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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Upon Reflection

Upon reflection this morning, my heart needs to continue expressing gratitude:

To all of you who sojourn here, gently holding my thoughts and feelings with tenderness, allowing me to process what's happening day to day on my healing journey...

To all who have courageously shared your stories of your own illness & struggles, and the stories of your loved ones...

To those of you who comment here on my blog or contact and connect with me one on one through email messages...

To all who have generously donated to the MS Journey of Hope Walk that my family, some close friends and I will be participating in next weekend (last night we passed the $2000 mark)...

Because you listen as I reflect on my life...

Because you tell me when you see your own faces looking back at you in my heart's visual and verbal offerings. When you do that, you remind me that I still have something of importance to share with this big ol' world even if I'm not out and about teaching right now...

Because real life isn't black and white...and even black and white isn't as simple as you'd think it might be...

Because love is complex, nuanced, spacious...

From the fullness of my heart

thank you.

May you be blessed with chesed (kindness).
May you be blessed with rachamim (compassion).
May you be blessed with simcha (joy).
May you be blessed with shalom (peace).

A special thanks this week to Paige who sent me this blog award that I am passing forward to six other truly beautiful bloggers (choosing just six is insanely difficult, but I trust that you will pay it forward to 30 more, so recognized beauty will just expand an flourish)

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  1. Beautiful pictures and sentiments. Have a wonderful week end x

  2. oh.....Laura..thank uv ery are my best present, dear

    What can I do now?to post and give to 6 bloggers?

  3. Beautiful thoughts!
    Great skies and reflections.
    Happy SWF.

  4. No doubt about it... picture 1 it is. My favorite!

  5. I love the thought that even black and white isn't as simple as you'd think. If anything, it highlights all the more the nuances of life in the various gradations and shades of those tones. And isn't life itself like that, gradations and shades unlimited, coloring our days.

  6. Beautiful reflections, both written and photographed! The Beautiful Blogger Award is well deserved!

  7. Great reflections Laura, I like the black and white one too. Thanks for sharing, have a great weekend:)

  8. A wise and wonderful post, with beautiful reflections in more ways than one. Shalom :)

  9. I can't even begin to express how blogging has changed my life,
    Like places like this.

  10. Lovely views of the sky reflected across the water, thanks for sharing with us in Sky Watch Friday.

  11. A different and very interesting perspective. Beautiful reflections in the quiet surface.

  12. And I want to thank you for sharing your lovely spirit with the rest of the world.

  13. Oh Laura, your beautiful soul is showing again!

    Big hugs and lots of love,

  14. ok, now I have the urge to sing:

    Shiny happy people laughing
    Meet me in the crowd
    People people
    Throw your love around
    Love me love me
    Take it into town
    Happy happy
    Put it in the ground
    Where the flowers grow
    Gold and silver shine
    Shiny happy people holding hands
    Shiny happy people laughing

    Everyone around love them, love them
    Put it in your hands
    Take it take it
    There's no time to cry
    Happy happy
    Put it in your heart
    Where tomorrow shines
    Gold and silver shine

    Shiny happy people holding hands
    Shiny happy people laughing


  15. Thank you so much for including me in your sharing of the beautiful blogger award Laura! I am honored, and most grateful.
    I really love your expressions of gratitude, reflections, and shared blessings. You inspire me and bring a smile to my face!
    Bravo to passing the $2000 mark - woo hoo to Rosewillow and all your supporters!!
    Hugs and love, Karin

  16. What a great post, Laura! And the reflections in your photo are clear and lovely too.

  17. Pure joy resonates in your images and blessings ~ I thought for sure that was the something special. And it was but there was more. Thank you, Laura, for your kind words, especially at this late hour at the end of a very long day. My day is ending with a smile.

  18. I love it! Reflections, Monochrome and SKywatch all in one!

    Pixellicious Photos

  19. Lovely post. I like how the sky looks so much darker in the reflection.

  20. These are lovely...and that top one is SO beautiful. Beautiful entries for all 3 memes!

  21. Beautiful images. You have so much peace in your soul, and do so much to share it with all those who pass by, enriching us across the ether. Thank you, and be well.

    My photography is now available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

  22. The landscape in the reflection is more beautyful than the real one! great!

  23. So beautiful - both photos and words of wisdom.

  24. So beautiful anc clear reflection. Love the first photo!
    Wish you a wonderful weekend:-)

  25. Gorgeous reflections, marvelous photos and beautiful words! Have a wonderful weekend!


  26. Hello! Thank you for your visit to my blog. I have enjoyed exploring your blogs a great deal.

    Your reflections in the water are just stunning.

    Happy weekend to you and yours, and good luck next weekend!

    My very best wishes to you.

  27. Lovely skies above and in the reflections in the waters, Laura.

    Gratitude is a gift we not only give to others but also ourselves :)

  28. These are all beautiful shots. So peaceful and I love reflections. Beautiful words too.

  29. wonderful photos and words full of emotions.
    I'm glad that the www is here for all the support and knowledge it has made available to so many


  30. Laura, thank you so much, love! Your reflections, both images and words, are food for the soul. I'm truly honored by this award. But I'm even more honored to have you as a friend. xox

  31. A beautiful post, and a delightful place to be at the end of the week. You are wonderful.

  32. Laura, your photos express the deepest feeling of love, joy and inspiration!

    What a beautiful day to capture those clouds, shining through the waters. Words of comfort, play music to my ears.

  33. Beautiful pictures and thoughts. Blessings!

  34. Wonderful reflections in words and pictures - very serene.

  35. The first photo for me, the reflection is clearer than the original one.

  36. Very inspired words and photos--and very inspiring.

    Thanks for your visit. Warm,grateful greetings from Florida. :)

    My SkyWatch Post: Blue Sunset

  37. Your words and pictures fill my heart today. Your gentleness of spirit seeps through, your beauty overwhelms. Thank you for sharing so much of your heart, your life.

  38. Fantastic reflections. Very peaceful and beautiful. The third shot almost looks like a painting.

  39. beautiful meditations and reflections on life and nature

  40. Beautifully spoken. You're a gift and a joy and I am very grateful to have you in my life.

    Much love to you,

  41. You ALWAYS have something amazing to say, share. Don't ever forget that. Such beauty is not meant to be kept a secret!

  42. thinking of you, and sending love, K

  43. just thinking of you today, Laura.

  44. Checking in to say I'm thinking of you. May you be well ~

  45. I love this. You are beautiful.
    As always, my thoughts are with you and your family.


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