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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Thank You: Naomi Less

To open up our month of gratitude I am so thrilled to share with you one of my dearest friends on earth, Naomi Less. Naomi is one of those people who walks into a room and you have a sense that "this woman is a force of nature!" Naomi is like the Sun...she radiates warmth, light, generosity and has a gravitational pull that draws you to her loving, creative spirit. I met her about 6 or is it 7? years ago when we studied, prayed, meditated, practiced yoga and played together in a unique program for Jewish Educators through the Institute for Jewish Spirituality. We were chevruta's. Soul-buddies, and study partners for part of the training. On the last day of our final retreat (after 18 months of intensive body, mind, heart and soul learning) we participated in this exercise in which we had to thank our partner. N and I pretty much blubbered through the whole thing! As though we would never see each other again. Well, we do not "see" each other often because she works and lives in NY and I live here at the Gnome Mound in NH. But we constantly email, we have long chats on the phone, and we have visited each other on occasion. When our Rosie was so sick in the hospital 2 years ago, Naomi stayed in touch by email or phone everyday!!!! 

I am so genuinely grateful for this soul-sister of mine. I love you Naomi!!!

When Naomi and her husband Glenn were married, I was too sick to travel, because I had only been recently diagnosed with MS and was experiencing a pretty intense exacerbation. But I was there at their wedding anyway. She had asked me to design blessing cards for her friends to write messages on...blessings for the bride and groom. She made sure everyone knew I had designed these cards and had a special photo taken in which she's holding out the basket of blessings, and sent it to me to let me know that I was indeed present with her on that day.

Ok, enough from me.

ps. Naomi begged me to tell you that this is not the "finished" cut...but I LOVE the raw, true Naomi that shines me it is PERFECT just as it is.

Click hear (oops) HERE  to hear Naomi sing you her song of gratitude simply titled:

Thank You- Modah Ani
lyrics and music ©Naomi Less 2010 all rights reserved

For the way that I breathe. 
For the loves in my life. 
For the wind in my sails. 
For the strength from my strife. 
For the lessons I still need---the ones I have learned. 
For the gift of a hug and respect I have earned.

Woke up today simply to say: 
I give my thanks to you. 
It sounds like nothin' but to me its somethin'. 
Please hear from me---
You're bringing back my soul.

For the mornings that bring sweet escape from the night. 
For the phone call from St. Paul at first morning light. 
For encounters by chance, and for meeting my friends. 
For a nuzzle, a deep look. 
For holding my hand.

Woke up today simply to say: 
I give my thanks to you. 
It sounds like nothin' but to me its somethin'. 
Please hear from me---
You're bringing back my soul.

For our inside jokes that last all these years. 
For our riotous laughter that brings me to tears. 
For delays on the train. 
For a random path home. 
For a smile from a stranger when I feel so alone.

Modah Ani Lifanecha
I give my thanks to you
Shehechazarta - Shehechezarta
Bi - Nishmati
For Bringing back my soul...

You can learn more about Naomi and the wonderful program she has created to teach adolescent girls about personal empowerment @ Jewish Chicks Rock  and purchase her music @ Naomi Less


  1. Oh My - what a blessing. These words touch my heart this early morning.
    Thank you from One Woman's heart!

  2. Laura, I loved this and Naomi, what can I say, WOWEE girl, you do rock. I loved your song and it just lifted my heart to the ethers. You have a beautiful soulful voice that just delights. Gratitude is mine this morning after listening to you sing. Thank you!

    (Love the website for young women, great work!)

  3. Naomi's words resonated with strength and beauty. Unfortunately I wasn't able to hear them, being led through a maze to navigate, every time I pushed the button to listen. odd.
    A beautiful intro to your gratitude themed month Laura. Wishing you deep healing and joy as these messages work their way through you!
    xox Karin

  4. Lovely to meet you, Naomi. What a beautiful song! You are so very talented. I loved the song and the all the wonderful things you are grateful for...

    This was lovely!

  5. Laura and Naomi, this is great! Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful expression of gratitude with us. Naomi, you have a lovely voice!

  6. Friends, and LAURA, thank you so much for the beautiful words. I can't tell you how much they mean to me...another moment in life to be grateful.
    I am so looking forward to reading the entire month of posts! And for anyone that had trouble hearing the music, just email me directly and I will send it to you!

  7. Thank you ALL for the beautiful words!
    And thank you to LAURA, my biggest fan and amazing friend.

    If anyone had any trouble opening the song, please email me directly and I can send it to you.

  8. Thank you for your spirit of gratitude through your voice. Sing on dear woman, sing on!!!


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