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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Let's BE a Bridge of LOVE

I'm supposed to be resting...but somehow, the words and images keep tumbling forth...and so unbelievably (well to me) I just received a second award in one week (the week I was supposed to be resting, ahem)...for being a prolific blogger!  Go figure.

Thank you to Paige  for this colorful, delightful blogger award! Coolios!
Actually, this is good not only because it was generous, but because I don't really have to write a post, (so I can rest...ha, ha, ha).

Instead, here are the rules I cut and pasted from Paige's page:

1. Every winner of the Prolific Blogger Award has to pass on this award to at least seven other deserving prolific bloggers.

2. Each Prolific Blogger must link to the blog from which he/she has received the award.

3. Every Prolific Blogger must link back to the original post that started all this, it explains the origins and motivation for the award. And that would be Hazra, of Advance Booking.

4. Every Prolific Blogger must visit said starting post and add his/her name in the Mr. Linky, that way we all can get to know the other winners.

I hereby pass this prestigious prolific blogger award on to these phenomenally productive bloggers:

(I tried to maintain a wide variety of blog diversity here-style wise-I have even managed to cross a few international borders, and because I am not the best at rules- I prefer to make up my own-I included 12 busy bloggers)

Yogic Muse
Jen Williamson
I have received an abundance of messages of good will, prayers for healing, love, and honestly I just can't keep up and thank you all individually...although I am trying!

There is a little boy I know about, I've been following his Caring Bridge Journal since just before Thanksgiving last year, my sweet friend Debbie told me about this little guy. He's back in the hospital again with a fever and he needs your prayers so much more than I do right now. PLEASE stop by and say hello to Jack and his Moms and little sister Kate. Don't worry about the fact that they don't know you...they don't know me either, but I try to reply to every message I receive from their journal, because it is something, I can do. So often we believe we are tiny, insignificant, powerless in the world. I don't think that is true. One kind word, a smile, a prayer, an email that says "hi, you don't know me, but I care about you anyway, because you are a fellow human being and I am praying for you to have some peace, some joy, a glimpse of sunshine, messages from strangers so that you will know that YOU matter, that you are important, that you are those nearest and dearest to strangers thousands of miles away." I do hope you will send a kind word or even a : ) to Jack and his family today....maybe lots of days. 

 Here's a glimpse of Jack's bio from his Caring Bridge Journal:
click the purple Caring Bridge Journal link above to send a message 

Jack has been Living the Cure from Stage IV, High Risk Neuroblastoma for 5 years, 4 months, 8 days! And wow, have they have been WONDER-FULL days!   However, on Friday, November 20th, an MRI revealed a solid tumor in Jack's left leg.  An immediate pathology showed that Jack has relapsed with High Risk Neuroblastoma, a horrific childhood cancer.  So, once again, we are asking you to grab some marshmallows, and get ready to get your Kumbaya On!   : )  The fire is warmer together; we need you!  BELIEVE! 

Lets Be a Bridge of LOVE...
there is so much to go around!

gentle steps dear ones,


  1. Thanks for passing by my blog while I am absent.
    Best regards from Rome

  2. Hey sweet lady, thank you so much! I'm honored and will certainly pay it forward! ((hugs))

  3. Thank you, Laura! Lovin' the bridge of love!

  4. Well, you are so sweet to think of l'il ole me, Laura, thanks for that and for your loving bridge that reaches to every shore.


  5. Thanks Laura! You are prolific indeed and I'm honoured to be included in the same "busy blogger" category! I'll post this award on my blog within the next week or so when I am back home (I'm off visiting my mother again at the moment).

  6. Congratulations on your blogging award. I'll keep Jack and his family in my prayers.

  7. Thank-you so much, Laura! for tossing the baton. I hardly feel prolific these days. You are an inspiration to us all and pull us forward to live with the courage and openness that you manifest for us.

  8. I'd like to thank the academy...and you, of course, Laura...

    So how 'bout headin' down to Kripalu in two weeks to hang out with Brooks & me?

  9. Congratulations dearest Laura on your award and thank you so much for passing it onto me;, I feel very flattered and honored.
    Have a lovely Sunday,

  10. I am honoured. Thank you so much Laura.

  11. beautifully said, the bridge is already there i think, we just need to put our attentions to it, light it up again.

    Blessings to Jack, and you, all the bridges.

    feeling a bit silenced by the awe of it all. Thank you

  12. Thank you Laura for passing this award on to me. I am honoured, and will continue to pass it along.

  13. Congratulations on the award, Laura. I'm glad you're "resting" and I hope you continue to do so. :)

    Thank you so much. When you read a story like Jack's it makes you realize how truly precious life is...and how petty most of our concerns truly are.

  14. Thanks Laura for including me in your honour list today

    with the way facebook is taking over and contributing to everyone's ADD tendencies, blogland has changed a lot in the past year or so

    don't know whether it's my tenacious spirit simply hanging in there, or my belief that we are called to simplify and slow down - but i still believe in the beauty of blogs as a way to connect at a deeper level


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