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Friday, October 22, 2010

89cents: What Would Life Be Like Living On Less Than A Dollar a Day

a skit adapted by Rosewillow Hegfield
from Making Poverty History: Hunger Activities that Work!
an educational booklet provided by Church World Service

actors: Sammy, Rosewillow, Carolyn, Ben & Alex (Hailey was sick that day)

There is still time to make a donation to this worthwhile cause on behalf of these generous, creative kids. Click the button below to Donate to the CROP Walk on behalf of:

The Nashua CROP Walk Youth Drama Group 

We apologize for the sound quality, the taping was done by a very generous volunteer (Thank you Ariella!) and she was unable to get in any closer with her camcorder at this live performance...still, I think you get the main message. Our plan is to make a second recording at the walk tomorrow (their final performance and get a in a bit tighter...their facial expressions are priceless too!)

PP. I changed my photo and name to LauaX kind of as a joke...only my regular readers will get it...but I kind of like speaking for the trees with my vibrant hair!!!!  so if you receive a comment from someone you THINK is new in your comment's JUST ME. Laura...being silly, adding the X...I need a little eXtra oomph these days...and being playful seemed just the re-energizing choice.

PPS. Speaking of energizer...the Energizer Bunny finally delivered a new charger and new re-chargable batteries so I have extras!!!! off to take some photos this morning on the way to the poody-salon...Ellie's starting to look like a reggae poodle...dreadlock ears, Oh, my.


  1. Hi Laura X What a great post .I hope that more people walk for a world without starvation. Let's spend our money on food and help to those who need it. Let's stop buying arms and war material.

  2. I should like to understand the video. I hear a few sentences because I am getting a bit deaf. Still it's great that children realise that we live in very great circumstances, and that millions of children are not so fortunate.

  3. Sending prayers for a successful walk and a perfect day for it.

  4. Wow! You've got to applaud and support such a wonderful cause and the beautiful spirits that showcase it.

    Hope you have fun at the poodle parlour, LauraX and Ellie :)

  5. Thanks Laura, for the explanation about the video. I know it's difficult to make a video! Have a great weekend!

  6. Good thing they're not walking in Seattle. We're expecting the first storm of the season!
    LauraX is the perfect name for the woman with hair the color of Fall leaves.
    Re: your PPS - There's nothing as knotted as a cocker spaniel's ears after they've been running in the rain.

  7. A very worthy cause and a wonderfully creative way to support it! Congrats to all involved :)


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