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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Floating on the Surface of My Life

floating on the surface of my life
immersed in the doing
until I can't
then resting and looking down at the
the motions that brought me to this point of
all for love
for tradition
for continuity
for my family
my daughter
recognizing an unexpected grace

God is in the details too

yes, even in the glue gun, ribbons
and flower pots
the menus
the phone calls
the shopping
the cleaning
the bat mitzvah dress that's now too short
(Rosie grew an inch + since April and it was on the short side then!)
the friend who will add on to the length
our kind Rabbi who comes to the house for lessons
(because it's a long drive for me and Gordon is sooooo busy at work)
friends and family who will help set tables
(impossible for me to do with a cane hard for me to do in a wheel chair)
so many details!

When two different friends asked me recently where I am spiritually these days...all I could answer was "I'm floating on the surface of my life". I was concerned about my answer, I thought I was too caught up in minutia and missing holiness some how, not taking the time to sit and dive deep...and now I see that God is in the details as much as God's Presence will be known in the moment our daughter Rosewillow will be called to the Torah (in just 2 weeks). I just forget to pay attention and notice. And then a rose blossoms in our tangled garden...and I see it... I remember...and floating on the surface, "doing" is suddenly as valuable, necessary, integral to the wholeness of my being as the slow pace I generally prefer. I am so grateful to Miranda and Viv for Nancy for taking the time to sit in silent companionship and offering her wonderful spiritual direction this week; for telling me we all need reminders from time to time...that's why we are all here for each other. Indeed.

I am really tired...some days I get a lot done, other days I sleep and read and rest. It is still so hard to get used to limited energy. It's so variable and minute I'm feeling almost normal and then I'm a zombie crawling up the steps to bed, unintelligible when I speak. The house is finally in good shape for company, after nearly two years of inattention to home care (due to Rosie being sick, then me). I couldn't have gotten it together without my sister and sister-in-law...and now my parents are coming Sunday to stay through the next few weeks to help. I feel so blessed to have so much support from family, from friends...from all of you who stop by and comment and check in. Thank you everyone who has left messages these past few weeks, I really do appreciate your kindness. Belin is feeling fine, by the took about 8 days for the rash to clear and for her to feel like herself again. Rosie is starting to have occasional tummy troubles, but not too bad so far. (anxiety will definitely cause flaring of her symptoms-so I offer her reiki and guided relaxation when she's too tightly wound). Gordon is holding down the fort as always...and I'm just grateful that friends and family will be gathered around us to celebrate in 2 weeks.

gentle steps,

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  1. lovely... beautiful... post Laura. I was just getting ready to email you and see how you are doing! when i caught your post on my reader! yes I agree, it is all God right? just wonderful words .. even in the glue gun! xoxo

  2. I was thinking of you the other day, Laura, and hoping all was well in your world and that the energy levels were higher more often than not.

    I love your writing. I just am with you, every word. I know you'll have a joyous time celebrating with your family and close friends around and that thought makes me happy.

  3. Beautiful post Laura. My thoughts and prayers.
    Happy weekend and SWF.

  4. Wonderful post Laura!
    Wish you a blessed weekend, hugs from Tania

  5. Beautiful words that go well with your photo...Wish you peace, compassion, healing and joy. So be it. Namaste Laura.

  6. Beautiful.
    God is in the details indeed.
    Luiz Ramos

  7. I wish everything will be well in your and your daughter`s life!
    Your photo tells plenty of things and Rewarding weekend to you and yours!

  8. That's a lovely, peaceful image. I hope that you feel better.

  9. Beautiful shot and excellent post too. Sometimes floating on the surface is good, at least it is for me.

  10. Good post and great photo...I will be sending up prayers for you to Creator from here....I understand your battle..I too have been fighting an autoimmune disease (Lupus) for many years..and the battle rages on..some days good..some not so good.

  11. Watching the blue, the clouds is infinitely soothing, it always changes but is always the same. My best wishes. T.

  12. Such a beautiful image!
    Have a blessed weekend.

  13. God IS, therefore all else is and is always a blessing.

  14. Stay well Laura. Your photographs and poetry show your emotions.

    Gentle steps, indeed.

    Take care. Hugs.

  15. only blue
    beyond roiling clouds
    tranquil blue

  16. Laura ♪
    Thank you !
    (・・*)。。oO Probably,
    my floating sequences are
    lead to the core question ?

  17. You are blessed with so much love. I'm so happy for you.

  18. Beautiful. It's all too easy to get caught up in the details and lose sight of what is important.

  19. Beautiful picture, - beautiful posting, - go gently!

  20. Laura, I was delighted to read this update. Everything sounds "just right" and you sound tired but content. It must be wonderful to be surrounded by friends and family during this special time. Sending a big hug your way ~

  21. yes, it must be hard to adjust to energy that comes and flows away. wishing you grace and strength to be with what is. How grand that you have loving help. wishing you lovely time with family.

  22. Beautiful poem and photo. I do hope you are feeling better. Have a great weekend.

  23. you know, sometimes its okay to float on the surface, in fact it's necessary

    we can't dive deep all the time

    i have an image of you floating on a lilo (don't know if you call them that over there?) in an azure blue pool - with the sun shining soft healing rays down upon you

  24. That is a lovely photo of the clouds, floating, maybe we should all try a little of that to take the time to enjoy what beauty there is around us.

  25. Your blog is just beautiful, I really love the words on your header, I've re-read them several times now and I really feel a connection to what you are saying. Lovely photo too!! :) And thanks for the nice comment on my blog :)

  26. beautiful post...indeed we are here for others and floating is much better than sinking

    prayers for high lifting fluffy clouds to ride on

  27. I'm so glad your family is coming to help you. Wow! Only two more weeks!

  28. Hi Laura, let's hope that this is just a short season for you and that when it is over you get the rest you deserve. Thanks for popping in and for your comments.
    Have a great weekend

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  30. This is a beautiful post. Interwove throughout is a tangible sense of calm and peace. Of Grace.

    Much love to you,

  31. Floating, yes we are all floating in our different ways. Be well.

  32. Enjoy this time of family togetherness, Laura. Sending you thoughts of strength and extra energy.

  33. Love to you for being with all that is in front of you, with grace and joy and gratitude. I chuckled at the too short dress. Oh, my! But you found a good solution. I am sure Rosie will shine like her mama. xo

  34. Thank you for sharing the wonderful poem. I send you some Metta - have a nice family-get- together. Greetings, Inge

  35. Beautiful post ... I hope you will get more energy and I wish you a lovely time with your family
    Love Irene

  36. I hope you can fully enjoy this special time with your family and friends. Wishing you days filled with love, energy, strength and mindfulness.

  37. A bit inconsiderate of rosie to grow, ha ha...wishing her well. yep, the details, the surface.... we're all part of the same river, whether we are riding the rapids or meandering gently... sending love to you & your family x

  38. Thanks everyone for you wonderfully thoughtful comments as always!


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