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When we see through our hearts, we recognize that every single one of us is infused with creativity. Divine Sparks are embedded in everyone and everything. It's up to us to be courageous, to look and listen deeply, to find the sparks, gather and release them back into the universe, transformed into something new. Join me as we wake up to the sacred-ordinary blessings waiting to greet us each and every day.


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Second Annual Mega Mobius Gratitude Quilt

If the only prayer you say in your entire life is ‘Thank You’…that would suffice. 
 ~ Meister Eckhart

photo of a quilt designed and stitched by my friend Sharon Mitchell
This morning I bring to you words of gratitude and wisdom from almost every continent of the world (excluding only Antarctica, I don't know anyone there.) So one could say, that this quilt truly wraps words of thanks around the globe! That my friends is amazing!!!!! I had a personal goal of 100 participants this year...guess what??? We did it, 118 offerings of thanks! I am ever so grateful to all of you who have generously opened your hearts to participate in today’s extraordinary post. I am grateful for Nishmat Chayyim, the breath of life, Ruach haKodesh, the Spirit of Holiness that flows through me continuously. I am grateful for every small step that I can take with or without the aid of my walker and the strength in my arms that can still turn the wheels of my wheelchair on the days that my legs just can't walk without falling. I am grateful for my loving husband and true soul-mate Gordon, our two beautiful, intelligent, creative daughters Belin and Rosewillow, my parents, my sisters Amy and Pam and my brother Owen, their spouses and partners, Eric, John and MaryLou and children, Sarah, Rachel, Reggie, Becca and Will, my husband’s family that is now, after twenty two years, mine as well, Mom, Bob, Ann and Joe…for all of my extended family, friends near and far who support  my small family and me here in NH with love and compassion and generous assistance whenever we need it, which has been quite often these past few years in particular. I’m grateful for my teachers (all of you are my teachers!), my sweet poodle pal Ellie who is always by my side or at the foot of my bed making sure I am safe. I am grateful for the team of health-care practitioners who work hard and with kindness to help me to be more comfortable, stronger and more doctors, physical therapists, acupuncturist, my "hair" therapists, the nurses at the infusion center, Meredith who makes everything run smoothly a the neurology office...everyone. I am grateful for the beautiful view outside my bedroom window that delights me with the changing seasons every single day. I am grateful for this life, though it has not been an easy one for me in all moments, still, I am aware of the blessings, big and tiny that have been granted me through God’s grace. I am ever so grateful to continue this quilt with a comment from the two people who brought me into this world through their love. ~Laura We're thankful for all our children, but we're particularly thankful for your strength and good spirits despite a horrendous disease, which is so debilitating.  We're thankful for the strength of your immediate family, and particularly your rock, Gordon.  We're thankful for your siblings who continue to support you.  We're especially thankful for you as a wonderful person who evolved from a teenager who kept us on our toes, and has matured into a remarkably talented woman.  We're thankful that we can continue to have you and continue to bask in your talents and charms. ~Mom and Dad I am thankful to live on this beautiful earth. I am grateful for all it provides to me. I am conscious in my living to return all I can to earth for future generations. ~Donna I am grateful for my connection to you, as well as all my beloved blogging friends. I am grateful for my family and all they have taught me to help me become the person I am. I am grateful for me. I am grateful for my husband, who supports me in every way imaginable, and helps me be a better me. I am grateful for all the creature comforts that can be easy to take for granted - I don't - every day I see how blessed I am. Oh the list could go on and on… ~ Karin I believe that I was supposed to find Shine the Divine.  I am thankful that God used my friend Deb’s blog to divinely guide me here.   May we always recognize and appreciate our blessings of home, family and friends and remember that each person has their story to share only waiting for someone to listen to it and we will be better for having done so. ~ Ness I am grateful for happiness, love and health and how they touch and envelop my family, friends and I and bring us hope every day. ~Karine Right at this moment I feel immense gratitude for life with all its colors and texture. I feel thankful for being able to feel and experience life fully. Even in moments of anxiety or sadness there is great life and energy that I am a part of. Of course, I am grateful for all the "usual" things, my husband, my family, friends, my furry babies, my creative life, but most of all I am grateful for how everything in my life is woven into a most beautiful tapestry of love and light! I am grateful for having realized that love is all there is! And so, in this moment I am sending my love to you, Laura, and to all who read this!! Thank you!!! ~Silke Laura, I'm grateful for you- that I met you, and that you're my friend. Love and extra big hugs to you, my sweet! ~Sharmon I'm thankful for the sun and moon, and for seasons - not only those of nature, but those of life. Some of life's seasons are darker than others, but always - always - God gives you back your sunshine. You just have to be patient! ~Mary I am grateful for life, this strange dance that we’re all a part of. I am grateful trials and tribulations, for they help me to grow into a better Me. I am grateful for sunshine, which warms my heart and soul. I am grateful for children, and people in general, who do the same with their smiles, and laughter, and words, and actions, and hugs! I am grateful for fiction, for it allows us, for a few moments at a time, to go on glorious adventures in our mind, while sitting in the comfort of our own homes. I am grateful for gratefulness- because it brings happiness and a sense of peace into my life! ~Coleen I'm grateful that the future is hidden from us -- that life offers opportunities and challenges with no assurance of success (whatever that means) or failure (however defined). I'm grateful that even when things look bleak or frustrating, there is always the possibility of hope that the next turn will take us closer to the place of our highest dreams. ~Jeff  I am grateful for each and every soul that is connected to mine. ~Misha This year I'm very grateful I have a job and two healthy children. ~Linda I'm grateful for my family, my health, and for the work that I am privileged to do; I'm grateful for the sense of well-being that may arise by just paying attention to a single breath.