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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Gratitude for Difficulty: Brooks Hall

I am so grateful to be able to introduce those of you who don't know her yet, to Brooks Hall, here at Shine the Divine today. Brooks is a friend I've met through blogging. She is a yoga teacher in Chicago with deep wisdom not only about the body and the art and intricacies of of yoga, but the soul as well.  She is a frequent contributor to Elephant Journal and has been featured in *Yoga Journal  too. Thank you Brooks!
Photo by Brooks
I am grateful for healing and prayer, which seems to necessitate an appreciation of illness and times when experience feels flat and material. Something is a little off if I only appreciate the healing without acknowledging the illness or disagreement that served as a tool for accessing the beauty of healing and forgiving. And things are similarly off if I only am thankful for the seemingly magical times in life, without seeing the blessing of sometimes feeling lost in a shallow world.

Laura’s request to write on gratitude came right at a crossroads between a magical time, and a desolate reckoning. I was so grateful to receive the request, as I am so thankful for Laura’s beautiful presence on the Internet. So my answer seemed a no-brainer: yes!

But then I had to deal with the self that I seemed to be right then: downright ungrateful.

So, today I am grateful for the dirt and difficulty. I am grateful for an awareness of a time when it has been difficult to see the light.

Learn more from my wise friend Brooks @ her award winning blog Yogic Muse or if you live in Chicago check out one of her classes at YogaView             

*Brooks was featured in Yoga Journal, August '09, p.85 -Yes we can!


  1. Hi Laura! It was such an honor to work with you on this gratitude project! I am so grateful to participate! Thank you, Dear One!

  2. Laura..

    sorry to write here... can you email me so I have your correct address.. for some reason the mail keeps coming back ...

  3. It's a true gift to find gratitude in times of distress. Thank you, Brooks, and thank you, Laura.

  4. I am grateful to find your blog thanks to Jannie Funster. Gratitude is indeed timeless. To feel grateful for everything and everyone is a reflection of complete unconditional self acceptance. Blessings to you!

  5. Hi Brooks, Thank you for your inspiring image and words. Indeed, we can be grateful for seemingly negative as well as positive aspects of our lives. A wonderful reminder!

    Dear Laura, Thanks for the intro to Brooks, your friend you met through blogging. Amazing all the goodness that can be found in the blogosphere. I'm going to check out all the cool links you provided.

  6. Brooks and Laura,

    I'm so glad I read this ode to the sometimes difficult but necessary task of finding meaning and blessing in illness or dis-ease. I like what you say, Brooks, about the "times when experience feels flat." We're so ready to discount those moments, but somehow, I know they matter.

  7. Brooks & Laura in the same blog post??!! Whoa! It's like Simon & Garfunkel getting back together...or, y'know...getting together for the first time...or something.

    Anyway, I'm grateful for ya both...

  8. It's so great to read this - thank you Brooks and Laura!

  9. That was beautiful and very straight forward and honest.;) Life is only complete if it is balanced, both with the good and the bad.

  10. Brooks, I am grateful for your darkness. I know you found the light by your willingness to stay and learn from the darkness.


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