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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Deep Breath: clytie

This morning I welcome my friend Clytie to Shine the Divine...and this sweet soul shines. Clytie has a way of finding hearts (the symbol of love and compassion) pretty much everywhere she goes!!! I discovered Clytie's blog through Nina's blog, when Nina had sent out a prayer request for her friend Clytie...and I felt compelled to find out more about Clytie and healing prayers just flowed, because it is impossible NOT to love Clytie.

And since today is Guest Heart Thursday, it seemed quite apropos to have Clytie be a guest at my blog and a guest heart guest at her own blog! 

I also want to share that today is my Great Aunt Bella's Yartzeit (day of remembrance). Bebe lives on in my heart, always encouraging me to be compassionate and full of faith, as she  was when she lived here on earth. She was one of my first spiritual teachers.
Photo by Clytie...the stone with the random heart is carnelian.

Deep breath ... and here I go -

Life began anew for me last December, when at the age of 48, I suffered a moderate stroke which rendered me completely paralyzed on my right side and I was rushed to the ER. My sister rushed to the hospital, and prayed over me ... and a miracle happened. The 'clot buster' medicine, which was supposed to take 72 hours to show results - worked in a matter of minutes. The stroke itself was the size of a silver dollar on the first MRI, but subsequent MRI's showed it to be the size of an acorn. The surgeon took my sister aside, and quietly told her "whether it was the prayers or the medicine, I don't know. But this is not normal". My own doctor quipped "well let's get that blood pressure down - we can't have you hogging ALL the miracles!"

I would not have been given this second chance without the prayers and thoughts of my friends and family. Without the healing touch of my sister's faith.

I wrote this poem just 5 days after the stroke. Just 2 days after my release from the hospital. Now nearly a year later, my gratitude is as strong as ever. I try to live each day to it's fullest, knowing how precious life is. How precious family is, and friendship.

I thank you all,
From the bottom of my heart

For your prayers, your thoughts
When my world fell apart.

God heard your prayers
And lifted the curtain

A true miracle occurred!
Of this I am certain.

A little while longer
I have been given

A gift, a wonder,
A heart-felt present.

December 9, 2009
Clytie Garretson

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And my friends at IP, where the cracks in our broken-hearts allow light and healing to flow!


  1. What a wonderful story of hope and healing. And a lovely poem full of such depths of gratitude for the gift of life. I especially like the phrase, "A heart-felt present."

  2. Blessings to you for sharing your gratitude. Reading your poem, my entire body tingled and I got goosebumps; I see and feel your gift.

  3. Oh Laura ... reading back through what happened that day ... fills me anew with gratitude for the healing that flowed, and continues to flow, into my life.

    Thank you so much for the privilege of being a Guest Host - I hope and pray that the healing power of love and peace flow for you as well.

    You have been, and continue to be, a true inspiration in MY life. I thank you for that.

    Heartfully yours - Clytie

  4. I have purposely been trying not to blog around too much or comment, because I really need to rest...but I had to respond to this were having your stroke around the time of my 3rd documented exacerbation...the Universe...Divinity and synchronistic brains malfunctioning brought us here's to gratitude for blessings disguised as illness!!!


  5. I am wordless! This really touched my soul. Can't express my feelings in words.

    Just one big HEART for Laura who shared this beautiful story of lovely Clytie.

    Thank you, Laura for this. Thank you for your inspiring words.

    Thank you Clytie for sharing your story. the poem left me speechless!

    Hearts blessings to all!

  6. This was truly a miracle story and and a poem of the type of gratitude that only those who have been touched by death could have written. Just beautiful.

  7. What a wonderful story and a beautiful poem. This month of gratitude just gets better and better. I'm off to check out Clytie's site.

  8. Speechless, like Dani! I'll include you both to my prayers!

  9. I sat here in tears as I read Sissy's words and her poem.

    I will never see life the same way.

    Miracles DO happen. I saw one with my own eyes.

    Clytie and I both feel a kinship with you, dear one.

    I was so deeply moved by Sissy's post today.

    ((hugs)) to you and OUR Clytie! (grin)

  10. I felt heat coming down through my hands as I prayed. Sissy was so still and hadn't been able to lift hand or foot--the side of her face was frozen and she could not speak.

    As soon as I was done praying, Sissy said, "Aren't you getting kind of bored standing there with nothing to do?"

    She spoke perfectly, then she moved her hands and legs--and she's never looked back.

    I will never EVER take Sissy for granted EVER again.

  11. Beth and Clytie...this makes me think of all the times my big sister Amy has been my hand holder when I have been very ill. Too many times. And I have tears welling up reading about your closeness and thinking about Aim and how she is always, always here for I carried me down 3 flights of stairs when I had a herniated disc in college and she got me to the hospital from my I squeezed the life out of her hand during fluid removal and cortisone injections in my knees (also in college) she took me for my 3 hour MRI series and then for my first Tysabri infusion that same long day...just about a year she gently washed my hair in the tub last year when I couldn't do it myself.

    Sisters are amazing...and there is no stronger bond...and now I am full out crying...time to stop writing.
    YOU GUYS!!!!

  12. Dearest Laura -- you are a love magnet! Thank you for always sharing these people of love with us.

    I cannot imagine what a stroke at 48 would be like. I am almost 47.
    I do believe Clytie's recovery and gratitude is a gift to remind us how precious life is and to do good for others!

    Thank you all, you sweet blessings on this blog.

    And love to Great Aunt Bella who is watching closely and proud of you, Laura. Looks like YOU walk in her loving and teaching footsteps.


  13. wonderful post. So glad that you came to visit me on my blog because I then found yours. I'll be visiting more often.

  14. Laura and Clytie, you both are filled with such Love, Hope and Joy for life. Your stories and posts bring inspiration to us all. Each and every moment is a Blessing. They say that everything happens for a reason and I believe this to be true. It is the strength and courage in your stories that enlighten people. Clytie with your hearts, you encourage us to look outside the realm of complacency and into the place of Love. That Love is in the form of Hearts; found all around us if we just open our eyes and see. And Laura, you inspire us with your spirit and spirituality. Your constant struggles with MS, bring a clarity to your view on life, nature and Spirit. You bring a wisdom that goes beyond the day to day. I am Grateful for you both and the Gifts you bring each and every moment into this world of ours. For that, I thank you. Blessings to you and yours. Love and Light, Nina P

  15. laura... you stun me with the knack you have for attracting the beautiful and the brave... but it doesn't surprise me a bit :)

    clytie... thank you for sharing... your wide open heart is the deepest miracle of all...


  16. A heart felt post. Keep healing you have such a great strength. Thank you for sharing... love the photo of the rock heart!

  17. Beautiful and touching. What an inspiring story to the rest of us, who seems to complain about the mundane and the insignificant in our lives, when we really have no problems at all...
    Lovely poem as well.

  18. Laura, I know how powerful prayers are. Your story and your poetry warms my heart.

    Rest...and take care.


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