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Sunday, January 30, 2011


today's small stone:  
mystery is golden
the sweetness is in savoring that awareness
not releasing every humming bee from the safety of the hive 

When much has been stirred up, like a beehive ransacked by a foolish, clumsy bear, pawed without mercy, honey bleeding out, and the crazed, confused inhabitants begin stinging even one another...

When all seems bleak uncertain, anger oozing with the sacred liquid that once was it’s own balm...

Consider another possibility:

This mindless intrusion could lead to deeper healing.

Though there is great weight to this honeycomb heart, chambers exposed that had been explored in the past and then left to mend over time...I am now mindFULL of this...I see it.

Still, I don't believe every door must to be opened, all of the honey sucked out. Some doors yes, but with intention, care, must knock and wait for an answer, not force, or assume entry is desired or warranted.

mystery is golden
the sweetness is in savoring that awareness
not releasing every humming bee from the safety of the hive
And so now that the swarm has been disturbed, the thoughts can continue to attack in wild frenzy…or I can choose to see them as thoughts flying by, free to pass in and out of my consciousness, while I am free to watch them come and go, a sting here and there, is inevitable, but not so many welts I cannot settle into comfort again.

We always have a choice, react or respond. Even if at first our natural instinct is to react, we can still change our mind, our heart and soften into a response that feels more appropriate. Compassion, forgiveness, toward ourselves and others for simply being human is always a possibility. 

Thank you to everyone for your abundant loving comments. You may have guessed from my writing lately I'm going through some "stuff" and working it through. My mind/heart has been occupied with some unexpected stinging bees, and so I've not been dropping by many blogs in the past week. I will try to stop in and say hello to as many of you as I can over the next week. I needed to spend some time in my honeycomb for respite, renewal and remembering the essence of who I really am. I feel nourished and strengthened. And as always, grateful for your supportive visits.

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  1. i agree, selective revelation is very important. as is the timing thereof.

  2. Sweetness must be hidden in that "honeycomb."


    If you see a shadow
    And want to keep it near,
    Point your trusty shooter
    (Make sure the lens is clear);
    Press with care the shutter,
    Do not slam or sock it—
    Then you’ll have a photo
    To carry in your pocket!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    A Splendid, Shadowy Door

  3. What a beautiful metaphor. I am feeling rather raw today as I've been digging deep in one area of my past. I've stirred up the muck and I'm ready to run it through a sieve. I can already feel the clean water emerging.

    Thank you for sharing your journey. You have so many gifts to share.

    {soul hugs}

  4. Beautifully insightful metaphor . . . (((BLESSINGS)))

  5. lovely shadows- hope those stinging bees fly away

  6. I agree with the others - beautifully written. and uplifting on this Sunday morning. I really really like the photo of your "honeycomb". have a beautiful day!

  7. Still, the door if not pried open is forced instead. The bear was hungry and felt he needed to eat now and ignore the damage. Yet, the hive will probably thrive after the damage is fixed - perhaps the newer honey may just a tad sweeter! We have to react at times, perhaps quickly to regain our equilibrium...

    Take care and we hope your stings are healed soon!

  8. Like so much of life - pain nestles next to pleasure. The stings (as long as you aren't allergic) are brief, but the honey has a lingering sweetness that I hope compensates.

  9. Lovely images.

    Thanks for your kind comment - I have many pairs of beautiful old jeans & am determined to use all that lovely denim to show off my collages.

  10. Another very incredible metaphor. May you find the healing comfort in honey's magical powers. Your deep wisdom and your great heart will bring you through - that and the fact that you're brave enough to travel through rather than avoid. Love to you.

  11. Laura you have such a way with words, the ability to paint a picture with your pen (keyboard) and your post today reminded me of a gifting a fellow blogger made last may recall this....

    my heart wants to wave a smudging stick over the hive, to lull those bees into natural instinct is a rescue mission :)
    instead i shall do what i know is more powerful and helpful, put on my gloves and hat (those bee ones) so i can sit here with you and offer this blessing:

    may the honey be manuka
    a medicated soul balm
    let yourself receive
    a homeopathic dose

    for what can sting
    also has the medicine
    to heal

    may it be so

  12. (Laura) Renew, restore, and then return. We'll be waiting for you.

  13. I love the lines and shadows!
    Really Rainey

  14. Beautiful shots. Love both images.

  15. I loves this post, Laura. I agree with you that not all needs to be revealed and that we need to try to always think before we react. When we're upset or hurt it's always better to think through our emotions and deal with them before facing the situation or person who has caused us pain. That is a practice that I learned through my relationship with my Sweetheart and that I am very grateful to have mastered.

  16. I sit here in awed silence as I read this post a couple of is that you wrote words that I needed to read tonight? While I easily find compassion and forgiveness towards others I seem to struggle with finding to give to myself...allowing myself to simply be human is something I need to do...I agree that not every door has to be opened all at once...some of my doors are still locked and not sure if there is even a key for them...still I will wait them out and not force something that I am not ready for...I do have a choice to react or respond...sending you beautiful thoughts my friend as you respond in gentleness towards the stinging bee's...peace to you Laura...please know how much I appreciate the gift of your words tonight. (((Laura))))

  17. Laura, your insight and your expressions of it, often amaze me.
    I find myself reading your posts over and over. I do believe - you are an old soul, and I am grateful that I have happened upon you in this lifetime.

  18. honeycombs are complex structures - mysterious yet full of compassion- I hope you feel nourished and strong again soon.

  19. I love your poem
    and your insight
    for it is golden
    thank you ~

  20. I am glad you are taking time for yourself. There are circumstances where time is the only answer.

  21. This is also a necessary part of growth and I'm glad to hear you're honouring yourself in this way.


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