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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Reaching OUT with Tender Hearts

I have always loved the title to dearest Sylvia's book:
Don't Just Do Something, Sit There
And you know, I do. I do a lot of sitting, and meditating, and laying down and resting...but I think Sylvia would agree, that there are times for action too. Not always BIG actions...but tiny actions that make a HUGE difference, when added up with lot of other people's tiny actions.
Many readers of this blog spend a lot of time at home, connecting with the world through their computers, because like me, they live with disabilities that keep them at home...sometimes feeling kind of like maybe they/we can't be of service to others. And there are others of you who can get out and do, but still feel overwhelmed and powerless because there is just so MUCH that needs to be done. Oh dear ones....this is simply not true! We can all reach out in small ways to help others.  Believe me, every comment you leave on my blog helps me, eases my suffering, brings me joy. What seem like small actions, comments on a blog have an expansive impact. Your kindness heals not just me, but everyone else I interact with after I read your gentle words. You are a healer. Each and every one of you...of US! Below I've listed other ways to make a difference, to reach out. Not everyone has the financial abilities to make donations...or the physical ability to get out of the house...that's someone you love. Send an email...reach out....allow someone else to help YOU today...give them a gift by accepting their love for you.

You may have noticed (ummm 'cause it's HUGE and brightly colored at the top of my blog) lately I posted info about a fundraiser for the Nashua CROP Walk that my daughter Rosewillow is participating in. Rosie's group of 6 fabulous middle schoolers have presented skits (one an adaptation of a classroom activity from the CWS education pamphlet that Rosie turned into a script!) and another directly from the two educational activities about gathering clean water and how little some families have to eat, while we have so much. (The youth drama group created these activities through brainstorming and learning about the issues!) They have spent many Sundays practicing and quite a few presenting/educating in our interfaith community. All to bring awareness, raise funds and let others (including younger children) know that they too can make a difference in the world...that none of us are powerless...that all of us are responsible to help one another.
I won't be walking this year (maybe rolling?)...I don't know yet, it is a very long day and I can't imagine being up to even being there the way I'm feeling today (but that's just today). Maybe, who knows. How have I been helping out? I created the blogsite...I've helped be a guide for the kids at their rehearsals that were held in our living room (though they didn't need much help from me, they are fabulous!!!)...I helped keep the parents informed about the kids schedules...and I've posted and asked my friends online for donations. (and am so grateful for the generosity so far!)

This Walk, like the MS Journey of Hope last spring is a family thing...Gordon has done the driving to gigs (with the kids as have the other community of parents of our terrific drama group, when he couldn't do it)...and the Raymond Street Klezmer Band will be playing at the event on Oct. 24 (Gord is the keyboard player aka "INTRO MAN"). Belin will likely be helping out in the kitchen as she has done in years past.

How are you going to help out? You could join a CROP Walk in your local area....or you could walk on the web and make a donation here Rosewillow 

Did you know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and that BLOG ACTION DAY is coming up on October 15, 2010. (sign the petition on my side bar)
We are small, it is true, we are each of us limited in what we can do alone....but TOGETHER...we have the power to Heal the World.

 ...breath by breath...moment by  moment...step by step. visit my friends at Hey Harriet for great shadow images!


  1. Haha, I sit for a living too, counting out the lunch break and short breaks, 7 hours. (kidding aside)

    You do a great job in motivation and inspiration! Let us be like you!

    Thanks for stopping by....

    P.S. I attended the diabetes walk yesterday, as a volunteer photographer.

  2. nice blog.. have a view of my blog when free.. .. do leave me some comment / guide if can.. if interested can follow my blog...

  3. You are so limitless, Laura! You do so much in service to others and to the world. Thank you for this info and for sharing the opportunities to help others. I come from a family that volunteers and donates. Gifts from the heart. As the song says "She had less and I had more."
    Abundant blessings to you and yours.

  4. I am sorry for the delay, we were dealing with a slight health issue this last week, but thank you so much for the award! And, while I am very happy to see you so prolific....are you resting????
    P.S. Congrats on the night time sleeping! Lots of menopausal women I know, including myself, honor you, albeit a little jealously!

  5. We will be participating in a crop walk here....although, I wish it was sounds absolutely fantastic!
    wish Rose good luck with her donations...we hope that she brings in lots for this great cause!!

  6. You're right. Little things can make a big difference.

  7. A wonderful inspirational post! I hope you have a lovely week ahead :)

  8. This is so true, Laura. Margaret Mead said, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." That is easy to forget in this world where bigger and louder gets more attention. Thank you for the reminder.

  9. You are such a testament to the power of words and an open heart.

    Lovely video.

  10. very truthfull and thoughtful!

    very much thank you for the enlightenment.

    best regards,

  11. It's great that you're all working together as a family for this worthy cause! Has the Raymond Street Klezmer Band made any YouTube videos? If not, they should! Then you could post them on your blog!

  12. Sometimes I think it's the big gestures of kindness that matter. Then I read a sweet blog by a friend today and remember no act of kindness is too small.


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