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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ode To Life: Zuzana

Today's guest is my blogging friend Zuzana visiting us all the way from Denmark!!! Now Zuzana is not originally from Denmark, but that is besides the point. When my older sister Amy was an exchange student in High School, guess where she stayed???? Good guess! DENMARK! AND my cousin Alan lived in Denmark for a time many years ago too. He even learned to speak Danish, I think he was there for a year and had a fantastic time. MY sister on the other hand, LOVED the family she stayed with, but HATED being so far from home. It was a true struggle for her. My parents made her stay even though she cried on long distance phone calls every day, because they felt it was important for her to stick to it and separate a little bit before she started college (which of course she attended less than an hour from home...and she still calls my Mom and Dad everyday...because that's the kind of loving daughter she is). I too was away that summer at overnight camp...LOVING the tissue thin  blue airmail letters from my sister and her Danish "siblings" and discovering that boys did NOT have cooties...but HATING being away from home!!!  I just was so tickled when Zuzana sent a photo titled "My Favorite Place," because for me and my sister Amy, HOME was our favorite place. And for me, as a twelve year old, trees in our yard were my MOST favorite places of all. Trees and nature in general have always filled me with awe! And this seemingly random passage will make more sense (I think) after you read Zuzana's beautiful post below. (Plus, do you have any idea how hard it is for me to let everyone else write on my blog?  I am loving the posts...but my goodness I miss writing!) 

Thank you so much dear friend for offering your words of gratitude...they truly resonate for me and I suspect they will for our readers today too! (and oh my dear I LOVE your writing...league, shmeague....YOU are a wonderful writer and photographer too!)

 photo by Zuzana
When Laura asked me to be a contributor in her GRATITUDE  theme in the month of November, two emotions struck me almost immediately. I felt privileged and honoured, however I also felt slightly worried, as this task comes with a certain feel of responsibility and dedication.
After all, Laura is infinitely genuine, sensitive, perceptive and endlessly gentle woman and my writing stands nowhere in the same league as her own
Still, the expression of joy and the feeling of appreciations comes effortlessly to me. Trying to convey the thoughts within the subject into words, I make myself comfortable in my favorite spot, in my own home, which at all times sets my mood into the notion of tranquility and security. The feelings of gratitude fill my consciousness easily, washing over me like a gentle surf of pristine waters.
My life has never been free of obstacles and I have had my share of disappointments and pain, nevertheless I am thankful for every new day I get the privilege to experience.
There are so many subjects and objects in my past and present, whether it is people, such as family and good friends, my former romantic interests or complete strangers; or whether it is the aura and the imprint of certain places, which have made it possible for me to flourish and grow.  I am thankful to have stumbled upon all of these mentioned, as they have made me into who I am today.
I take pleasure in everything that I encounter and try to see an opportunity in that which present itself for me. Whether it is something to be enjoyed, or something more painful, a vital lesson to be learned from. As a fatalist I believe that everything happens for a reason.
Any natural wonder makes me stand in awe and I am thankful for every sunrise or sunset I can watch, for the change of seasons outside my grand windows, each holding infinite magic in my eyes. I relish in the beauty of nature and find incurable sense of gratitude while I walk on sandy shores of nearby sea, in any weather, at any time of the year. Or the paths that take me through woods and over meadows, while trees stand in bloom in spring, or at the onset of  fall, when their ornate attire creates painted landscapes in brilliant colours.
As an artist at heart I try to convey this joy through my writing and my painting, while I capture the beauty I see around me through a lens of a camera. To be able to have the opportunity to do so fills me with gratitude of indescribable proportions...
I am simply thankful for the fact that I get the privilege to get up each and every day to do that which I love and which makes me happy and concurrently for the opportunity to look back at the past and recollect many unforgettable moments that fill my perception with sweet nostalgia; and that I continue to harbor within my inner core hopes and dreams for my future, which can still make my spirits rise high and send waves of joy through my entire being.
Ultimately, I am simply thankful to be alive.
visit Zuzana's inspiring blog @  
Life Through Reflections 


  1. Your post is beautiful. You write from the heart. I am so thankful for Laurah - she has introduced me to so many special people. Have a day filled with blessings...

  2. Laura, when Zuzana told me she was guest hosting your blog I hurried over to check out just what this was all about and I was not disappointed! So glad that she has introduced us I thank you for honoring a long time friend of mine. She is a jewel, isn't she?

  3. A beautiful and touching message :o)

  4. Hola! greetings from Guatemala, visiting directly from Zuzana's very own blog. Isn't she inspiring? always grateful, and taking pleasure in the simple, yet wonderful and unique daily things. Aren't those the greatest ones? Simple pleasures.
    Have a great day!!

  5. As one who appreciates your writing so much Zuzana this has touched my heart once again. Thank you for these heartfelt words and thank you to Laura for giving you this opportunity.


  6. Zuzana's heart was created deep within the core of mother earth. That must be why she writes so beautifully about nature and why she can capture precious instances of life with her camera.

    Nice of you Laura to highlight Zusana. Glad to visit your blog. Nice to meet you.

  7. I loved this inspiring post. I sometimes forget...but I too am simply thankful to be alive!

  8. This is a really great post, Zuzana! Sometimes it's easy to take things for granted and not be as grateful as we should. Glad to know this lesson is not lost on you.

  9. Your month of gratitude is a lovely idea!

    I too, am a Zuzana fan...enjoying her posts and photographs on a regular basis!

  10. A fan of Zuzana's from a fair way back now. So nice of you to have her share her lovely words on your blog.

  11. Thank you so very much everyone for taking the time to stop by and for your kind words.:)
    Thank you Laura for the opportunity to take part in your lovely blog.

  12. Laura:

    Thanks for making my lovely blogger friend write down her thoughts here. She is a wonderful person and I have enjoyed reading her posts from a very long time. And through her, I came here and discovered your place. How nice!


    What do I tell you, now? I am absolutely in awe of your pictures, way of life and of course, your lovely blog! Big hugs to you.

    Joy always,

  13. A lovely post. You're right - we have so much to be thankful for!

    And thank YOU Laura for having so many wonderful bloggers posting here this month.

  14. words full of heart as always Zuzana. and a great message. I really needed to read this message today also.

  15. Zuzana, your love of life and the natural world is manifest in everything you write. You help me see the world in a more positive light. Thank you.

  16. nice. glad i was flipping back through because zuzana is a morning stop of mine..what a great person...big smiles.

  17. Beautiful entry, Zuzana. But then, all your entries are beautiful, my Dear.

    Gentle hugs...

  18. Another beautiful post by a beautiful person inside and out! Not only are the photos you take amazing, but you are also a great writer who expresses your feelings and thoughts so perfectly - Reading them always helps remind me to be grateful for all I have...

    Christine :)

  19. Oh, thank you guys, you are so very kind in your words and thank you for taking the time to read my contribution on Laura's beautiful blog.;)


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