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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I was blessed today to sit in spiritual companionship (long distance over the phone) with one of my anam cara friends, Jan Lundy. It was my turn to receive Spiritual Direction, through the Buddha Chick course I am taking. Gentle, yet powerful wisdom was revealed, through Jan's generous presence, through my own lived experience, and through the Sacred voice that arose from within my own heart. The lovely surprise that caused us both to inhale suddenly and deeply was that as I went inside and listened for guidance from Source this is what I "heard" the path you are on. Trust ME, trust yourself. trUSt. 

Do you see it??? Right there in the center...US. US is in the middle of trUSt. We both had a sense that US was referring to the Holy Blessed ONE, Me, perhaps celestial beings, certainly my community of friends at home, my family living, my family members who have passed on, my online community of friends, all the animal beings who seem to keep showing up in my life (not just our dog and two kitties)...but foxes who have visited us this summer, owls who have woken us (me and Gord) in the night on three different occasions of late, the beavers last weekend.... Trust US. trUSt.

I do feel surrounded by love all the time. This is true. Later today when I had PT,  it was so difficult that I cried, because taking small steps up and down on a half sized step between the parallel bars, grasping on with my hands with Jimmy, my physical therapist holding me up from the back with a belt for extra safety, making sure I didn't fall, was unbelievably difficult to do. Five in a row and I had to rest. Simply bringing my right foot up to meet the left on the tiny step was too much for my poor weak left leg to manage. We tried again. Even after I cried and cursed. And and asked him through tears, "Why does this have to be so fucking hard??" Then I apologized for my language as I stood there holding the bars with both hands, not even able to wipe away my own tears for fear of falling.  I was overwhelmed, exhausted, frustrated...but still, still I felt surrounded by love...and I trUSted the love around me. 

On Saturday, along the road...the same one where I photographed the falling down I shuffled across the road and made my way gingerly back to the car I looked down at my feet. There, cast away, or perhaps left as a sign just for my eyes was a gray, stone heart.

I left it behind for someone else to discover, but took a photo to remember. 

Even when I am feeling like a small gray stone, mysteriously tossed on the side of life's road, unable to move on my own volition...I am never heart is always cradled by soft sandy earth and angels in human, animal and celestial forms. The Divine Presence is always available for me to sense if I stop, breathe, listen, wait, trust. It is hard, this life. It is joyful, it is painful. It is the one I have been blessed to live.

I am grateful. I am tired. 
Gordon had to carry me up our stairs piggy-back because my legs were just not going to do it for me after PT today. And so, he carried me while I  simultaneously formed a cradle with my body around his back.  My sweet, strong husband. My best friend. An earth angel easy to locate in the center of trUSt.

Truly. I am a blessed woman.

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  1. that you end it with being blessed after the pain you went through on the paralel is humbling...

  2. Sweet trust. You are blessed and my thoughts are with you.

  3. You are blessed indeed to have such a wonderful,caring and attentive husband. I am always so touched reading about all the things you share.

  4. You are such a beautiful soul.

  5. You have a way with words, dear Laura, that goes straight to my heart and opens it up! Sending you all my love, dear one! Silke

  6. I feel your pain - and your joy too! Thank goodness for voices telling us to carry on, for heart-like stones, and for strong angels to bear us up the stairs.

  7. And we're blessed to read your words, Laura.

  8. Laura, I thought about you today because I know Wednesday is a day for PT. As I was reading your post I had a vision of you walking into the life you have now, the life you describe at the beginning of this post. You see the stone heart because you feel the love all around you. I am blessed to know you.

  9. I agree with Brian, I always find you an inspiration, as you remain so positive and optimistic through so much pain.
    Thank you so much for your kind words yesterday at my place and also at WOW, that mean so much to me.

  10. I'm sorry PT was so painful but you DID succeed in taking five steps up and five steps down. Yay you! I hope you had a nice rest after a fun piggyback ride up the stairs.

    And I'm glad that you both took the picture of the heart stone on the path and that you left it for the next person who needed to see it, and perhaps even keep it.

    Be well.

  11. As I read your sharing - this early morning - Dear One, you are a blessing to this One Woman.
    I cry with you, smile with you and it may seem strange - but as you share I travel with you.
    A good day is wished you :)
    You are gifted with words that touch the hearts of many.

  12. "It is hard, this life. It is joyful, it is painful. It is the one I have been blessed to live.

    I am grateful. I am tired. "

    Tears, reading this. And "Trust Me." Amen to that.

    As I read this a verse came to mind - hope you don't mind my sharing it here (knowing you, I don't think you will.)

    "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him and he will direct your paths." Proverbs 3:5-6

    As we navigate through the unknown and often rocky terrain of illness, it's good to know that He simply asks us to trust. Such a simple word, but sometimes hard to do, at least for me. Thanks for your honesty and your example of walking this road with gratitude and grace.

  13. Laura... it is a Gift to share this life with you. Thank you for shining your light, love, wisdom and lessons...and your soul and spirt of you...with us.

    Love "US"

  14. Dearest
    what can I say to u?
    Simply that I need to come here more and to drink your wisdom.
    Grace Olsson

  15. Love seeing us in trust. That's a keeper forever.

    A woman I knew did also pt in water. Leg lifts in a hot tub or bathtub at home. It buoyant ly helped the weight.


  16. Thank you for reminding us how much beauty there is in the world IF we jusy slow down enough to notice.
    You are blessed and are a blessing!

    All my best.

  17. yes. "us." a community of believers, of beggars, holding each other up. you hold me up--did you know this? because in your brokenness, you are beautiful. this: I am grateful. I am tired. the fact that you curse, and you pray, makes you real. makes you shine. and the fact that you see the heart in the stone. oh laura... God is using you. xo

  18. I am also blessed to have met you and your blog.

    Thank you so much for your wise words. It's a gift being to able to share these lines with us.

    Have a less painful day, dear friend.


    Ps. Delightful hearty stone.

  19. Laura, I hope the love you receive from all of your "followers," fills you, as you fill us with your faith and your trust. You move me. You amaze me. You remind me of all that is good in life. Blessings and love to you my new, but very dear friend. xoxo

  20. I cry with you. I smile with you. I receive the message of the heart from you. I pray for you as well.

    Thank you for sharing your heart on Guest Heart Thursday.

  21. So lovely to read, Laura. I will never think of trust again in the same way after our conversation - which did indeed feel blessed. As we spoke, I definitely felt a host of heavenly ones all around you. :-)

    And in the midst of it all, the gifts and graces, it is still hard. And there are tears, and piggyback rides...and Love, always Love (capital L Love). Yes?

    Love always wins.

  22. take heart was the beautiful message

    you are not alone

  23. i am grateful.
    you are beautiful, dear lady..
    an inspiration...xx

  24. Wow, Laura. Just, Wow. This is one of the most profoundly beautiful things you've written and my eyes teared up a wee bit when I read that last bit about your husband carrying you. How beautiful.


  25. You are blessed. What a dear husband.

  26. laura_this is beautiful. if ever i pursue this little wish inside to teach at a PT school, i would take first hand accounts like yours to teach compassion. you are blessed, that husband of yours...your ability to see beynd your pain. xo

  27. I love the way you are determined to see everything in a positive and beautiful light.

  28. I so heart your heart.

    you humble me.

  29. What a beautiful post. And such a lovely heart--I'm sure the Creator put it there, just for you.

    Happy GHT!

  30. I'm so inspired by how you're able to see the joy of being alive even through your pain. I cried reading about Gord carrying you upstairs -- your trUSted soul mate.


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