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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Gentle White Kisses


snow flakes, tiny gifts
return us to the present
gentle white kisses
linking to:
a river of stones
This (above) was the entirety of my planned post for this morning

and then I just kept receiving more and more kisses in packages, and cards and messages and more snow. The winter storm yesterday was no match for the blizzard of love that came forth when I released yesterday's post! So much love, so much kindness, so much comfort

and the tears, oh the tears...I am FEELING anointed, blessed by so much love

N said, "Tears are sometimes liquid gold, don't you think?"

oh yes, I DO!

a lovely note from J

another email from N
"Do you know I am out here loving you in a rather ferocious way today?" 

a print I ordered from R (her 12 year old son's words, that resonated with the way I feel pretty much every day!!!...what an amazing child!)

a message from M
 "I am glad that you allow yourself to be human, because then your spirit blossoms once again."

a tote bag from another precious N (how'd she know I needed a big bag in which to hold my fear?)

a message from K
"I feel we do share in each other's experiences, for I feel myself beside you rising out of the tub on your own, and then deciding, I'm going to do laundry.  I feel myself sliding down the wall in exhaustion, completely depleted, consciously aware of the energy it's taking to take my next breath..." 

another one from L
"Thank you my dear sweet friend for sharing your truth, your heart, yourself with us."

and from T and then D
"The sadness and sorrow just gushed in. I'm glad you let it. I don't think it's good to resist these things and white wash our sadness."
"It is an honour to bear all of your truths..." 

and R
"I really enjoyed your post today.  Not an easy one to write, I'm sure...but the truth, and the truth needs to be spoken." 

and V
" are incredibly generous to share your experience and the process of both (and!) moving through and staying with what is happening and your reactions to it. Even though the details are unique it resonates as universal."

and a beautiful view from BIG G

and on and on and on...

there are so many lovely snowflake kisses I've only included the tiniest handful

every single UNIQUE and loving snowflake kiss has been received and is melting my icicle heart

and you know what? I almost didn't hit publish yesterday...I didn't want to bring anybody down

and the first message I received yesterday morning was actually this one:

"You are the last person in the world that would be called a “kvetch!” " from H

which of course was ultimately the center of my hesitation, because I know so many of you have MUCH BIGGER sorrows, and deeper suffering, and mine seems so minor when I think about what some of you contend with daily

and yet

it felt important to come clean (like the snow) and in essence, say: that we all hurt, we are all scared and confused and worried and blue from time to time...and that's ok...that's part of this whole package called LIFE

when we look at our pain, listen to its voice, give it a face, a name, simply sit with it companionably instead of running away

when we share our burden with a community


the weight is not so great, the fear is not so terrifying

compassion can hold it all

in Hebrew the word rachamim, compassion, is rooted in the word rechem, womb. What could be a more hospitable place of grace and tenderness, of nourishment and comfort than the womb we create for one another in friendship?

for every one who has sent a message saying, "I wish I could help, could do something, be there..." 

you have, you are...and I trust that you feel my love too

thank you all for holding me


  1. So beautiful and inspiring. And - I love the thought of 'rachmones'. My thoughts and well wishes are with you!!!

  2. the top photo has a wonderful sense of motion
    of moving through and forward with beauty around :)

  3. I can see you smiling and now you've made my day! Love to you, my friend ~

  4. Beautiful shot and beautiful words.

  5. I love your photo and snowflake kisses, Laura. But I love even more the fact that you dared show your shadow earlier this week. I think that is one of the most unexpected benefits of this online blogging world -- that we bare our souls and are wrapped in the warmth of compassion. Womb, yes -- I like that. (I like the fact that you are always so good with knowing the roots of words from the Hebrew! It adds so much depth!).

    Blessings to you friend...and a joyful, warm, kiss-filled weekend.

  6. How wonderful that you are so surrounded by love and support! I really like the print with the words of the twelve year-old boy as well, it's so wonderful that he thinks that way at such a young age!

  7. An inspiring view indeed....just love your blog Laura! :-)

  8. Love the snowflake kisses... :-)

    "in Hebrew the word rachamim, compassion, is rooted in the word rechem, womb. What could be a more hospitable place of grace and tenderness, of nourishment and comfort than the womb we create for one another in friendship?"

    Thank you...absolutely *perfect*... Bright Blessings!

  9. I love the snow flake kisses. Beautiful post.

  10. Snowflake kisses, lovely words and a beautifully soft photo.

  11. So glad I came by to "meet you" at your blog, since you were kind enough to leave a couple of comments on mine. I love the river of stones idea. What a beautiful concept.

    Enjoy the day!

  12. True. Heart.

    Its snowing here while i encounter your pure.

    Gold. You are spinning the alchemist's soul.

    Thank you. Again, for being Teacher. Your writing is valuable work! Alive.

    I send Blessings. Light. Snow's reminder of pure. Joy to you.

  13. very inspiring as always and your b & w photos are gorgeous...xox

  14. Gentle white kisses - how beautiful!

    I've read your post from yesterday, and I'm full of admiration for your courage and determination. You are allowed dark days, and it's important to acknowledge them. If you tamp them down and try to hide them they'll just fester. I know your friends would prefer you to speak out when you feel so down, because friends share the bad as well as the good.

    Bright and gentle blessings to you with each snowflake.

  15. Adding my own hug from across the distanct.

    Much love to you my friend.

  16. This so happens to LOVELY people like YOU!
    It feels so nice to see you are kissed so warmly by great friends we create here

    D. :)

  17. Thank you Laura...for sharing your snowflake kisses... and the River of Stones project...and your generous, loving spirit.

    Cheryl :)

  18. Lovely images and peaceful words.

  19. I am so thankful that you did push publish and that your courage to be real and open were met with open arms as you should be. This hugged my heart in a very big way Laura. Never ever under estimate your ability to touch and inspire... and please know that the most important Mom work or tasks in life, are the ones that you do already.

    I hope your weekend is one of refreshment, love, peace and laughter with your loved ones. (((Laura))) As always, thank you for being my friend. XX

  20. Isn't it funny how at just the moment you feel you might fall through the floor boards with pain, exhaustion or frustration, love pours in some explicable (or inexplicable) way?

    I find that I have to continually rediscover the interconnectedness of life...may it find you always...

  21. I love the gentle white kiss shot, it's amazing. The blog world has come to amaze me, people who have never met one another supporting each other in ways never imagined. I'm deeply moved.

  22. once again, you've expressed with loving perfection, leaving me here sitting, smiling and overflowing your way - see? it's the next little snow squall!
    Thanks for helping me shift my perspective on these snow flakes that were just beginning to wear a bit at me :) now each one is a blessing indeed.
    xoxoxo peace and love, K

  23. You are not hard to love, Laura! You have a beautiful soul!

  24. Your beautiful, heartfelt words grace my evening with love and compassion, which word I now understand and appreciate as never before. I enjoyed your words about the snow. It is a beautiful and gentle gift. We must drift with it!

  25. Laura, it's a lovely post of you. So inspiring...
    I also love your gentle white kiss shot :)

    Thanks for dropping by

  26. ever so lovely...
    you are loved. cherish that, my friend, and happy healing to you.


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