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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Love: Uncomplicated

Often love is just this simple: our cat, Nefi, with her silky, smoke tipped fur, curls into a heart shape on my lap in bed. I can feel her warmth, the soft sound of her breath as she sleeps peaceful dreams, feeling safe and secure, exuding love from her very essence.

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  1. niiiiiice. and you're right there.

  2. How sweet. Our new dog, Riley, is just that...he exhuberates love...makes each one of us feel so loved...he hasn't even been with us for a month and it's as though he has always been with us...he is suppose to be here, a part of our family.

    Happy Thursday Laura. (((Laura)))

  3. aw, so sweet. may you have a lovely new year and many blessings to you for 2011. champagne toast? to life!

  4. I really like your post ,to feel within with each word you write ,it's amazing .

  5. It's so true Laura! Their, I mean our fur friends, love is so simple and sincere! We should learn from them!

    I wish you and your family much love and good feelings in New Year 2011!


  6. You're so right! The love of our pets is unconditional and simple.

  7. Beautiful photo, Laura. And I love your title for the post: Love: Uncomplicated. I've found my dog serves as a reminder of unconditional, uncomplicated love. (Unfortunately, I'm allergic to cats -- beautiful creatures though they are.)

  8. She's cute and I'm glad she keeps you company.

  9. I love this post :o) I had never noticed that cats curl into a heart shape and I have two!!!

  10. It seems to me that the simplest expressions of love are the most powerful. I've been away for a bit and love what you've added to the top (I'm thinking it's new, but it could be I'm just noticing it for the first time).

    What a sweet kitty.

  11. Pure love, unconditional, uncomplicated ... what a beautiful heart Nefi makes!

    I hope you have a wonderful healthy New Year, Laura. Thank you so much for the inspiration that you are to me!

  12. So simple and we want to make it difficult.

    Sweet post, Laura.

    Thank you! Happy New Year! ♥

  13. That's a beautiful soft loving heart! Uncomplicated and unconditional :-)

  14. How marvelous! It's been a long time since I've had a cat napping on my lap (rotten allergies). Yours does make a wonderful, silken heart. Best wishes to you for the New Year!

  15. so sweet and warm.

    May you have a year filled with warmth, love and blessing.

    Thank you, dear friend.

  16. Thanks for commenting on my blog.
    At present I have a cat, sleeping on my right arm, just like what your lovely cat, Nefi, was doing. My right arm is numb and commenting here is very difficult. It's not my intention to wake him up...
    We have recently started to have a new blog, posting cat photos only!!!

    Happy New Year!!!

  17. your cat knows how to relax and I adore the photo..blessings to you for a "curled up" peaceful new year!!

  18. Truly, the best. I absolutely love that Celine chooses to sleep at my head, sharing my pillow at night. All I need do is reach up to feel the sureness of her presence there beside me in the dark.

    Happy New Year, Laura.



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