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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Warm Tea

waking up today
shivering, not just shaking
brrrr, I feel so cold

grateful for warm tea
autumn has truly arrived
thirty six degrees!

for more shadow shots
perhaps in warmer places
click on the icon
Thanks everyone as always for your kind and supportive comments. I've still got the weird myoclonus going on, but getting used to it.


  1. I feel your morning felt about cold. I have a firewood stove. So I have to cut woods. ^^

    I am going to go trip by my motor bike tomorrow after tomorrow to take pictuers.
    That is hot photo of a old man.^^

  2. Got the same shivers here in goal for this summer was to put in a wood burning stove...well, so much for that thought, there's always next year, right and my trees will have another year's growth before cutting...there's always a bright side isn't there...time for another cup of tea!

  3. looking at the bottom of my coffee instead,
    but still..

  4. Nice one! Keep warm! Have a great week ahead of you!

  5.'s pretty cold here too! I'm glad you have teat to warm you up!

  6. Laura, I wish I could send you some of our unseasonal heat but since that's not possible, I'm drinking my jasmine tea and sending you warm thoughts instead:)

  7. Tea is just the best for getting rid of the chills.

    What an intriguing shadow shot!

  8. Autumn is here as well, 46 degrees this morning. I am on my second cup of tea.
    "Tea time, peaceful moments to reflect on our life's chapters as they unfold" (Stoddard)
    Hoping with each day you will feel better.

  9. Brrr, is that tea still warm???

    Great top photo.

    I did the Boston Crop walk years back with a bunch of friends, we ended up walking trotting singing towards the end, others joined in. It was a long fun day.

  10.'s autumn here in Helsinki as well as in Casablanca but so far no problem...
    Don't freeze yourself! :)
    Have a great week ahead!


  11. Mmm, you must be cold - not a good feeling. Any warm drink that you really like is comforting. Keep warm, keep well.

  12. In the 40's here at the edge of the woods. Need rain -- wishing you a good rest of the day and night.

  13. You did a wonderful job with your haikus creating a sensory experience.

  14. Nice shadow :-) It looks like it's time for another cup! It has not been in the 30's this fall around here, but it soon will be.

  15. Lovely shadows! Were still drinking iced tea here in the desert, is about 95f at the moment.

  16. Still in the 80's here, but dryer and the breeze is cooler. My tea of choice is English Breakfast. Drinking some as I write. Keep warm!

  17. mmmm...warm tea:) have been drinking nettle tea of late, i've taken quite a liking to it.

    autumn shivers here too, just got out the extra blankets and hot water bottles.

    sending warm hugs...


  18. Yes, it is getting cool here in the South. Yet the breeze feels good on my face and the sky makes me dream and think tomorrow will be a better day. I hope you are feeling good today..

  19. Keep on drinking that tea to keep warm! Shivering doesn't sound nice at all! Hope you have a great week. With some warmth :)

  20. 36 degrees?? That's way past Autumn in my book! Good to 'read' you again, and inspired by your daughter's latest project...

  21. Brrr. Nothing like tea to warm and soothe and to provide amazing camera shots.

  22. Tea is our passion...we'll lift a cup with you :) It's not quite 32degrees here yet (thank heavens) we've got about 24degrees above you!

  23. My daughter and I took her dog for a walk in the rain last Thursday. We got home, wet and chilled, and a cup of hot tea on the porch was just the thing to warm us up.

    Sending you warm thoughts ~


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