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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Gratitude for Seeing: Patty Christopher

I met Patty online through Emily's lovely Imperfect Prose meme that happens on Thursdays (yes how cool is that, the same day as Clytie's Guest Heart Thursday meme!)  

Patty is a mom, a wife and a truly gifted photographer and writer. I am so pleased to introduce her to you this morning. Please welcome Patty Christopher to Shine the Divine today, our Guest Host from Finding Serendipity. Treat yourself by dropping by to visit her exquisite blog!!!

Thank you Patty for hosting today :)

Photo by Patty Christoper

I am thankful for the ability to see beauty in a blade of grass...

because if I can see beauty in that,
in a simple, singular
blade of grass,
imagine what I see
when looking into the faces of those I love.

Photo by Patty Christoper

Stop by Emily's Imperfect Prose meme, to find more beautiful writing and imagery. A place where bloggers recognize that the cracks in our broken-hearts are blessings that allow light and healing to flow!


  1. Beautiful thought - this early morning from the woods in Northern Tennessee.

  2. Absolutely lovely, Patty. I like how you see...I like to think of it as having sacred vision. This is such a beautiful example of that!

    Thank you for sharing and for Laura for sharing this! (I hope you are feeling stronger today. xo)

    (I am going to link this to the BChick FB page with some thoughts on sacred vision. Love it!)

  3. nice. gratitude in the small so much even in one blade...smiles.

  4. I so love patty.
    and this is a perfect example of why.
    in it's brevity she illustrates just how profound seeing with gratitude can and should be.

    thank you for this, Laura.

    hope you are well.

  5. laura! i'm so sorry i forgot to link back to you this morning! it was a crazy run around & i was bent on publishing my post for imperfect prose... i've editted and added a link back! thank-you so much for hosting me. xoxo

  6. I want to dive into that first photo!!


  7. laura, i love that you are hosting this gratitude meme, and patty--stunning. i love the photos, but the message... yes. a thousand times. brilliant. e.

  8. ps. i'm actually hosting patty tomorrow, laura :) great minds think alike! all my love to you tonight, dear one. xo

  9. Simple, gentle beautiful. Awareness... heart fully open, eyes fully open ... seeing the Divine in all things and non-things. Thank you, Patty.

  10. That was truly beautiful, I agree fully with the sentiments...

  11. Beautiful. The little things are the most enjoyable to be grateful for.

  12. ah yes
    you are truly one who sees with eyes of the heart


  13. very true and beautiful words. came here from brian miller's site, glad that he lead us here.

    thanks for posting all these beautiful things.

    have a beautiful weekend.



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