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Friday, October 15, 2010

Blog Action Day 2010, Images of Beauty

I'm joining "images of beauty" today with this photo of my beautiful daughter, Rosie click the link to find out more about this inspiring project to promote girl empowerment and self esteem and read below to learn about this beautiful girl!

I am listening to the winds howl and the rain pouring down. Here in NH we are experiencing quite the Noreaster...lack of water is hard to imagine on a morning like this, but in many places around the world, this precious resource (especially in a clean drinkable form) is disappearing at an alarming rate.

Part of the funds my daughter Rosie is collecting for the Nashua CROP Walk will directly benefit villages, families, children...who have no clean water. In fact one of the educational skits the drama group performs is all about what it means not to have clean water and how it would improve the lives of families if they could access it more easily, heck if they could access it at all! 

Here's an activity the kids created that our two 11 year old boys facilitate with younger children:
Alex:“How much do you think this gallon jug of water weighs?”

Ben: Ask one of the children who answers the question to pick up one of the jugs of water; now, ask him or her : “Do you still think your answer was right or do you have a different guess now?”

Alex:  If no one guesses right, share this fact: “This gallon jug of water weighs 8 pounds.”

Ben:  “Can you imagine carrying the weight of 5 and a half of these gallon jugs of water all at the same time? That’s 44 pounds!!!! Now imagine carrying it on your head so that your arms are free in case you are walking on steep, rocky terrain or you have other things to take with you!”

Alex: “44 pounds is the amount of water the average woman, from a an underdeveloped nation in rural parts of Africa or Asia carries every day of her life to care for her family. Moms just like your Moms. These women travel an average of 4 miles with their heavy loads, every day, or their families will have no water to drink or cook with.

Then the girls perform as skit called Jackie and Jill: A Water Skit they learned from an educational pamphlet titled Making Hunger History (from church world service)

There is still plenty of time to donate on behalf of the CROP Walk Drama Group to the Nashua CROP Walk (Oct 24, 2010)

Do your part to make this a world where everyone has clean water today on Blog Action Day ...even $5 would make a difference! (and sign the petition on the top of my side bar!)
CROP Walk Youth Drama Group

Don't forget to sign the UN petition to bring clean safe water to millions (it's the button at the right top corner on the sidebar of my blog...raise YOUR VOICE!


  1. Kol hakavod indeed to your kids who care and do.
    And yes, the daughter is beautiful, a delight.

  2. beautiful. laura... i did a post on water and lack of in underdeveloped nations last spring if you want to look for it ... i wanted you to know that you didn't link! if you go back to my blog, click on the little button at the bottom of the post "add your link" and it will give directions! love the photo!

  3. We don't realize how easy our lives are in this part of the world.

  4. what a beautiful way to wake up today... by learning something new (44 pounds!), and to the swelling of appreciation when i turn on the faucet to make some morning tea. As I do so I will offer the prayer that somehow this life sustaining resource become more easily available to all around the world.

    thank you for this gift, for the beautiful image you have shared, and for teaching everyone about giving, and caring, and loving.


  5. Thank you for sharing all of this with us. In our sheltered lives where we can get water just by turning a tap, we truly need to be more aware of how precious water is and how desperate we would be if we had none.

  6. Rosie is radiant, inside and out. Such a beautiful photo of a beautiful and caring young woman.

  7. You are raising one awesome young lady, Laura. Well, TWO awesome young ladies, of course. Speaking specifically today of Rosewillow and her walk coming up on the 24th.

    And I signed the petition on another blogger's blog earlier today.


    -- a blogging buddie in texas


  8. What a wonderful photo of your daughter!

  9. beautiful daughter,
    great project! thanks, neva

  10. It's amazing how heavy water is! We lifted a "gasoline size" container filled with water at a World Vision conference was so heavy!

    I also enjoyed your sky watch photos of deep red leaves against the clear blue sky!~
    I enjoyed your poetry ~ so beautiful~

    *Happy weekend*

  11. how wonderful that your daughter is raising funds to help those in need. Lovely and inspiring post.

  12. Laura these blog action days are very inspiring, just like your daughter Rosie.
    Fabulous photo of a beautiful girl.
    Peggy xxxxx

  13. Lovely photo ... your daughter is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing Laura!

    Hugs from Irene


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