~Dan I am appreciative for the beauty of the world that surrounds me, especially a sunset that I saw yesterday as I was biking home from the Synagogue. ~David In this moment I am grateful for my loving and supportive family and friends, and for all of the doctors who put us back together when we fall apart. ~Sarah  Breathing in, I close my eyes, drop my head slightly and smile a wide, happy smile. Breathing out, I lift my head to the skies. I open my arms wide, wide, wider … grinning with joy, laughing! My heart opens, growing larger … fuller … nearly puffing up and out of my chest. Ha ha! I am filled and flowing with such abundant gratitude. The joy wants to jump from my center! This breath, this moment is beautiful and divine. This breath, this moment is Love. Namaste ~Rose I am grateful for the love of God expressing in the relationship I have with my husband, Fred; with my coaching clients; my SoulCollage facilitation; my children; friends and family; and others. I am grateful for my recharged faith in life, spirit, and myself. ~Kym I am grateful for the cycle of giving and receiving, for openness and privacy, for differences and similarities among people. I am grateful for the life-spark that energizes me, especially when I teach and sing. ~Aviva I am grateful for my husband, Tony, whose life was changed drastically in May of 2001 when I got sick and didn't recover. His day-to-day life has changed just as much as mine has, but in different ways. He's taken over all of the household tasks (he'll be preparing our entire Thanksgiving dinner himself). He has had to learn to be a patient advocate in the health care system, a job for which he had no training. He has hardly any social life and never goes out in the evenings because I can't. I'm grateful because he has never once complained to me about his new life and tells me over and over that he'd rather be with me as I am than be anywhere else in the world. I have many blessings to count, but he's the first. ~Toni Right this moment... I am filled with gratitude for the inspiration that you are.  Your passion for connecting with us...and us to the well as your authentic appreciation for it is in this moment.  Your Light fills and blesses me...and uplifts me when I'm down...or out of the moment.  I am thankful for your loving presence in our world.... and oh my, for our bless-ed friendship. ~Cheryl I feel incredibly grateful right now for the animals in my life- Sasha and Minnie and Suzy, and for Scooter who has already crossed over. For the comfort and love that they so freely, joyfully give me and those around me.  For warm cat paws on my face and sweet doggy sighs in sleep, and for blessing me and mine with pure, sweet, unequivocal Love. ~Anne Marie I am thankful for the gift of life and knowing that God is available at all times to listen, give me wisdom, and guide me through this life. ~Ernestine I am thankful I don't have to go to work today so I can enjoy the spring sunshine on the deck. Thankful my puppy and cat enjoy sitting on the deck in the sunshine with me, and very thankful they have learned not to chase the kangaroos away as they graze on the front lawn. ~Kel I am grateful that I found my voice to work towards a more just and equitable world - no matter what age I found it.  Thank you to the teachers and mentors who have chipped away at the walls that kept me silent over the years. ~Naomi My five year old daughter is thankful for vegetables and family.  I am thankful for Mother Earth - her creatures, her shelter, her sustenance, her beauty. ~Naya and Kaveri I am grateful for my beloved soulmate/spiritual partner/spouse Harry who keeps loving me no matter what, day after day after day. ~Marti I am grateful for having walked through the journey of addictions, abuse, depression, and brought to my knees before my heavenly father asking for guidance to recovery, sobriety, and loving who I am as a woman, mother, daughter, sister and friend. ~Gretchen I am thankful for possessing a joyous soul that knows how to sing even when pain may weigh me down for it has the lightness of being that overshadows everything else. ~Sandi I am grateful for so many things! Here are a few: My heart and how it keeps choosing to do what it takes to want to stay here, on the planet and not bail. The respect my friends show me by allowing me as much space to heal as I need, and forgiving me when I frustrate them. I am grateful for the sun on the thin skin of my closed eyelids. The trust that I will probably get to experience that tomorrow, too.~Cathy In this moment I am grateful for my sweet dog Ellie, who loves me and rarely complains…except when she has more kibble than bits in her bowl. I’m grateful for music, for friends, for family, for my ability to delegate whenever possible and for the love and support of my wife. Our love is strong and that will never change. ~Gordon GRACIAS One word in Spanish, yet one that probably anybody will understand.  GRACIAS for being alive. GRACIAS for being who I am.  GRACIAS for my family.  GRACIAS for my friends.  GRACIAS for my online friends.  GRACIAS for summer! GRACIAS for the ocean.  GRACIAS for flowers.  GRACIAS for puppies.  GRACIAS for little nieces.  GRACIAS for music.  GRACIAS for work.  GRACIAS for weekends.  GRACIAS for everything! Grateful greetings from Guatemala!! ~Claudia I am grateful for the intelligence of every human soul, for our soul's determination to be evolving towards an ever more wonderful universe, the dignity, grace, and gifts  of each person. I am grateful for every living thing on the planet so essential to life continuing and so inspiring in it's diversity of form and function and lending us a glimpse into the majesty.   