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When we see through our hearts, we recognize that every single one of us is infused with creativity. Divine Sparks are embedded in everyone and everything. It's up to us to be courageous, to look and listen deeply, to find the sparks, gather and release them back into the universe, transformed into something new. Join me as we wake up to the sacred-ordinary blessings waiting to greet us each and every day.


Sunday, October 24, 2010



Well we took a drive yesterday morning. After the Energizer Bunny left his gift...and I took...I am not kidding, over 600 photos!!!!! Ok, I went a little overboard, but ya never know when a battery charger might go missing again, or I might not be up to going out for a ride. So the prince and I had a blast!!! (ok, I had a blast, and he put up with me telling him when to STOP THE CAR!!!!)

And, I was even able to get out and walk little distances to take some of the photos (not the one's featured today). It was awesome...the sky was such a clear azure blue and the trees???? GLORIOUS!

I have tons of shadowy pictures, and watery pictures, and reflective pictures and sky shots and goodies for b&w's....oh my goodness my archive is quite full and I have plenty of editing to do...and well...time to enjoy that task.

Today's shadow shots are of a lovely horse who was actually quite far from the road. I loved the way he or perhaps she (we were far, far away!) shadowed her white coat and thought these would be a good entry for today.

And it makes me think, how often do I do that? How often do I create shadows upon or within myself? I'd have to say fairly often, and of course they (the shadows) act as a balance for seeing, knowing, understanding my light and vice versa. All is welcome. 

This is a spiritual practice...just repeating this phrase, don't you think? "ALL IS WELCOME".

When we learn (and continue to re-learn, over and over) to accept, to love, to truly welcome ALL of who we are...then my friends, in those moments how ever long or brief we manage to fully experience "ALL IS WELCOME"...even if only for a few seconds...a single exhalation...the shadow and the light...the wholeness of our being...THEN, we know peace and compassion. Really KNoW it.

And as we inhale and exhale again, and the light and shadows dance and shift with our moods and our ability to be present and loving and kind to ourselves and to others...we can practice once again (and again) repeating this mantra: ALL IS WELCOME.

We'll be at the CROP Walk today...unfortunately the forecast is low 50's (f) and cloudy and rainy. Still, we'll find joy in companionship, community and a shared effort to bring ease to the suffering of others. Plus the Drama Group will perform and the Raymond Street Klezmer Band AND the New Fellowship Gospel Choir...what's a little rain among friends.

Thank you to everyone who so generously supported the CROP Walk this year.
I'm done sounding like an NPR announcer during pledge least until the next fundraiser that wraps around my heart

gentle steps,

  please visit my friends at "hey Harriet" for Shadow Shot Sunday


  1. I'm so pleased you were outdoors in yesterday's beautiful weather and that you had your camera complete with charged battery. Sounds like you feel charged too. :)

  2. I smile - this early morning - at your post. I like the statement "all is welcome".
    Blessings of all kinds sent to you this day - but then "always".

  3. Oh I adore that u changed your name to LauraX. Thought that was a fun powerful association.

    That's a beautiful way of seeing. Acceptance is often so necessary to Let light enter. We all can get really stuck in "posturing" a spiritual crust while so much just needs to come up and be seen.

    The white horse seems almost too symbolically perfect in the autumnal earthly field. Heard NewEngland was georgeous yest.

    Enjoy the day.

  4. 600!? It must have been a wonderful day Laura. I'm intrigued by the way the horse is standing watching, almost ghost-like against the Autumn background.

  5. Hurrah for battery chargers, drives in the country, and photographic expeditions! (I take mad amounts of photos when I get out into the country, too, archiving them for those "quiet" days.)

    I love these beautiful shots of the white horse and those gorgeous autumn colors.

    I hope you have a wonderful time of fellowship today.

  6. The second picture down is mesmerizing. The colors are so vibrant...seem so unnatural, yet natural at the same time!

    And "All Is Welcome"! What a great mantra! Thanks for sharing!

  7. What an inspiring post to wake up to. I love the white horse against the bright orange leaves. Thanks for taking us on your country drive -- through your words and your photos.

    I love your phrase, "All is welcome," and plan to repeat it all day long (and maybe all week long!). I love to repeat phrases that open my heart but, after a while, they can get "stale." So, to have a new one is a treat.

    I hope today's event goes well!

  8. I also find it interesting to consider the shadows.... of life. Light and shadows. 600 photos sounds like you were one happy lady, loving what you were seeing!
    Lovely lovely photos!

  9. Wow, 600 photos! That has to be some kind of record. And I thought I was a shutterbug :)

  10. I think the horse was curious of what you were doing. :)

  11. Lovely photos of a lovely horse!

  12. Somehow that horse makes me think of a unicorn, just missing his horn. And I do love the blue skies in the top photo.

  13. What a wonderful experience. Laura, I am looking forward to share some of those pictures with you. I hope you will have some wonderful and sunny days this week ahead of you. Regards, Inge

  14. Beautiful pictures -- and words to think about, It is quite gray and rainy here where we are today, so I loved the bright colors.

  15. Beautiful pictures -- and words to think about, It is quite gray and rainy here where we are today, so I loved the bright colors.

  16. Such lovely photos, dear one! I really enjoyed looking at all the fall colors as we don't really get a lot of that out here.

    I can relate to taking all of those photos. It's so easy to get carried away when you use a digital camera! Glad that you got out and were able to enjoy a beautiful day with Gordon!

    I just made my donation to Rosie's group.(better late than never:)) I hope that you had a nice day with the family.

    Much love to you,

  17. 'All is welcome' could be a good strapline for Blogland I think. Lovely photos - amazing colours.

  18. I love your photos and good for you for taking 600!!! It's my belief that one can never take too many :o) I also love your 'All is welcome' practice. It took me quite a while to accept all of myself and I still have to work on it from time to time, it is not an easy thing to do!

  19. Great white horse,
    would I be welcome
    in your realm?

  20. 600 pictures -- you wild woman, you! That sounds like something I would do. Sometimes I just can't help myself, especially at this time of year.

    Hope you are well, Laura. Thank you for your thoughtful comment on my guest post over at Emily's place.

  21. What a handsome stead! I especially love the first photo:)

  22. Beautiful images, the horse looks as if it knows what you are thinking.;) Standing in a moment of contemplation itself.;) I love horses and although I do not ride anymore, the happiest I have ever been was on a horseback. Almost at least.;)
    Love the sentiments here as well dear Laura.;)

  23. yes, a balance of inhale/exhale.. of accepting and struggling to accept. beautiful pictures!


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