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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Love: In God's Name

In honor of all of my loved ones who are LGBT, on behalf of all people everywhere who are bullied, maimed, because they don't fit into an artificial mold society deems as "right," killed because of hatred for any reason (truly there is no reasoning when it comes to hatred, to murder), I offer today's post. Thank you Amichai and Jake for your beautiful videos. If I could march and lived nearby I would be beside you, walking with you, at the Hate Is The Abomination Rally in Brooklyn this evening. 

Tolerance is not enough, understanding, acceptance and love for our brothers and sisters, parents, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins, children, grandchildren, friends, strangers NO MATTER WHAT our differences; that would be enough...because in truth we are all different in some ways, small ways, but mostly...MOSTLY we are the same. And I do believe we are all b'tzelem Elohim...created in God's image...mirrors of Divinity walking about this earth to teach and learn, to listen, to see, to support, to be present, to recognize Presence in one another. Every single person. Every. Single. One. Of. Us. Is imbued with Divine Sparks.


May all beings be blessed with chesed-kindness, rachamim-compassion, simcha-joy, v'shalom-and peace.  May all beings be blessed knowing that God's LOVE is ever present, upon us, around us and flowing through us all.

May there be hatred no more only LOVE for eternity...amen.

PS. I heard from Trudi Sissons last evening. She has now collected 100 butterflies including 3 from my daughters and me. They will be posted later today. Thank you Trudi, another step toward love and away from hate!



  1. and Amen. How important and true are your words here. The Universal teaching of (dare I say all) most all religions is one of LOVE. Love is from the Divine/God/Source it is part of being... hate is part of man/ego/fear... it is derived from misunderstanding, depravity, wanting to put yourself above another, etc.. it is taught. Children play with other children.. they don't see color, orientation, religious beliefs they only see another human being, a friend. May we all learn to have the wisdom of children and show Love to those around us.
    Thank you Laura for this wonderful post and much needed topic. May we trample fear and hate with Love and Light.
    Blessings to you and yours this wonderful winter Holiday Season and throughout the New Year.
    Love and Light, Nina P

  2. Amen, Amen!!!! May we all be strengthened in LOVE.

  3. Oh Laura, you are so right..we are all more alike then be treated badly because of differences is just wrong on so many levels. I wonder if those that cannot tolerate, love, accept, love or enjoy differences in others, are threatened by people because they are not comfortable with themselves or that there is something in them that they too hate, and that they keep hidden so they take out their anguish on these other people?

    It truly breaks my heart that these kinds of things take place in our world. As I watched these video's I kept thinking this could be my son, my daughter, my brother, my saddens me that people have so much hate and rage inside of them that they lash out at whomever they see fit for their cruelity.

    Where does this kind of meanness come from? I wonder does it start back when they are younger and what their parents teach them?

    I cannot stand bullying of any kind...I will not allow it in my home or from anyone that enters it's's why it upsets me when my littles fight with pushing, shoving or hitting each other and I will not just stand by and say "that's just normal for kids" so instead I make them stop and think about what they are doing...some days I wonder if they are getting these things I am trying to teach them but then I look at my older kids and I know that they will.

    Thank you Laura for sharing this...Today I will be praying for those that have experienced bullying of any kind and those that have lost loved ones because of must win out and we each must take a stand against the bullys in this world.

    ((((Laura)))) sending you happy thoughts, hugs and love from my part of the world. XX

  4. Laura, ohhhh, how true! Today, gosh, "we" must move beyond the simply expressions of tolerating others who are different from us, to creating a willing heart of openness to all those that offer us a new perspective on living and loving. Sadly, both my son and I know the wrath of hatred against difference. Gratefully, both of us now know the gift of a spacious open heart, for even those who do hate. We intimately know, from those who judged and/or ostracized us for our difference, that fear, anger or any of its manifestations can eat a person alive! Surely, we must pray for our dear hearts, and the hearts of all others, that they find freedom from such a painful existence.

    What a beautiful post by you. Thank you for sharing, and for extending your heart this way! xo

  5. Hurray for love, may it envelope us all that we may live in peace.

  6. That thinking human beings could behave in such a heinous fashion is always beyond me...

    How different=hatred is also a concept that is mind-boggling to me.

    Thank you for this post, Laura, and the reminder that positivity can have an a far-reaching effect. Love=understanding.