I am amazed and grateful for the minor and major miracles of help that seem to "pop out of nowhere" and give just that extra boost that is needed. ~Batya  I am more than grateful to our Heavenly Father, Divine Mother, Friend, Beloved God for the moments of lucidity which bring me back to a conscious awareness of You. To see You playing in the hearts of all people as they care for each other, listen to each other, provide generous goodwill to each other. To see You in all your splendid creations of Nature's perfection... and in the works of human souls joyously producing art, music and poetry to communicate their love to one another. I pray that I may become ever more attuned to find your Divine hand everywhere, in everything. And that Thy Love will continue to shine forever in our souls. Shanti, Om ~ Sandra If every time we felt the beat of our heart, we remembered to offer up gratitude, what an abundant life we would have! Today I am listening, I am remembering."Pitty-Pat Thank You" says the beat of my heart. My life is rich and full. I have enough.~Jan I'm grateful for the joy of my children and the way they bring me back to awareness of how generous, kind and loving we human beings are.  I'm totally aware of how easy our life is in comparison to most on this planet. we're warm, fed and live with out fear.~Lisa I am grateful for having an opportunity to make a tiny difference in this world. ~Terry In this moment I am grateful that I am feeling so much healthier, and that I haven’t been really, really sick in quite to some time!~ Rosewillow I am grateful for my shalom bayit. My sanctuary. The place where I am safe and warm. I am grateful for the person who created this for me, my husband of nearly 27 years. I am grateful for my home. If that sounds materialistic, it is not the "stuff" that fills the rooms. It is the roof over my head that I hear the rain fall on, but I am dry. It is the walls that the wind whips around but I am warm. It is the running water that provides me with a hot shower each morning. It is the gas range on which I heat up the water in my teakettle so I can enjoy my tea. It is the comfy chair where I sit on my computer to be able to stay in touch with friends. It is the sanctuary created so that my children know they can come home anytime when they too feel the need to escape the crazy world. ~Tammy Hummm, lets see.  I am thankful for being able to help people.  They may not remember my name or face but I was there for them.  I am thankful for all the people who have helped me.  I may not remember all of their names or faces but they were all there for me.  I am thankful for my parents and sisters who put up with my constant calls home for seemingly pointless reasons.  And I am thankful for all of my friends and family who sit and talk with me for hours and hours. ~Rachel I am grateful that I am able to work. ~Beaux "In with and through me, I am Grateful for this moment." I truly believe that too. (or at least I try to) If I am grateful for each and every moment than life is good. Even if the moment is being stuck in traffic without a bathroom. I say thank you that I am not the cause of the backup.... and I pray that cars will start moving soon and the next exit is a rest stop! (smiles)~Nina What am I grateful for?  For life itself.-For being married to Norm for 54 wonderful years - for my children Joe and Sharon, and their spouses, Heather and Jerry. For my wonderful, beautiful grandchildren, Elizabeth, Alex and Zoe. I am so grateful for their presence in my life. I'm grateful for the students I teach - young children who are studying for their Bar/Bat Mitzvah, and adults, who are developmentally disabled, but still want to learn about their Jewish heritage. ~ Aunt Sallie I am grateful for every moment that life presents as a learning opportunity, for the closeness of family, friends, and neighbors, and for the blessing of creativity. ~Jerry I'm grateful I can see the face of love in a dewdrop, a frosty leaf, the glory of a sunset, the silent morning sunrise. I'm thankful for the miracle of life, the way it surprises and elates and is painful, for the light of the day and the darkness too, which lets me see the stars. ~Fiona As I sit here watching my sweet little niece (almost two months old) sleep, I am filled with gratitude...for babies...for the hope that each new generation brings...for peaceful moments when the only thing that matters is the precious person right in front of you...for my "baby" who is now eleven years old and seems so grown up sometimes...for family that comes together to support each other with unconditional love in good times and in trying times...for dear friends like Laura who constantly remind me in a gentle and loving way of what is truly important, and that we must take time to stop and revel in those things.  For all of this and so much more, I am truly grateful. ~Jill I am thankful that I see, hear, feel, small and taste everything around me; within myself. ~Emma red vining geraniums. handmade birthday cards. clouds made of pink cotton candy. warm furry friends curled up next to you on a cold winter's day. bloggers who write hope and photograph joy. good books. family. friends. forgiveness. birdsong. music. the love of God. life. light. hope. ~Leslie I am grateful for my adorable poodle Ellie, because she always knows how to make me feel better when I’m having a tough day. ~Belin I am thankful for my family. The times we get together and I see my children and their cousins so connected that I know the ties will be there forever. The calls or e-mails with my siblings and parents that help make me whole in a way that only someone I’ve known forever can make me. I am thankful for my husband who can finish sentences and ideas and understands me.