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Friday, November 5, 2010

Grateful Time: Rabbi Myriam Klotz

Myriam, Myr-I-Am, is one of my official teachers. And in the seven years since we have known each we have developed a special friendship. We like to play with words. We are yoginis, we like to play! The other day she sent me a message:  "I just typed your name but the 'l' deleted by accident, and i discovered your dear "aura".  of course!" She signed the message Myr-I-Am and I responded: "Words are so full of fun and deeper meaning....And Myr...I think of you as one who reflects our beauty and sacredness back to the I am's...(all of us) who are blessed to know you..." 

Rabbi Myriam Klotz is co-founder of the Yoga and Jewish Spirituality Teacher Training Institute  at Isabella Freedman with my other esteemed and loving yoga teacher Diane Bloomfield. Myriam is also Director of Yoga and Movement Practices at the Institute for Jewish Spirituality. I studied diligently with Myriam for a total of 3 years if you put the two intensive 18 month trainings I did with her together, and I continue to study  with her through IJS and YJSI because I value all of the wise and supportive teachers and the wisdom they share with deep generosity. And while Myriam is an excellent teacher, Spiritual Director, Rabbi and Yogini, you need to know she is also a loving partner, mother, friend and all around compassionate, beautiful human BEING. LoVe YOU Myriam!

Photo by Myriam

Grateful Time

Tall thick trunk of oak that shoots from ground acres up into the sky
Few branches,  years in the making

Yesterday I looked up to see
And saw
The one or two leaves still left
Trunk to tip from ground  to up-gaze


For the gift of Time.
In whose hands

Seed springs to sprout and supple turns to strong and small grows into Big and Stable and Rooted and Tall


For the gift of Time
In whose hands

Friendship sparks and grows hot with recognition, longing
Fires of desire for


Grows, cooling fears

Longing held in Time’s hands

Steadies, ah!

Bursts, births into Trust through Time  and
Love.   Steady warming and
It took the time it took.


For the gift of Time,
In whose hands

I have learned how to pause,
How to listen,
How to see,
How to renounce,
How to take pleasure
And Love
In the slow sometimes steady and sometimes jolting
Growth of the Life I have

Blessed to Be

A part of



As hairs grow grey
As warm turns to chill
And it is all arrested.

But now I know

Time’s Gift to Linger

Suspended Breath Ever Steady

It is



For the gift of Time
To Know

There is

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  1. What a beautiful offering, Laura and Myriam. And I so appreciate the restorative yoga session. A gracious gift to us all...I will definitely use it again and again. Blessings of gratitude for you both!

  2. What an beautiful poem, it was restorative and relaxing just to read it :o)

  3. What a beautiful poem. Full of wisdom and so softly spoken it resonates. A beautiful celebration of all that is important to be grateful for.

  4. I love this post Laura, the words, the photo the emotions it invokes. Thank you for this and thank you for your commets.
    Have a beautiful weekend:)

  5. what a treasure Laura to have such lightness and humour in communication with one of your teachers

    Myriam thankyou for the restorative yoga session, it was a delightful interlude in my day, i receive your blessing gratefully

  6. Hi Myriam, Thank you for sharing your beautiful tree photo and Grateful Time poem. My favorite part is "I have learned how to pause, How to listen..." such a timely reminder. :)

    Dear Laura, Thank you for the links to your gorgeous tree posts. I hadn't discovered those tree memes yet, I need to take a closer look because I love trees... :D


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