  7. Yes, yes, and yes. May we pray together in loving celebration of diversity, compassion and equality for all. Let it be.

  8. I just got home from the doctor's office to find all of these beautiful, supportive messages...MY HEART FEELS SO EXPANSIVE...surely there is more love in the world than hate...we just have to be loud and clear about our feelings...if you want to add one of these videos to your fb page today or a link back to my blog please do!!!

  9. tollerence is not enough...agreed that is not love...

  10. Amen, Laura. May your, our collective prayer be heard.

  11. And it's amazing how far love can go once we start living it!!

    yay, on the butterflies.


  12. Hi Laura,

    First, let me thank you from the bottom of my heart for your words of concern and love that you left me over at my little corner of the world. It meant so much to me when you stopped to check in on me again. I cannot express in words what it truly meant. A very humble and grateful thank you.

    You hit on such a good point here. That tolerance is not enough and understanding of ALL is what matters. I cannot say how badly it leaves a taste in my mouth at the constant judging that goes on day in and day out at almost every turn. It seems that the general rule is that if another is not like us, if they are in any way DIFFERENT, then they must have some defect. They must have something wrong because WE ARE PERFECT. Blah! Disgusting and abominable. I am home recuperating from the accident and once again I am away from all those voices of judgement that bombard on an everyday basis. I am cocooned and wish it were always so. Surrounded by "evil spirits" as I like to call them can bring you down and exhaust you. Sometimes, as in my case, I cannot get away from them because unfortunately I work with them. Not all are like that mind you, but enough of them that it gets to you. I come home drained every day from the constant gossiping, judgments and criticisms. I hate it. If only they could see that it is in the differences that we are the most beautiful and it is where we have opportunities to learn and understand.

    Thank you for this. And wishing you a wonderful holiday Laura,


  13. I wholeheartedly agree!!! There is entirely too much hatred and intolerance in this world and it is very sad indeed. I am always so happy when people from other cultures and faiths come and visit the Oratory and tell me that they are visiting us in an effort to understand the country they have come to. I am very happy to live in a city where there a very few crimes of hatred and where all cultures and religions invite everyone to the cultural centers and places of worship in order to promote understand among cultures and faiths to help eliminate cultural barriers.

  14. so great to have all of these positive comments here my friends!!! Thank you!

  15. Yes yes and yes to everyone's comments here. I believe in the innate goodness in the heart of every human being. And when I see anyone act anything but lovingly toward others, my spirit takes a nosedive of surprise. I feel betrayed by my trust, I feel devastated that anyone who is part of All could be so damaging to another, who is also part of All.

    I find it a bit amazing that people don't realize the without our physical bodies, WE HAVE NO GENDER. Our souls do not have female parts or male parts because we are no longer on a physical plane. So our essence truly is genderless. We are all the same in our essence. We are One.

  16. Laura,

    Thank you so much for this powerful post! Tolerance is not enough. You are very right! What a powerful post on such an important topic!

    I am so glad that you found my blog today via Jannie Funster's Love Beats Hate button. Thank you for commenting on my blog about it.

    In addition to our Love Beats Hate page on Facebook, people are talking about it on Twitter using the #LoveBeatsHate hashtag.

    While there are set dates for the blogging event, people can certainly blog about love whenever they want! So, please don't feel that you have missed out on anything. This campaign truly is an ongoing thing.

    The response from November's event was so overwhelming and positive, that it was clear we should keep the momentum going.

    So, thank you for calling this post to my attention! I appreciate it.

    Your post is in keeping with the message we are trying to spread with Love Beats Hate.

    It saddens me that so many people are suffering discrimination and bullying related to their sexual orientation or perceived sexual orientation.

    Thank you so much for posting this. It is a very powerful post.


  17. i love the way the second man gets overwhelmed by the show of care after he's put in jail.

    i happened upon a few minutes of Driving Miss Daisy recently, and at one point she says No I don't love him, meaning her african american "driver" but then in the end she blurts out "you are my best friend." He already knows that, but she is behind the wall of "ideas". Or her heart is.

    There are so many kinds of hate, of askings for the "other" to mirror the self. What we do with this "SPARK" is perplexing and amazing to watch.

    have a group of people willing to send in some butterflies.

    Love the idea of blogging on love!



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