~Amy This year has been a surprising one for me, as I found out I have breast cancer and diabetes. It didn't turn my world upside down, but it did give me pause. I am most grateful for family, friends, and community. Without them, I would not have been able to come this far. They all have listened, helped, and supported me the past few months. Even strangers have been kind and gracious. I tend to be quiet, but I have had to reach out to others, and their welcome has given me strength. There are days when I am tired and want to rest and do nothing, and days when I push myself to do what needs to be done. I have great joy in life, and in my own life. The cancer is early stage, so recovery will come in time. I have the companionship of family, friends, and community to help me get there. I have found joy in diabetes because I enjoy working with food, and am learning to prepare and combine food in different ways. I also turn to G-d for strength and thankfulness - for being here, at this time, with my positives and negatives, and just being and seeing G-d's creation every day. ~Linda Sue I am grateful to my fun and creative family, caring friends, and today a shout out to Laura who has taught me to get through rough moments with the wisdom of meditation and "all is welcome". It really helps!!! ~Viv The fleeting moments of intense connection and love I experience when my eyes meet the eyes of my partner and my children fills me with a sense of having all I need -- a chest full of gratitude. ~Marc I am most thankful for my warm and comfy bed! :)~Donna I'm grateful for Elizabeth's toothy laugh. ~Sharon I'm grateful for horses and family. ~Elizabeth At this moment, I am grateful for the "now" which is glorius, peaceful and inspiring. ~Susan Deborah Colorful leaves have been falling to the ground for weeks.  Rainfalls have drenched the ground.  The combination has left a gorgeous 'painting' upon my front sidewalk.  The gray stone is etched with images of leaves now blown away on the wind. Nature is truly beautiful.  In fact, the universe works in glorious ways. I am often the beneficiary of forces that keep my life balanced and moving forward, always leaving a smile on my heart. I am grateful.~Lisa I am grateful for the people in my life who know me well and love and accept me just as I am; they are teaching me to love and accept myself. ~Sharon I am deeply and profoundly grateful for the earth. It supports our every step, our living, and our evolution in countless ways. It uplifts us through its dramatic beauty and guides us through subtle inspirations. It nourishes, clothes, protects, and enhances, and provides the stage upon which we are all working out the drama of the human experience. Such an amazing gift of Being! ~Art I am grateful for my sense of hearing, which lets me hear the song of the robins every Spring.  I am grateful for my sense of smell, which lets me enjoy the sweet fragrance of the flowers in the Summer.  I am grateful for my sense of sight, which lets me see the glorious changing colors of the leaves in Fall.  I am grateful for my sense of touch, which lets me feel the warm comfort of a woolly sweater in the Winter.  And I am grateful for my sense of taste, which allows me to savor the many delicious flavors that each season has to offer. ~Angela I hear his laugh in Indian summer, light beating gentle through yellow maples hanging on cornflower blue.  It soaks muffled through the closed window with his daddy's strong tenor following like wellingtons shuffling dry red and brown shed stems.  Baby murmurs soft sucking, nose touching warm comfort, he naps in my arm and I am complete in happiness and absolute gratitude.  I am thankful for my family. ~Jill I have so much appreciation and gratitude for the people who are patient with me.  Because of my illness, I have a tendency to slip out of sight sometimes.  The individuals who understand and who still stand by me are rare, yet so very appreciated. ~Deb I am grateful for so many things such as family, love, life and humor. I'm mentioning these things in particular because they are the most meaningful to me. My family is a phenomenal force to be reckoned with and I wouldn't change a thing about them, not their quirky habits or annoying habits. I cherish all the memories I have accumulated at Nana's through the years, chilling in the basement and laughing hysterically over something stupid someone said to trying to be quiet during the Passover Seder (and as we cousins know being quiet is not really something we do well : ). My family does not only include my cousins, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and parents, but also my very special loving pseudo family. In them my family has inherited two new daughters/ sisters and a set of parents/ siblings. I am so glad they are a part of my life, and our family fun nights mean the world to me. Although I haven’t met the love of my life yet, I am grateful for all the other types of love that are given to me in all aspects of my life (I have high hopes he will be an English model who comes from old money and owns a castle though). I am grateful also for every waking moment I have in this world whether good or bad and I am so happy for all that I have and will have in the future cause I know it will be great no matter where I am. Humor is a huge part of me as well, so thank God I am kinda funny. I love it when I can make just one person giggle or crack up over some random statement that came out of my mouth because I know that I could give them at least one moment of happiness and that makes me happy. So I'm grateful for humor and the positive effects it’s had on my life (although I have been known to crack a joke that’s gotten me in trouble, but really even when I got yelled at I know they were secretly laughing cause it was funny). Also I am way grateful for cheese, coffee, potatoes, books and crazy awesome music. Anyway all in all I am grateful for a lot and hey I am even grateful to be included in this quilt of gratitudeness. ~Bex I’m grateful for the warmth of being together with family and close friends. ~ Becky I am grateful that I feel grateful every day and truly love life. I am grateful that no matter how many times I make a mistake, I am given another chance. I am grateful that wherever I go I find beautiful strangers and life-long friends. I am grateful that I am strong and healthy. I am grateful to have a loving family. I am grateful to have the two most beautiful dogs in the world, and I am grateful that I have friends who are good enough to listen to me talk about my dogs endlessly. I am grateful that technology lets us reach out to people all over the world, and I am grateful that people like you, Laura, are kind enough to reach back with open arms and an open mind. Love ~Jaclyn Today I am grateful for adventure, good conversation, connecting deeply with another soul, hawks flying, deer running, sleeping dog on my bed, gorgeous blue sky and cloud reflections in the lake. ~Lisa I am so grateful to have been made as a human being, in the image of God, and to know it.  I am grateful that I have had the support, health, teachers and privilege to have cultivated my awareness, consciousness and understanding of God, beauty, goodness and love.  