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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dangling Heart

in the changeable weather of  life
dangling ones own heart openly
is a choice, a risk, an invitation
from this, a patina  blossoms
unique to each born being
the collective residue of
blessings received
or more simply

I continue to feel deeply moved by the raw, honest comments many of you share through this blog. Too often vulnerability is seen as weakness. I do not believe this to be true. I see it as our greatest strength as it allows us to connect deeply with our own souls, with the preciousness of other beings and with all of creation. When we spend time simply dwelling with our “imperfections,” our “brokenness,” without judgment, the fertile soil of our hearts softens and seeds of love, compassion and confidence in our own wisdom can truly take root. 

I will write more about this on February 10th when I participate in the Love Beats Hate blogging event. I hope you will join me. And write about the power of love on that day too.

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  1. Oh Laura, I am so deeply moved by your words this morning...I too am moved when I read raw honest sharing from people's hearts...I am off to check out this love beats hate site...thank you Laura for the gift of your words. (((Laura))))

  2. Beautiful prose and imagery Laura..gorgeous and poetic! Vulnerability is pure magic.Not everyone quite understands it's powers and purpose!
    great post!

  3. it is s arisk worth taking...and thanks for the 411 on love beats hate...that is awesome...

  4. Thank you so much for this touching post Laura. May we always feel free to open up and share our true hearts with each other. Be well and peaceful within the light.

  5. I, too, believe that opening our hearts is our greatest strength. You put it so eloquently. It creates a circle of connection with others that strengthens all of us.

  6. Gorgeous. With the words "a patina blossoms" I truly felt your love, your resonance with heart, with vulnerability...

  7. Your words themselves are so loving.

    I'll definitely look into the Love Beats Hate site. Thanks.

  8. Beautiful image and sentiments - I agree with you, to show ones feeling in a true and candid way takes a lot of strength...

  9. Society so often dictates what traits are to be honored and which are to be ridiculed.

    But if you live in fear of exposing who you truly are, you risk losing out on some beautiful moments in a life...

  10. Dear Laurah, thank you for the beautiful images that were sent to me. Are you sure that you were not
    in my woods taking these pictures. Looks like my woods :)
    Thank you for your very special words...

  11. I've always thought the same thing about vulnerability. I feel absolutely no shame in showing my true feelings. Feelings make us human, everyone has them and in my mind God put them there to be shared, not hidden :o)

  12. What a beautiful post Laura. I think you might enjoy a post I did today for one of my blogs,

    There are kind hearts in our world in some of the most surprising places. I only wish such events were more commonplace.

  13. You have put into words something that I have found to be so true - it took a while to get used to dangling my heart as it were to absolute strangers on my blog. Then, to my amazement, I found that in doing so, I have met so many people who have come to mean so much to me. Without my 'dangling heart', I wouldn't have known the blessings that were meant to be - the friendships that are are so precious. The prayers and love that overflow when needed. I have received so much more than I could ever give.

    Thank you for being a huge part of that, Laura. I appreciate you and your inspiration in my life!

  14. Laura, I bought a crimson crystal car to hang in my car as a loving reminder to be soft and gentle when those pesky judgements threaten to condemn me to a life of unworthiness. Sometimes I still forget to open to the difficulies, but when I do, I cry for myself and this world full of souls disconnected by their own limiting beliefs about themselves.

    I am so grateful for the souls of these women here. We really can heal the world, can't we?

  15. Laura, your words are so moving and sweet.

    Take care.

  16. it takes more courage to be open and honest. and its the bigger heart that can show love and compassion. i'm glad to have read this!

  17. What powerful words, Laura.

    I feel, I love, I life.

    Thank you for your heart words.

  18. you are so open to love, and so filled with it, dear laura. praying he speaks peace to you....

  19. WOW...this made me realize something.

    My daughter, mom and I worked together for over 10 years in a retail store. We were known for having three generations in one store. Anyway, my daughter died.

    I have a chain of three hearts made out of the same thing. It is packed, but I have it. I decided each heart represented each of us.

    I can't wait to unpack mine since it came from OUR store...

  20. I think it is vital to share our whole beings with each other.
    Absolutely.... beautifully expressed.


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