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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Gratitude Renewed

another day dawns
the light grins through the woods
across my face
becoming my smile
spread wide with gratitude

So often this is the way I wake up each morning. So often this is the view from my window. So often this is the view into my heart. Not so this morning, to be honest. It is gray outside. I woke up feeling a bit anxious, worrying about the future; gray inside. I sat up, set my meditation timer, practiced metta. My mind wandered and I gently corralled it back to: "may I feel safe. may I feel happy. may I feel strong. may I live with ease." I start to write some more. Not from the image  I selected last night, but from where I am this morning. I still don't feel the grin I imagined I'd feel this morning. It is quite gray outside and I hear drips of snow melting, or perhaps it is a light rain. I turn to look outside again. A shift. The sky is beginning to glow now, the slightest peachy-gold. Inner smile is waking up too. I feel calmer, safer, happier. Really. Sitting with my thoughts and emotions, turning to look outside then inside and outside then inside again...a smile is starting to grow from beneath my skin, reaching up toward my eyes. Do you know this tranquil smile, the kind that begins in the heart and rises upward? Imagining, then listening, then writing, reflecting, allows ease to rise with the sun, the light and lightness of my heart. Ahhh, gratitude...renewed.
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  1. i too, thank god for the new dawn...

  2. beautiful!
    happy new years, laura.

  3. Happy New Year Laura:
    You are so inspiring!


  4. Such a beautiful view from your window and into your heart. May your days and your soul be ever filled with Light, friend...

  5. A great way to start the day and the new year too.

  6. I loved reading this, Laura, your process of waking up your heart. Sometimes it does take time, doesn't it? We incline our heart towards opening, warming, feeling grateful to be here once again.

    Holy synchronicity, I went through much of the same experience this morning having had a "bad dream" in the wee hours. Inside myself I felt like the bottom of an ashtray. Tiny spiritual practice steps clean up the debris and then sparkles of clarity and warmth come in. Light a candle, sit with dharma passages and breath, a new book from Borders, bask in the warmth of my husband's love, watch the Bay, listen to the birds. A bright red cardinal graces the feeder. And, Voila', inner light shines a bit more brightly again.

    May your day be shiny and bright...all day long. xo

  7. Yes, Laura I know this tranquil smile that begins in the heart. Thank you for sharing these words from your heart. (((Laura))))

  8. It's wonderful to feel the shift from grey to peachy-gold, a great way to start the day.

  9. I felt deeply held within the darkness this morning, a struggle to emerge from the cocoon of my blankets that were even pulled over my head where I curled, withdrawn. Thank you for sharing the gift of your journey... may we all "allow ease to rise with the sun"... such a beautiful, soft, and gentle awakening into the day...

  10. Beautiful words Laura. You remind me that our joy is constant, we just have to nurture it and it shines from within. It's nice how you kindle it.

  11. You remind me that inner peace and serenity - that heart smile - doesn't just happen with the awakening of each day. We must also do our part, praying metta, going within, going without, with grace and love - lovingkindness - for our selves.

  12. I love this, and it is helpful to read your process on the grayer days, as a reminder to self:) Thank you for this.

  13. I love your description of turning inside then outside then inspiring. Just reading it brought that smile from my heart out onto my face and into the world.

  14. Lovely written, finding yourself in the light of the morning sunrise. I am an early riser, as I savour the early morning hours alone. Today the sky is grey but still very beautiful, sort of a woolly,cozy grey, outside my window the garden explodes under its burden of green interspersed with red from the flowering, climbing Mussaenda. Happy Day, Laura; enjoy!

  15. I was at your other site. And was so sorry to hear, you have not been too well. I am hope you will find this year is better! You have beautiful blogs, and I know they reflect a beautiful spirit. I will come again.

  16. Beautiful words and picture! Thank you for sharing!

  17. Yes! I know that inner smile, and when its lit in the eye, that who have felt it feel it light up their own.

    Rising joy and health to you!

  18. Thank you Laura.

    I have many such great (oops meant to say grey) moments - that was an interesting slip right there . . . just had one during my earlier sitting this afternoon. To let go of wanting it to be otherwise. Instead meeting it with ease. Acknowledging the unpleasantness. That too shall pass.

    Thank you for gift of connectedness with you, however remote . . . :)

  19. Lovely post Laura! It is easier for me to awaken with joy when the sun is shining. Gray days take a few more minutes!

    Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  20. Beautiful and candid dear Laura...
    I guess I often feel the same, a day that begins with a certain feel of unease, maybe even sorrow but then somewhere deep inside the light starts shining again. I guess we need at times to experience both spectras of the mood scale in order to have a *full day*.;))
    Sending you many smiles dear friend,

  21. Oh yes I ndo know what that is ...even only for a second it'sone of those sweetest feelings in life...
    A cup of coffee fits perfectly...

    'Gratitude renewed'... This is new to me.
    Thank you Laura!


  22. Laura,

    I will never cease to be amazed at the difference sunshine can make to how we feel. :)


  23. Thank you... loved listening in on your inner process.



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