I have known and do know blessings upon blessings upon blessings.  "Even if my mouth were full of song as the ocean is full of waves, I could not fully thank You, my God and God of my ancestors..." ~Nancy I am grateful for loving family and friends, for generally good health, for the ability to be supportive to those in need, for the good fortune to be part of a wonderful community, and I am especially grateful for my husband who is my best friend, the love of my life. ~Elaine  There are times I find it hard to be totally grateful because I'm always seeing the flipside, the dark side.  I am grateful for the education I have and the abilities of my mind and hands to do what I do for a living, but it's a heavy responsibility, and I often spend far too much time at work.  I appreciate having autonomy in owning my own practice, but recognize that 3 other people depend on me for their livelihoods.  I'm grateful for my family whom I love dearly, but often wish we were like many families who don't share that closeness, because being so far from them really hurts me.  If I really enjoy a meal, sometimes it reminds me that many people are underfed or starving.  If I delight in seeing something beautiful, I often feel how fleeting is the image--I can't hold it in my brain to the point of being able to reproduce it later, even the faces of loved ones. I often feel the futility of even the noblest of human actions and, although I very much value having a conscience and living by it, I would love sometimes to have the simplistic outlook of my dog.  She is generally content, sometimes clearly happy, usually relaxed and restful, and occasionally wildly excited (squirrel!  cat!  baby!).  She is not concerned with the consequences of her actions, nor does she particularly worry about mine.  She enjoys her treats without reserve, delights in walks in the woods, and rarely seems to feel guilty about anything.  She never thinks about the future, unless it is the very next second.  It's a great and simple way to be.  But I doubt she feels any gratitude about any of it.  It's just the way things are for her.  I doubt she has ever considered homeless, injured or abused dogs, although she wouldn't judge any for their condition if she met them.  In short, her life is simple and deserving of gratitude--which will never happen.  Mine is somewhat more complicated and therefore assessed with a mixture of emotions, gratitude surely among them, but rarely standing alone. ~Jan I have so much to be thankful for in my life. I live in a comfortable home, with a wonderful family and parents that raised me with a firm but loving hand. They and the rest of my family, both blood and chosen, have taught me to be open minded in all things I do. I am thankful for the life I've been given and especially the people in it, I would not be the same person without them, for better or for worse. ~Katie I am so grateful for my family.  I cannot express in words how supported and loved I feel by my family.  I chose a wonderful man to marry who has turned out not only be a great partner in life but the kind of father every daughter should have.  His encouragement and enthusiasm for our daughter is vital to her development into a strong, independent woman.  Although I have lost both of my parents who showed me what it meant to be loved unconditionally, I have my brothers and sisters and they are a constant and a joy in my life.  My siblings have been to my daughter’s soccer matches, basketball games, viola concerts and ballet recitals and each time it reminds me not only how much they love her but how much they love me.  Two years ago, all four of my siblings came to her ballet recital and when she came off the stage and was greeted by her uncles and aunts with flowers and cards and pure love, it was something that I had always dreamed of and the reality truly exceeded my expectations. ~Melanie  I am grateful for the wise women in my life. And also for the parsley that is still growing in my garden. ~Paula  I am grateful for Fall colors, for warm hugs, for being able to cozy up in my warm, dry home while it's raining like cats and dogs outside -- I'm grateful for internet friends and instant availability (except when I'm not - grin), I'm SO grateful for yarn and grammie's who taught me how to knit and sew and my mother who taught me how to read and different elders who taught me so much. I'm grateful, I'm ever so grateful for the Beloved! ~Karen I'm grateful for the kind people in my life! ~John In addition to my A list of items to be thankful for, this year I am also particularly grateful for the following:, spell check, self adhesive stamps, day trips, our reasonably priced car mechanic, water soluble glue, band-aids, plan Bs, offspring who earn their own spending money, nuts, dried fruit, decaffeinated tea, other people's patience with me, my ability to see colors, new leaf blower. ~Bill   The smell of the cake cooling in the kitchen, my pups that show me how to love unconditionally, the 4 years that have just passed, for they are certainly the most significant 4 years of my life, my house, my home, my son, my husband, wrapped up in a bundle that is my all and everything, the therapeutic value of music, the peace only silence can bring, my emotions that take me on the most amazing trips imaginable. ~Verena I am so unbelievably grateful for that last breath of wonderful life I took. ~Lon  Right now at this very moment I am so grateful for my family all of it the day to day 3 kids 15 years with my husband and all the hectic scheduled, fights and just so much love!! My 4 year old summed it up when I told her I can no longer dance due to the MS She laughed out loud and said.... You don’t have to dance anymore mommy that’s why I take ballet so I can dance for you! My children are such a source of strength and happiness for me. I am so grateful that I could show my 12 year old how to wrestle even though my whole body hurt for days after. Every little muscle pain reminded me that he will always have that funny memory! I love that my oldest is witty and funny and can make me laugh on days when I don’t want to get out of bed! My husband who can be so sweet silly and charming even grateful that he has faults like leaving the toilet sit up. This makes me feel as though even with faults I am still the very best that I am! ~Shannon I am thankful for the remaining taste in my mouth of a Dove dark chocolate that I ate a short time ago as a reward for sending in my November column.  