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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Post by Kim Talon: GREAT with a little ATTITUDE

Kim is a gifted writer who I have been blessed to connect with through blogging. I am so honored that she accepted my invitation to share her words of wisdom with us today. The instruction I gave to all of my guest hosts it pretty much the same as the one I offer all of you who I HOPE will participate in this year's Second Annual  Mega Moebius Gratitude Quilt:

Read these instructions through first and then...Close your eyes. Exhale fully. Inhale fully. Exhale again with a full sigh of release, relief, opening to gratitude. What do you feel grateful for in your life in THIS moment?

Gratitude – it always reminds me of the word great with a little attitude. And I think gratitude is about attitude and how you view all the things around you and all the events that happen to’s about your view on life.

Following Laura’s instructions, I’ve cleared my mind of its usual clutter. I’ve taken some cleansing breaths and I’m in this moment. At this very moment, I’m grateful for the sun (noticeably absent of late) pushing through the clouds and making a Saturday morning temporarily bright. I’m grateful for the Japanese Maple in full autumn regalia outside the window. Its fiery foliage is tinting the room the most amazing color and I’m grateful I’m getting to see this space in a whole new light. I’m grateful for the squirrel jumping from the nearby cedar and sitting, for a moment, in the maple and twitching his tail as he watches me watching him.

But you know how minds are—they’re tricky. They refuse to stay completely in the moment and keep darting back to the past and forward to the future. Past gratitude sustains me through the times when present gratitude is a little hard to find. And I know I’ve been guilty of saying this many times—“I can’t wait until (fill in the blank) is over with. I’ll be so grateful when that’s over.” So an anticipation of gratitude is another thread that binds it all together.

One thing I find interesting about gratitude is that when you look for the little things to be grateful for, it adds up to a whole lot over the course of a day. Sure, there are those huge moments in a life where you are flooded with gratitude—when test results are negative, when a child is born strong and healthy, when an accident occurs and no one is seriously injured, when severe weather doesn’t destroy your neighborhood, when you gather around a table with family and friends and share a collective gratefulness—but there are as many little moments to be grateful for. I’ve found that between big moments of gratitude, the little moments of gratitude (which are quite often personal and private), are just as fine and just as important.

I often wonder if people who seem less grateful (I tend to recognize them by the negativity they seem to spout at every opportunity) are really any less grateful than I am. It could be they’ve been disappointed by anticipation of future gratitude that simply didn’t play out the way they thought it should or would. Or maybe past disappointments have left them doubting they can ever be grateful again. Or maybe they simply don’t think about gratitude in the same way. Maybe they don’t see sunshine as a gift or rain as a blessing. Maybe they don’t see opportunity for gratitude in even the most annoying times – like traffic jams (this is when my best car singing occurs) or bad hair days (who can’t be grateful they at least have hair on days like those). Maybe they take things like breathing or walking or laughing for granted so they’ve struck them off their list of gratitude-worthy things.

 If I were to list all the things I am grateful for—all things from the magic to the mundane—I would still be writing an hour from now...probably a day from now. Gratitude is defined as “the state of being grateful: thankfulness”. And thinking of things to be thankful for, my mind overflows.

And I’m very grateful for having people like Laura in my life.  Thank you, Laura, for reminding me that gratitude is something to not only celebrate, but to honor. 

To read more of Kim's inspiring writing click on her name below:


  1. Beautiful! Deep gratitude to Kim for sharing... /\

  2. I love this piece and all the little reminders of things to add to my own daily list of gratitudes. Off to check out Talon.

  3. I love your post, Kim. I was especially moved by the paragraph in which you showed compassion for people who appear to not express gratitude. We're always so quick to judge others. You've reminded us that we don't really know what's going on in other people's hearts and minds and so our starting point should always be compassion.

    I also loved how you look to past gratitude when it's hard to find it in the present moment. That's a good practice for me. Thank you for it.

  4. What a beautiful post. I believe that cultivating the spirit of gratitude is what can define our lives. You're so right about it being not just the 'big moments' for which we should be grateful. Just like no one wants to be loved only in their moments of glory, joy and gratitude in the small moments create the most beauty-filled life of all.

  5. I found you through Talon. Lvely..I'll be back..

  6. It is the little things that hold us together between the big things. Wonderfully written, Talon!

  7. Kim, thank you for reminding me the small things always add up. No matter how bleak things can appear, the small things have always added up in my life!

  8. Laura, thank you again for the opportunity to share thoughts on gratitude on your lovely blog. It's going to be an amazing month. :)

    Darla, thank you so much.

    Deb, I'm glad so glad you enjoyed!

    Toni, thank you. Yes, sometimes it's hard to feel grateful, but remembering past moments of gratitude really helps improve my outlook.

    Nana Jo, thank you.

    Joan, I'm so thrilled to see you here. I know you'll enjoy Laura's inspiring blog very much.

    Mama Zen, thank you so much. Lovely to see you here :)

    mermaid, thank you. It's been the same in my life and I'm truly grateful to find the little things.

  9. With Thanksgiving coming your post on gratitude is very apt and important for us to keep in mind year round.

  10. nice. Talon is a fav of mine to read...i am grateful for her...smiles. gratitude does take effort...but it can be cultivated...

  11. nice one, kim! and i think you're right, some people just don't 'see' the good things for what they are, namely good things to be grateful for...

  12. Beautifully written and candid, about the sentiments of gratitude itself...

  13. layers, thank you.

    Aww, thanks, Brian. The feeling is mutual. Cultivating gratitude - I like that.

    Shadow, thank you. Yes, sometimes we overlook the really simple things. I think it's human nature.

    Zuzana, thank you so much.

    Thank you again, Laura, for the opportunity to share some thoughts.


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