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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Gratitude: Sharon Mitchell

Today's guest, Sharon Mitchell befriended me (or did I find her first???) I don't remember...but we linked through Jan's blog Awake is Good. We started commenting on each others blogs and then e-mailing. She called me on the phone for a lovely chat. We both signed up to take the Buddha Chick course (which we both highly recommend). And next thing you know, Sharon is driving three hours from Maine to spend a day with me...just because. I felt that day as if we'd known each other for YEARS! Truly we are kindred spirits. Sharon is a gifted quilter, blogger, wife, mother. She is a woman who cares deeply about social justice, human kindness, compassion and doing right, good things in this world. Please welcome my friend Sharon Mitchell as our Gratitude Guest Host this morning:

I am grateful for the everyday things that make up the fabric of my life ~

- the sky at sunset, with amazing colors just beyond the trees
- an unexpected phone call from a friend
- clean sheets warm from the dryer
- a card in the mail for no special reason
- the smell of coffee brewing
- a movie that can make me laugh
- cookies fresh from the oven
- conversation at the table when the meal is finished
- a new book by a favorite author
- gas in the car and a map to show me the way
- the time to appreciate the everyday things for which I am grateful

With gratitude to Laura, who made this space available for each of us to share our blessings ~
Sharon Mitchell

Do drop by and visit with Sharon over @


  1. Sharon, all the things you are thankful for - this One Woman is also. The simple things are the best. Have a good day and I am happy I found you!!

  2. I clicked on your blog Sharon...and think I remember being there via Cindy LaFerle befoe?
    Isn't the blog world wonderful.

    love your list.

  3. Beautiful thoughts, Sharon. I'll take every one of yours...

  4. Great post, Sharon and Laura. This past week has been particularly rough, and everyday things such as the ones you listed have been saving graces for my soul!

    So neat to see how you two have befriended each other!

    Love and hugs to you both.

  5. What a beautiful quilt, full of rich colors of sea and earth and sky. And a wonderful preface to this list of thankfulness for the everyday gifts that bring goodness to life...

  6. What a wonderful list of gratefulness! Every single one of these could have been written by me too...I just love meeting people that are grateful as I am for these simple things in life. Now I am off to visit your blog. XX

  7. Gratitude for the simple things is a soul blessing.

    Thank you, Sharon, for the beautiful list.

  8. I love how your list contains such everyday things that it would be so easy for us to overlook. Thanks so much, Sharon.

    And my gratitude goes out to you for driving three hours to spend the day with Laura. I was so moved by how your friendship progressed from the Internet to the telephone to seeing each other in person!

  9. As I read through these comments my heart is just filled with love! I'm so grateful for all of you stopping by and do hope you will hop over and visit Sharon too. It is quite miraculous the way the internet has created a net of safety and really a bridge for connection all around the world. What a marvel it is to be alive at this time in history.

  10. Hi Laura - I'm not sure if you received my reply via email - I think it may have been - a no reply email you sent - from blogger.

    Could you please email me at with your email address so I may add it to my list of weekly butterfly updates?


  11. Oh, Sharon, so glad you are spreading your WEALTH.

    Happy Thanksgiving, dear one.

  12. Yes (nodding my head) ... yes (nodding my head) ... yes ... That unexpected call, conversation, sunsets ... the simple pleasures are abundant to an open heart. One of my favorites is a note in the mail! I send a few notes every few months, too, hoping the recipient will get the same little lift in the heart that I get when I receive a card or note. Thank you for your expressions of gratitude for each of these simple pleasures, Sharon.


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