And I am grateful too for the abundance of more of these chocolates hidden in my underwear drawer.  They are close at hand. This, if I ponder it, could be a metaphor for the delicious taste of these last days still in my Soul’s mouth, especially the two days in Sacramento. And it is gratitude for the abundance of days still hidden in my future where I hope to munch to my heart’s delight. ~Seena I’m grateful for my wonderful family and all the rich blessings of health and love. ~Donna Monkeys outside my window. Being woken by the  Hadedas Ibis raucus laughter every morning. Hearing the stream rushing while I create art. Early morning coffee. Mist settling in the trees. My beloved family close by. Running water and electricity. Rain. Amazing cultures together in Africa. The blog world. Friendship. Art. Streams of ideas which i use in my art. Beautiful wood in all its forms. Books.The Drakensberg of KwaZulu Natal. I could go on and on.Thanks Laura , for bringing us together to create a gratitude quilt. ~Robyn I am so grateful to have been made as a human being, in the image of God, and to know it.  I am grateful that I have had the support, health, teachers and privilege to have cultivated my awareness, consciousness and understanding of God, beauty, goodness and love.  I have known and do know blessings upon blessings upon blessings.  "Even if my mouth were full of song as the ocean is full of waves, I could not fully thank You, my God and God of my ancestors. ~Nancy I am thankful for second chances. ~Clytie I am thankful for my favorite songs. ~Mike I am grateful for my life; for this opportunity to learn every day the lessons that come my way; for my MS which is my greatest teacher; for friends and family who are there to support me; for my dear husband, my partner in life; for my dog and three cats who are a source of wonder and amusement; and for nature - from the tiniest of particles to the unimaginable vastness that goes beyond the universe. I am grateful especially for simple things like a warn cup of coffee and grander things like sunsets and the first snowfall of the year: they make me smile. ~Webster Thank. Full. I am so full! Of life and thoughts and love. And trying to figure out what it is I’m thankful of….I am thankful for days high and days low. Thankful for the guy who freaked out about the double rainbow. Thankful for sisters, fathers, mothers. Thankful for scoring a brand new brother. Thankful for rides in the fall on a bike. Thankful for teachers of econ and psych. For adventures. For puns. Potato guns. FoR cRAzY tiMes. And limes. O life and thoughts and love! I am so thankful for all of the above. ~Eve I am grateful: for the enormous hearts of friends; for all the words that seem to find my eyes at just the right times; for my niece and how she can make food out of love, and vice-versa; for the solid roof over my head, for the way rain caresses the streets of my city; for cats, in general; for the ability of strangers to suddenly find each other and become one; for the miracles of science; for the fact there there are no miracles, because life in general is jut one, big, amazing invention; for the blood in my veins; for the love I’ve been given and the love I have to share. ~a. a. I am grateful to everyone who has shown and continues to show me how to be grateful for everything, even those things I am not happy to be grateful for in the moment. In hindsight I can find the gratitude for most everything. The trick for me is being able to cultivate gratitude, to open my eyes and my heart, in the difficult times. I'm grateful for my newest teacher who helps me to find that grace. I'm also really grateful for the pumpkin bread I baked! ~Stephanie I'm grateful that I haven't lost my house even though I've been unemployed for over a year.  I'm grateful I've received unemployment benefits for most of that time which enabled me to continue making my mortgage payments.  I'm grateful for my chihuahuas.  It may sound silly to some but I love them with all of my heart and soul.  They've seen me through the worst of times.  I'm grateful that I received an excellent pell grant, which will allow me to return to school to be able to provide a better life for myself, and my two dogs.  I'm grateful for the health of myself, my parents' and my dogs.  And mostly, I am grateful that I can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel again. ~sprinkles! I am grateful that my parents are still on this earth with me. I am grateful for the power and joy which music brings me. I am grateful for a perfectly roasted potato. And grateful for wonderful,  spiritual, feeling friends like you. ~Eve I am thankful for the basics.....My children, my immediate family and the friends I can count on my two hands and probably my feet that have a vested interest in my well being. You know who you are and like to think those friends are grateful that I am part of their life. ~Mitchell I am so grateful for my four lovely children who are all so different and light up our lives at different intervals -- and make us worry too!  I am grateful that I will be able to host my family this year for Thanksgiving and have everyone in our nest.  My husband continues to be a source of strength for me and gets me past my "little worries."  And I am grateful to be asked to reflect on my good fortune.  Blessings to all.  ~Jane  What I'm grateful for in this moment: People who see the world through artistic eyes and capture it to share with the rest of us. ~Barbara My life has been quite a roller coaster the past 6 years - I am thankful for my family and friends, who support me in good times and bad.~ Michelle  I am grateful for family. ~Pam I am always thankful for my warm home and all the modern conveniences that I get to enjoy every day, such as taking a hot shower, cooking in my kitchen and eating a hot healthy meal, washing & drying my clothes, flushing the indoor toilet and having a soft place to lie my head, because I have known what it is like to not have these things. Walking in the shoes of being less fortunate than I am now, causes me to be forever grateful for all that I have now and to want to reach out to those that are in the shoes I once walked in. Still, it’s not these things I am most grateful or thankful for. First and foremost, I am most thankful for what is unseen by the naked eye but are things of the heart; Love, forgiveness and grace and the vessels in which these things have come to me in. People. I could live without a home or many of these modern conveniences because I have done so. I cannot live without love, forgiveness, grace or people. I have walked willingly and unwillingly through the depths of hell. Hands that reached out to me, bearing these gifts, gave me the key to my freedom. The day love walked in the door is the day I met grace and forgiveness. Because of the power of love, grace and forgiveness I have been set free to live. I am most thankful for the gifts of love, forgiveness and grace because they make the life I live now possible. Without these things and the people that have so willingly shared them with me, I would not be here right now…I would not be able to look at you out of shame or humiliation.  