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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Afternoon Shadows

afternoon shadows greet us on our drive
feels so good to get out of the house
even just to go to the walk-in clinic 
for an annoying ear infection
a joy to have a "normal" 
medical complaint!
sure my ear hurts
but my heart 
is content 

thank you sweet friends
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  1. There you go again...finding love, beauty and contentment anywhere, no matter what...sharing joy, inspiring others! This is my favorite post of yours so far. :)

  2. Thank you for your lovely comment :-)
    Your picture is amazingly beautiful and your words supports it perfectly.

  3. ~uh oh...ear infection...yuck...and they hurt so bad...sending healing wishes quickly for it to go away!!!

    we walked yesterday through the woods and my mind wandered about but always returning back to you...your words you shared with us the other heart sang for you in the woods and blessings i released and sent forth for you with each step that i made me open my mind and my eyes to fully value and embrace what a gift and blessing it is to be able to take each step that i do...and i thank you greatly for that...i hope today you feel the warmth of the sun upon your face and your day be of only some kind of wonderful...moments that keep your spirit lifted and soaring freely about...much love light and blessings~

  4. Love this, hope your ear gets better:)

  5. Pesky ear! Hope it gets better soon. Tall trees, snow and sunshine beautiful!

  6. I hope your ears feel better soon...glad you got out of the house for thankful you share your journey so that others may be inspired by the beauty of your honesty and your words and photo's that see outside of the box. Thank you. ((((Laura))))

  7. ouches!

    blessing and rest, tender peace.

  8. What a beautiful photo! Love the way you wrote your post :-D

    Happy Weekend!

  9. I saw that photo and thought . . . "Oh! She caught a glimpse of the Ents!" :-)

  10. What a pretty shot! :)

  11. What a beautiful post - love it all, the image the words and the presentation. It has the feel of something "real" - slightly painful but still hopeful. It is life itself.;)
    Thank you for your lovely recent comment, your words warm my hear at all times...

  12. thinking of you... and grateful you found beauty even in the midst of an ear infection. i can relate to the relief of a "fixable" complaint...

  13. I had one ear infection when I was 9, it was so horrible here at 44, I still remember the pain. You are such a lovely person to still see the light and be optimistic.......

  14. I like that you shot toward the sun, and that you feel loved. Blessings today!

  15. shadows
    evidence of sun
    hope your ear feels well soon!

  16. What a gorgeous photo, Laura. I love how you always seek the bright in the dark.

    And I hope your ear infection clears up quickly for you.

  17. beautiful winter shot. I can feel the crispness of the air in those shadows and winter light.

  18. The beauty of nature is impressive and grand. We can forget our pains, or they are mitigated somewhat as we take in and focus on that beauty around us...

    I hop you feel better, soon!

  19. The sun is hanging
    in treetops—ripe, fiery fruit
    waiting to be plucked.

    Shadow Sweeper

  20. I love bare branches silhouetted against the sky, and the sun in this photo makes it extra special. Lovely shot Laura. So sorry to hear about your ear infection, those are nasty!

  21. I'm so glad you found my blog because it led me to yours. What a bright light you are in the world! Healing love to you today...

  22. this is a beautiful peaceful picture. I hope you feel better soon! My good friend has MS too. xoxo

  23. This is just so very beautiful.
    I love all poetry , and when it's shaped it appeals to several senses at the same time.

    Peace and joy to you.

  24. What a lovely view you got on your way to the clinic! I hope you ear feels better soon. I haven't had an ear infection since I was very little, but I remember trying to lean my ear against the metal frame of my bed to get the pain to ease up the last time I had one...and I was no more than five at the time and I still remember how much it hurt!

  25. It's such a beautiful photo and I just adore the way you've worked your words! I love this post!

    I hope you have a great week :)

  26. What a creative way of showing us what you are experiencing.Feel better, Laura.

  27. Love your shadow shot. Hope you feel better soon.

  28. Such a beautiful moody, yet peaceful photo.


  29. You have such a wonderful blog! :-)
    Take care and God bless! :-)

  30. Both picture and words are uplifting, despite the oft-stifling cold ;-)

  31. perfection! Lovely image. I enjoy looking at your work and as my baby sis lives in Barrington NH I get to see perhaps her weather through your photos.

  32. I hope your ear infection is better today. There is so much sickness everywhere this month ~ it's like we need a nationwide throwing open of the windows to air out the country and shoo away the germs:)

    I've been thinking of you all day today ~

  33. you are cradled, LOved. each moment of LOve--string them together.
    i send you another moment of LOve, laura.

  34. This is beautiful in every way - thank you for sharing!

  35. Laura,

    I'm glad your ear is feeling better. :)



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