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Monday, November 1, 2010


Pumpkins on the Side of the Road © 2010 Laura Hegfield

Hello Dear Ones,
As you all know my body has been having a rough time of it recently. My mind and heart and spirit have been very busy writing and writing and taking photos and writing more and well….I haven’t exactly been resting.

Treetops Through My Window  © 2010 Laura Hegfield

And so, out of gratitude for this blessed holy vessel that is MY BODY, I have decided to mostly take the month of November off from writing my own posts….but, BUT…I have asked friends and colleagues to help me out and guest host about gratitude for the entire month!!!!! So there are a few days here and there when I will have a word or two to share…but mostly you will be hearing from other wise and generous souls this month. All have been teachers for me, officially and unofficially. There is much to learn in this life...and everyone has the potential to be a malach, an angel, a messenger with something important to share in a particular moment in you life. Listen closely at all times. Look carefully. Something you need to know, something you have been longing to understand might be right before your eyes and if you do not stop and look and listen, you'll miss it. I'm hoping this month will be filled with many of those special moments and messages for all of us. I think, sometimes when we hear, see, read about what other people are grateful for in their helps us to open to the abundant blessings that are present for us too.

Looking Up © 2010 Laura Hegfield

I want to also take a moment here to say I’m sorry I have not been wonderful about visiting your blogs lately or responding to comments (now I mostly do that privately through email anyway)…but I’m just wiped out these days. So please forgive me for not being the best blog neighbor. But sometimes…no all the time…it is important to listen to our bodies. When the body says rest…well, then that’s what needs to happen. That is true gratitude for the blessing of being an embodied soul.

Looking Down © 2010 Laura Hegfield

Last year, just before Thanksgiving I started having difficulty with language. FAS, Foreign Accent Syndrome became a new member of our household, brought on by an MS exacerbation. At that time even accessing words and putting them into proper syntax when talking was difficult. I still have FAS, but I don’t usually channel Yoda these days, just occasionally. Anyway, my mind was working perfectly fine, despite my language difficulties so I devised a plan for a special Thanksgiving post, the Mega Moebius Gratitude Quilt.

It was such an awesome experience to read the beautiful patchwork quilt of gratitude from people of all ages and religions from all over the world on Thanksgiving Day (TG in the USA). This year, I’m inviting all of my blog readers (there are a whole lot more of you NOW) and other friends to send me their gratitude comments for what will now be the Second Annual Mega Moebius Gratitude Quilt!!!  (Moebius implies a loop that never ends and so shall it be ) All you have to do is send me your submissions by Sunday, November 14th via email laura@shinethedivine and I will lovingly “stitch” our global quilt of comfort and love together to post on November 25th, Thanksgiving Day here in the USA. (I know, I said I'll be resting...this is easy stuff, don't worry!) Now, for all of my friends from other countries, I KNOW that this is not your holiday tradition, at least not on this specific date…but isn’t every day a day to feel grateful???

Here’s how it works, read through all the instructions first and then: Right now in this very moment, take time to rest. Close your eyes. Breathe out to make space...breathe in new awareness...exhale again a deep sigh of relief and release opening your heart and now opening your eyes too and type in whatever words flow from your soul without thinking about it or of consciousness writing.

I'll begin (don't worry, yours doesn't have to be as long as know how wordy I can be....but just go with the flow, very stream of consciousness...don't think...feel and write.) 

Rainbows of Promise on the Pond © 2010 Laura Hegfield

"Sometimes when we aren't looking, the holiness comes breaking through like a rainbow." 
~Madeleine L'Engle 

In this moment I am grateful for the love and support I feel around me constantly, from family and friends near and far...loved ones passed on and Spirit within...angelic beings. I am grateful for this beautiful world filled with color and light and sound and fragrance. I am grateful for the blessing of breath and for courage and inner strength. I am grateful for this life, not the one I planned or expected, but the one I have been gifted with...the tough stuff, the lovely parts....the joy, tears, fears...ALL OF IT! I am grateful.