I am forever and eternally grateful for these fires that have taught me well and chiseled into my heart this great capacity to love. My heart is overflowing with gratitude because today I live. ~Lori  I am very grateful for the Daily OM and all the wisdom that resonates for me there. ~Trudi Lately gratitude has been oozing out of every pore of my skin & on every breath... I'm so happy to be here... now... as I am. I'm feeling a pure joy of being alive and am so thankful for being able to find a Sacred Space wherever I tread on this Earth... to feel the connectedness…the Oneness...and I'm thankful for the experiences that have led to where I am now, to be able to feel this... even the biting wind and lashing icy rain has me laughing out loud and giving thanks with every breath. As I pause in the Stillness In the Centre of My Being and wonder what exactly it is that I am grateful for I realize I am thankful for Everything.... for Life... and I just want to share the Joy & Love with you and everyone else through the threads of this 'Mega Mobius Gratitude Quilt'... may we all pull it around our shoulders or across our laps and feel it's warmth. ~Suzi  And today, at this moment, as true thanks quells inside of me and through me, i am ever so thankful for the darkness i experience, for the heavy boulders that often block the flow of beauty, of life, of wisdom and joy to me for they have indeed brought me to places of pause, and those pauses are the openings to true seeing and thankfulness. Openings that enable me to see and be thankful for the many blessings of, the awakening to and of life, the beauty in the early mist of the day, covering what is yet to be revealed, the growth of a soul to find itself…~Terri  Humor.  Without it I'd be a wreck, curled up in a corner somewhere.  I don't know where I got this ability to find the humor in life, despite the sorrow, the struggles, the disappointment, the heartache, the loss. Life has so much pain in it.  And yes, there is LOVE---the ultimate blessing. But for me, laughter is what opens the door so that the love can get in!  Laughter softens my heart when it has hardened in anger or hurt, and allows me to look up from my life and feel compassion and love for my fellow human beings on this crazy journey we call life. Laughter gets me unstuck when I have become mired in my own drama. It doesn't let me take myself too seriously.  It reminds me that I am not the center of the universe. But most important of all?  It keeps me feeling human---and connected.  Not separate, but part of the whole.  We're all in this together. Thank God!!! ~Donna I am grateful for giving my silly judgment another chance to snap out of its dark illusions. ~Jill  I'm thankful I lost my job. I'm thankful my spouse has a good one. ~Lisa I am grateful to be here in my life wherever I am no matter how hard it gets no matter how busy I am I am glad to be here in my life with the people who are in it. ~ Ellysheva I’m grateful for the support of my friends and family ~Eric  I’m grateful for modern medicine and my family and USY ~Will I am thankful for everything, all that is in my life and all that is not.  I know this sounds super corny but it has created the life I have today and though some would not agree, I wouldn't change a thing.  My heavenly father has been and will continue to be faithful.  I will be celebrating with my family for Thanksgiving and even though when I am in the thick of it I might not feel thankful, I know it will be another memory for all of us. I am also thankful for Laura doing this so Thanksgiving morning I can get on the computer with my coffee and read it.  Then all day I can be thankful with all those people in all the world.  Laura you are such a gift, I am pretty sure you don't know how inspirational you are to anyone who meets you.  I feel very blessed to have such a gifted spirit in my life, even if it is only for a short chat every 4-6 weeks or so.  You truly "shine the divine"! ~Kristine As I near my 40th birthday I am thinking about the things that matter in life. In doing so I realize that I have so very much to be grateful for. I often spend time on what is "not", verses what is "good". I have been blessed with so very much. Gratitude... for my beautiful children - inside and out; my husband and friend of 18 years; family time & the love my children have for each other; Judaism – at the core of who I am; my work that has taken me across the world, connected me with others, and taught me so many skills; the seasons, the sunsets, the quiet moments with my latte; traditions; the wisdom of those that came before me. ~Ellen I am grateful for clarity around things I want to change. I am thankful that I am able to be with my truth and see what is called for. ~Brooks I am grateful for the incredible courage of human beings to continue to love and rejoice in life , even, perhaps especially, when it is difficult, even painful. ~Sylvia I’m thankful for having a great family~ Reggie grateful for... baby steps and laundry swirl and crisp cold runs; grateful for woodstove warm and spruce heavy with snow and the way he babbles to no one in particular. ~Emily I am grateful to you for all the positive energy you give to the world. ~Sandra My Beautiful little girl, my amazing husband and my fantastic sister. ~Janie  Good friends/New friends-Good Health. ~Marc Modeh ani l'fanecha -- I am grateful in the presence of the Life of the Universe, for my family and their love, for their inspiration to me and their health.  For being here, in a special community of warmth and compassion.  For the opportunity to do meaningful work, and to be a catalyst for others' joy, connection, healing, and tikkun olam. ~Jon 

