coaster of a ride up there! I love the photo of you all though - the big beautiful smiles say it all. So glad you were able to go to the walk, and am glad that Belin is on the mend. Hopefully it isn't tick born, or is 100% kicked from her system by those antibiotics. WIshing you all a peacefully, joyful next few weeks, free from the drama!! be well, xox Karin

  4. First of all, woo hoo for you and your team! And second of all, glad Belin is feeling better. I hope all will be calm and serene for the rest of the summer! (or, like Buzz Lightyear, perhaps I should say "To infinity -- and beyond! LOL)

  5. Congrats on acheiveing the MS walk, life does have its moments doesnt' it. Good luck and best wishes on the preparations for the upcoming family celebrations.

  6. Beautiful sunset shot, Laura, and you all look so happy in that photo - lovely! Glad all went well for what sounds like a super successful event.

    I hope the waters are calm and serene for you and that your daughter feels a l00 percent better quickly!

  7. What a beautiful family! Glad for your happiness and well-being, and for your family too. ~Kris

  8. Let's all imagine a calm and serene pond.. so clear you can see the Koi fish and take a nice deep relaxing breath :-)
    Drama was key here this week as well, but we get through it.. moving out of fear and into faith has been my mantra.
    Our MS walk here is in April. I didn't get to do it this year, my brother does and give the $ to him.
    Glad you had a great day to do that walk/ride :-)
    sending you peaceful waters, and love...

  9. The shots are so beautiful. I am so sorry about the scare with your daughter and hope she's well on the road to recovery. Good that you are feeling better and that's great how well the MS walk went.

  10. Im happy to hear that everything is well. lovely photos you have here.

  11. Great shots! Dramatic in the first and wonderful color and light in the last one.
    Wish you a blessed weekend:-)

  12. Dear laura, I was so worried about your silence.
    Please..dont do this again!!!!
    Now, iam happy to hear taht everything is ok...
    Please..take care of u, Laura

    Very nice shots. I like a lot...

  13. Beautiful sky photos. I like the sunlight behind the clouds in the first one!

    Hood Photo Blog

  14. Dearest Laura,
    Thank you for sharing the story of your victory. :-) So wonderful that the walk went well! Love the picture of you all, by the way. Nice to see your beloveds. (wink) And as for the other drama, you seemed to breathe through it ok, respond, not react to violently (which would not have been good for anyone right), to trust and pray that all will be well.

    I hope now that you have a restful weekend, full of light and love and happy family. :-) And as for the backing off on the blogging, go for it. I did it and feel quite rejuvenated. Changing posting frequency to just once a week for now and that feels good. I also changed my other blog to a static website and that feels quite freeing (though I will post occasional articles there). We certainly must CHOOSE what is best for us, what nurtures our spirit and soul, mind and body - and most of all, HEART! Bless yours! xo
    (and those of your beloveds too!)

  15. I will try to finish reading when I come back tom.
    My eyes are hurting lately and its quite late now , its past 1 AM.
    I miss posting last week, I just learned about the MS.
    My thoughts and prayers.

    Those are beautiful skies!
    Happy weekend and SWF.

  16. Goodness gracious! What a lot of things happening to you! So glad you made the walk & enjoy all that is ahead of you. Glad my postcard arrived in amongst all this to cheer you up!

  17. I thought this post was VERY inspiring, filled with so much love and good news about the walk.

    Oh, and so glad to hear I could still make a donation -- just a small one. Maybe I can give more in the future.

    BEAUTIFUL family photo, loved seeing you and your beautiful girls, loving hubby.

    So hoping Belin is better, poor dear.


  18. Oh my goodness, what an intense time you have all gone through. Congrats on your MS walk. Glad you found out what is going on with your daughter! Please take care.

  19. Dear, Sweet Laura...
    What a radiant photograph of you and your family. Good for you all for completeing the walk and congrats on raising so much money for the cause. I'm sorry ot hear about Belin, and I am sending loving, prayerful energy to you all. What mighty warriors you all are - made strong by the Creator.

    This week I've been jotting down a word or phrase on each day in my my Soul Whisperer dictates. Yesterday the "prime directive" was "Celebrate Grace"...and I share that with you and your family, for Grace is all around us, showering us unceasingly with her Generous Gifts and Indescribable, healing, protective Love. May you all experience this even more, and carry it with you, always.

    I love you dear one. Sending you all hugs, smiles..and positive prayers.

  20. Well done Laura! You all look full of the joys of spring. Hope Belin is feeling much better today.

  21. Success for the Walk! And I am glad you did not have to have steroids.

    May the beauty around you soothe your days. Take care.

  22. Congratulations on the spectacular amount of money raised!! I can imagine how proud of your daughter you must be. Your family looks beautiful, and happy, and I'm so glad Belin is alright! Happy Bat Mitzvah to Rosie, hugs to you!

  23. Congratulations on a very successful walk! I'm glad the scary stuff has been ruled out with Belin, hopefully she'll be feeling 100% again soon.

    I've entered a major international photo competition (details are on my blog) and would be most grateful if you'd click through and rate my portfolio (just click on the stars at the bottom (preferably the 5th star - "fantastic" - LOL), easy peasy, no registration or personal details needed). Thanks so much!

  24. Great news that all of you were able to participate in the MS walk. May you and your daughter feel healthier and stronger with each day. You have a lot of celebrating to do in the coming weeks! As always your sky photos are amazing and inspiring. Shine on, dear Laura.

  25. May you get through the bat mitzvah with no more crises.

  26. I'm so glad your sister is a doctor and that she encouraged you to seek help. I hope Belin is now much better and that the Bat mitzvahs without any more crises! Enough already!

  27. Beautiful family and beautiful photos. Sorry for the rough experiences but I know your amazing perspective will carry you through. When you do emerge from your mini-sabbatical, stop by and read this poem. I thought of you as I wrote it.


  28. congrats on the walk and i hope that Belin is back to feeling herself. enjoy the next couple of weeks. know that even tho you are gone from will continue to be in our thoughts until you return.

    lovely sky photos...
    just BE.

  29. Happy faces always bring you a smile and the same happened to me when I saw the picture of you guys smiling at the camera :-)

    Also, nice photos for skywatch! Very dramatic!

    Pixellicious Photos

  30. 上班很累,摸個魚輕輕鬆鬆的逛部落 ........................................

  31. Dearest Laura,

    I so enjoyed seeing the photo of your beautiful family! I am glad that you were able to share that experience together. I am so sorry to hear that your daughter became so ill! I do hope that she is feeling better and that nobody else in the family came down with anything.

    I know how busy those days up until the Bat-Mitzvah can be, so I do not blame you for hanging back for a bit! Such a happy time, but also so many details to attend to.

    Take good care and know that you are often in my thoughts and always in my prayers!

    Love and hugs,

  32. Laura,d earest, how are u today?

    Grace Olsson

  33. Laura,

    Wishing you well and I hope that you are feeling good these days. I've kind of been in my own little bubble these days and don't get out too often. Blessings to you.


  34. Your skies are gorgeous. Well done. Your floating time is a busy one and a rich one!


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