  1. This is a moving and healing focus for the month Laura, and making it collaborative will strengthen it's reach,
    I am grateful for my connection to you, as well as all my beloved blogging friends. I am grateful for my family and all the have taught me to help me become the person I am. I am grateful for me. I am grateful for my husband, who supports me in every way imaginable, and helps me be a better me. I am grateful for all the creature comforts that can be easy to take for granted - I don't - every day I see how blessed I am. Oh the list could go on and on - I guess I'm pretty wordy, too, eh?!?

    Your photos are gorgeous - those turquoise skies against the oranges and reds of the leaves i breath taking...
    with much gratitude and love, K

  2. Love the Madeleine L'Engle quote. I love her books...

  3. You are a marvel of inspiration, Laura. While I've only know you for a short time, I'm deeply grateful to be able to come here and know I'll find love and beauty and joy in abundance.

  4. I too am celebrating gratitude this month...there is so much to be grateful for. I would love to participate in the Mega Moebius gratitude quilt! What a beautiful way to bring more love and light into the universe! You'll be getting an email from me soon.


  5. First of all, you remain in my daily prayers for health and strength and take care of you, OK? I'm another one that needs to heed that call as well. Sigh. Secondaly, I responded to the email address you listed in your post for the gratitude quilt but my email system told me it was invalid....I needed so If you don't get something from in your mailbox let me know and I will resend.

  6. Oh, my. Dear girl--you have such a wonderful heart. ((hugs))

    You are an inspiration to everyone, you know. May God bless you with miracles and great peace & beauty--beyond dreaming, as you find time to rest this month.

  7. Enjoy your rest, I'm sure it will do you a great deal of good and I look forward to reading what your guest writers will have to say!

  8. Right at this moment I am thankful for "you". Where did you come from? An entry that I read that spoke to my heart? I want to encourage you and I find you are helping me.
    You have a sensitive spirit and so does this one. You seem to say just the the right word and the :) you send me - always comes at the right moment. Enjoy this month.. From - One Woman's Heart.

  9. Lovely LauraX, (I love that you now have an X in your name, it reminds me of the Dr Seuss prose it came from and the message it holds)

    can't believe it's a whole year since the inaugural gratitude quilt

    looking forward to the month of collaborative goodness here @ shine the divine

    planting Truffula seeds indeed :)

  10. Wow, Laura you are so inspirational and spiritual. Your pictures and words are so soothing and timely for me especially since I was recently in a car accident and I am so blessed to be here. I believe in divine intervention. My D. Sisters were there at that critical moment when I needed you. I walked away from a rollover and have to admit a little scared. Jan suggested that I start the course over and between that and you, I am so much better. Your art is beautiful and so are you,
    Now take care of yourself and let us heal you.
    Many thanks to you, Be well and rest,

  11. I'm so looking forward to the posts this month, Laura, and am especially grateful right at this moment that it means you'll be able to rest more in November. You give so much to us. Now some of us will have the blessed opportunity to give back to you.

  12. My mother turned 80 today. That is a blessing, for sure.

    I'm glad you liked the blog header. It turned out looking nice. Sometimes, if the photo and title don't jive well, the layout doesn't work out but with that one, everything fell into place. :-)


  13. oh friend... i'm glad you're taking time to heal. and your gratitude humbles me... i learn, and glean from you. rest deep. i'm praying for you. e.

  14. You always express the most beautiful thoughts and at all time show your inner strength; you are an endless source of inspiration dear Laura. I too am looking forward to read the many expressions of gratitude by beautiful writes here this month.;)

  15. My Dear Friend,

    The photos in this post are particularly beautiful and I really enjoyed looking at them. I am glad that you will be taking a much needed and much deserved break as you spend some time renewing your body and spirit.

    I have also been experiencing a physical "down period" and so I haven't been keeping up on my blog or with my wonderful blog friends. I would love to participate in your gratitude quilt, so I will email you very soon. Also, if you still need me to guest host for one of your blogs, I would be honored to do so.

    Thank you for being someone who I count as one of the true blessings in my life.

    Much love and healing prayers,

  16. Laura, I'm grateful for you- that I met you, and that you're my friend. Love and extra big hugs to you, my sweet!

  17. And I am grateful for the world you share through your six senses that I sometimes miss because I am running too fast.

  18. I went to bed thinking about you last night and woke up this morning thinking about you and the day you had ahead of you.

    Blessing to you, my friend ~

    May Spirit hold you and keep you safe ~

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