May we all discover moments of blessing each and every day, for every day offers multiple opportunities to say "Thank You". Again, I offer my deepest gratitude to all of you for joining together here in this "sacred" blog space, a community of strangers, family and friends, raising our voices as ONE in this patchwork quilt stitched with words of love.

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  1. Thank you Laura for blessing me and so many with this quilt of such gratitude. Thank you to everyone that participated as I was very blessed to read your words. What a blessing it was to inhale all of this gratefulness with my hot cup of coffee early this morning before the business of the day starts. With a grateful heart I wish each one a blessed safe day of giving thanks. XX

  2. What a beautifully long list! Thank YOU, & Happy Thanksgiving :)

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Laura! Reading this beautiful quilt of gratitude is the start to my day of thanks. Blessings of the day to you and yours and all who visit here ~

  4. Beautiful post Laura!

  5. Laura,
    Thank you for this beautiful quilt of gratitude. It was the perfet way to start my day! We are all so blessed, even when we are struggling - because, really, what a gift it is to simply be divinenly human and walking this earth - together! Love to you dear friend and your family. May your intimate day be ripe with blessings!

  6. wow, that is one impressive quilt of loving gratitude Laura! I feel it's embrace - thank you for putting it together for us all, it's a beautiful thing!! happy thanksgiving my beautiful friend. love, karin

  7. Wow - what a lot of loving attention you have put into creating this lovely lovely quilt of thankfulness.

    Many thanks! Enjoy the day.

  8. Dear Laura:

    Thanks for this gift. A big hug from me.

    Gratitude is wonderful. It makes us feel so aware and conscious.

    Joy always,

  9. Wrapping myself in the quilt and loving it.

    Have a beautiful Thanksgiving, Laura.

  10. Almost to beautiful for words is our Thankfulness quilt, thank you for piecing and stitching. You are truly a seamstress of merit

  11. wow! wow! wow! this is so very beautiful! i hope your thanksgiving is a wonderful one!

  12. This is truly the most beautiful quilt of any kind that I have every seen. Thank YOU, dear one, for all your organizing and for sharing it with the world!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and all your loved ones.

    Love and hugs,

  13. This is totally awesome.
    Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanxgiving.

    ♥ ~ beaux

  14. wow. just wow. Laura.

    What a beautiful idea. I couldn't imagine what you meant... now that I see it , I feel it.

    Hope your day is glorious.

    I am thankful to have found the space you share.

  15. Hi Laura, What an amazing Gratitude Quilt you stitched together. It's wonderful to read all those lovely thoughts. We all have much to be thankful for. :)

  16. I feel like I could just wrap myself up in this quilt filled with abundant love and gratitude. How wonderful to feel the warmth and loving coziness of each person's contribution. Thank you to each of you, and many thanks and big love to Laura for the time, energy and love it takes to bring people together from all over the world to create this beautiful quilt. (I wish I knew someone in publishing so I could send them a link and share with the entire world.)

  17. Thank you so much, Laura. Your quilt of gratitude has lifted me high on this day and is now carrying me.

    I feel so blessed that we've become friends. You are truly special.

    All my love and thanks,

  18. Oh my dear friend ... this is a wonderful quilt of love and gratitude - so many people giving thanks for so much. It warms my very heart and soul.

    Happy Thanksgiving and blessings to you and your beautiful family.

  19. Dear LauraX oxo
    I am grateful for this opportunity to say you are. Beautiful. Powerful. Ever Radient. Translucent shining. GOOD. Of

    I shine brighter, braver for your existing. Your song heightens All, rises

    My song.

    Thank you always

  20. i love this idea, dear laura. i love that you wove gratitude together, and blanketed us with it. you are beautiful. happy thanksgiving! xo

  21. May the blessings that surround you on this Thanksgiving Day continue to bring you what you need. Shine on-

  22. Lovely Laura, what a wonderful textile artist you are :-)

  23. Beautiful. Simply beautiful.
    And I made it into the quilt! :o)
    Thank you for taking the time to unify our words, and ourselves in a way, on this day. This will remain in my hear forever, and for that I am grateful to you.
    Have a wonderful day!!

  24. I loved reading this.

    Many blessings to you Laura for your thoughtfulness and kind spirit.

    (I had told you I would write an entry and I did, but I suspect I got the email wrong. Sorry.)

  25. Wow, that's a lot of gratitude. Beautiful!


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