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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Soft Light, Secret Places, Signs and Wonders

On this rainy, gloomy October morning in New Hampshire....I offer you these light infused photos of what felt like "our little secret" on Saturday when Gord and I took a drive (and I blissed-out taking photos). We drove along country roads near our home. This was a road we'd not been on before (oh my the metaphor...story of our life together, seems like every day!)...anyway...we came upon this truly idyllic little pond. Not a car passed us by. Just Gordon, me, God's glorious Shabbat morning, and a family of beavers!!!! Below is Momma Beaver, we presume, barking at us (even though we were quite a distance away parked and sitting in our car) drive a way from her lodge!!!

We couldn't resist staying a while, despite her warnings; meditating upon the beauty, the joy, the feelings we shared of finding this special place and our first encounter with beavers. I mean, around here you pass dammed up streams that have become ponds because of the beavers who live among us all the time, but we have never actually seen a beaver before, swimming and defending her lodge. She calmed down and we observed her and her youngin's popping up out of the water to peek at us too.

I was curious and read about Beaver as a Totem animal this morning. Here's what I gleaned: She is creative. She is loyal to her mate, a mate for life. She is a lover and defender of her home (doing all she can to create stability for her family). She is flexible and willing to make changes (additions to her lodge) when needed. She is a problem solver, looking for solutions and then making the hard choices she needs to in order to maintain serenity in her environment.

Hmmmm. Well there you go then. Throughout our drive, in between pauses of silence to enjoy the beautiful day, sights, sounds and fragrances of the morning,  Gord (my SoulMate) and I, were talking about the changes that are happening for us as my disease progresses. We were strategizing as best we could some of the possible options to make life a bit easier here at the Gnome Mound.

I love when the universe is paying attention...and we are paying attention right back. 

gentle steps,

Happy wet, and watery Wednesday everyone!

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  1. Gorgeous photos. Love the beaver shots. She sounds like most Moms! Thanks for the info!

  2. How lovely that you found the spot and how even lovelier that you stopped to enjoy it.

  3. I especially like the second photo down with single log reflection.

  4. sounds like the perfect totem, and yes, always paying attention! xo

  5. Lovely, lovely photos. Glad you had that special time together.

  6. oh, we have a river not too far from here and I am always charmed by a beaver spotting. we absolutely have to pay attention.

    We had a very wet Tuesday... but today looks sunny and glorious .

  7. Gorgeous photos! Haven't seen a beaver in person and this one is awesome. Thanks for sharing!
    Watery Wednesday

  8. Love your story and the way you listen to the harmonic whispers. I only saw a beaver here during the one snow storm pushing a stick along the edge of the river Maybe an otter. Don't know right now the distinction.

    Watery wednesday link is wonderful. I might try it.

    Lovely images

  9. The third shot is my favorite. Look at those gorgeous colors! It's a living rainbow!

  10. I am so happy you and Gordon had this amazing time together. The pictures are full of life. You might want to check out Otter as Totem - I'm almost positive that picture is an otter and not a beaver. Which to my mind is an even better thing to have cross your path at this point in time. Love.

  11. Such beautiful pictures! I drove through New England once during autumn over 20 years ago. Your pictures make the experience alive for me again.

    Wow, the beaver: "making the hard choices she needs to in order to maintain serenity in her environment."

    Yes, yes.

  12. Beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing. Take care and know in your heart that there is One Woman in the woods in Northern Tennessee that surrounds you with her prayers...

  13. Your last line caught my 'attention'. When the Universe in paying attention, and I am paying attention, something magical always happens.

    Mother Beaver, may you courageously endure with your photos, your words, and your wisdom.

  14. Beautiful autumnal colors! And how surprising and exciting it is to catch animals in the wild and free. Peace, Nicki

  15. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos and words with us.I feel relaxed and thankful.

    I'm new here and its a real pleasure to know you.Warmest Regards,Cat

  16. Thank you for sharing your photos and thoughts with us :o) I have seen many totem poles (living in Canada, you see them in museums and parks a lot, especially on the West Coast) but had never looked into the symbolism of the different animals!

  17. You and Gordon had a magical outing. I am so glad the universe bestowed this gift upon you both.

    *My secret word to verify is "realli." Truly.

  18. Hi Laura ... thanks for visiting my photoblog again! I'm too busy to visit people on my bloglist often, but I try at least to visit back. It's alway lovely to come back to your blog. Thanks for sharing your thoughts .... wish you all the best!

    Love Irene

  19. you guys love our koalas and kangaroos (and we do to) but i heart squirrels and beavers and other creatures you have there that we don't, thankyou for sharing this adventure at beaver pond

    sounds like fun to me ;)

  20. wonderful pictures and i love that last line!!!!


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