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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Soft Smudge of Daybreak

morning breaks
through trees
the screen

the glass

dawn emptying light into the darkness of our bedroom
the sky veiled by so many layers could be distracting
disturbing, annoying, irritating, frustrating,

too many words and so foolish because

in this moment of witnessing...

I do not
feel separate from the glory of this day being born

only softness

the smudge of
the trees

the screen
the glass


I sit basking in this first gift of the day:
the stillness before the showers begin

and the mad search for the "right" outfit

(how can a t-shirt and jeans be so complicated?)

and the socks (that just don't need to match Mom)
the homework scattered that must be gathered

well not now

now it

I watch as the sun brings color to life

leaves quiver in the slight breeze

a prelude to life stirring

here inside our home

a few more minutes

of silence

the sound breaks


feet padding down the hall
the whine of a faucet turning on

water rushing, hitting tile, tub, skin

waking my sleepy daughter from a night
of dreams, perhaps not with the gentleness

she, or any of us would prefer
more sleep being more

and I ponder what might unfold

on this, another day
of untold
and possibility

for my family
for myself
for you

I am still taking photos through windows, and am so grateful to have so many windows from which to to choose!!!

Why not use the window of your computer to view of the skies around the world? Please my visit:
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  1. "Smudge" is such a strange little word when you think about it. It even sounds all soft and indefinite around the edges. Makes me wonder who ever thought of it first?

    And of course, it also has another, spiritual meaning of cleansing and blessing yourself with the smoke of a sacred herb or resin. That blurs the lines between the ordinary and the sacred too.

  2. oooh Debra...thank you for reminding me of a sage smudging of a home (in this case my own physical body being the home/temple)...This is such a wonderful way to look at the word "smudge"...thank you thank you!

  3. oooh Debra...thank you for reminding me of a sage smudging of a home (in this case my own physical body being the home/temple)...This is such a wonderful way to look at the word "smudge"...thank you thank you!

  4. "morning breaks
    through trees
    the screen
    the glass
    pane "

    I love this, and the photo it describes. I love the thought of morning light breaking through. Of light breaking through. As it does, so often, in the midst of darkness.

    And thank you, Laura, for your deeply compassionate comment on my post. I, in turn, am so very sorry for your illnesses and pain. I have a very good friend who lives with MS, so I understand a bit of what you go through with your illness. From what you wrote to me, it sounds like you live your life with much grace.

    As I wrote in my post, I have had times of healing and times of not being healed. My present health has been quite precarious at times, and I have worked through much of the things I wrote about, to find the peace of knowing God is good, even though things in this world are not always good. And I agree with you, that there are many gifts of His grace to look for each day. He brings light into our darkness, if we have eyes to see.

    It's good to meet a fellow traveler on this journey of illness.

  5. Beautiful words welcoming a new day, Laura. If only everyone would awake feeling hope the world would be a better place. :)

  6. Laura,
    Seeing your image of light through screen, through trees makes me want to wipe away my desire for more sleep and find my way to the window in my own house where the dawn creeps in each morning. Such a sacred moment-that quiet, that peace...

  7. Before MS, early mornings were not on my list of favourite things...I used to fly out of bed at the blare of the alarm and hurriedly get ready for my day.

    Now, I have the pleasure of waking when I am rested, snuggling with my dog, and experiencing early morning at my leisure.

    It really is a beautiful time of day after all.

    I love your "through the window" photos.


  8. What a delightful read! I love watching dawn unfold as well, and sometimes to get the best pictures one must take them through a window - especially upper floor windows because the view tends to be less obstructed. Love your tree photo!

  9. it was fun to watch the dawn through your that possibility today!

  10. beautiful post, enjoy your positive words teamed with photos of the sky

  11. Lovely skies, beautiful words and so much we have to be thankful for and to enjoy! Have a wonderful weekend, Laura!


  12. i love mornings as well - and you describe this awakening so well
    love the line...and I ponder what might much positie expectancy in this

  13. What a wonderful poem and lovely pictures! The top one makes me think of an impressionist painting :o)

  14. Gorgeous through the windows images and poem. I love this part, "I do not feel separate from the glory of this day being born..."

  15. Mornings - I admire you for that! I get days like that when I'm jet lagged, and I love it. It's a terrible thing to wake up and realise I only slept 3 hours, but the beauty of the morning makes it worth it. But those of you who really do mornings, for real? You're my heroes.

  16. lovely words.. and i love the blurred image... they evoke such feeling, like memory~'t leave my main blog addy below... thanks for visiting today!

  17. Beautiful words and skies to the beauty of the day.

  18. Wonderful photos and a nice poem. I love the sky in that second shot.

  19. Beautiful captures and lovely words to match them.

  20. I found myself audibly sighing as I enjoyed the rhythm of this ... the window, the glass, the pane ... the awakening of morning in nature... the awakening of morning in the household ... the smudge of trees, the footpads of morning ... Such beauty and love in the rhythm ...

  21. Your beautiful words emanate from your heart!

    Your skies and your world is as beautiful as you write.

    Let it be an inspiration!

  22. Great post! Beautiful photos and poem. Have a great weekend.

  23. Great shots to go with your words. Each new day is a chance to start over.

  24. another day of untold promise...

    oh, friend, i'm so glad you linked... your prose is prayer. your lens is an eye into God's soul. i love the photo, the serenity, and the awakening...

    you bless me.

  25. Thank you for stopping by my place earlier. This is beautiful, your comment on the daily and what today has to offer. I'm up tonight praying and waiting for news fro a friend whose 5 day old baby is undergoing life-and-death surgery, and this reminds me to keep up hope.

  26. You captured the moment of dawn and the morning so eloquently. There is something about that moment, when most of the world is still asleep, before the day begins.
    I am happy you have many windows from which you can view the beautiful nature around you.
    Have a lovely Friday,

  27. A beautiful c0mpositi0n and ph0to,love the ph0to y0u t0ok by the wind0w.

  28. Thank you, Laura, for your comment on my post! Lovely shots to go with your words!

    Wish you the best for the weekend!

  29. We don't have screens on our windows in the UK, so this is a very unusual effect for me.

    I was entranced by your words and pictures bringing the day into life.

  30. Beautiful. The first two comments made me think of when I used sage to smudge a house, a home I had left but could not let go of, and how that personal act made such a difference. There was a separation between what was and what is...much like the dawning of a new day. I love it when someone's words help me connect a memory to a new idea.

  31. such a lovely, compassionate and sensitive look at the morning! Breathing the past and future into the present, weaving a wonderful story from the silence of the morning. what a great way to start the day. I aim to remember this as I open my eyes tomorrow morning!

  32. Laura, you write so beautifully.
    You touch my heart deeply.
    Remembering you daily in my prayer time. The morning is my favorite time.

  33. With waking, opening to the light, clarity comes. I love this hymn to arising.

  34. how i thank God for you, artist-sister who paints cyber canvas with such beauty...

    what a perfect link. perfectly imperfect. thank you, friend. love to you... e.


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