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When we see through our hearts, we recognize that every single one of us is infused with creativity. Divine Sparks are embedded in everyone and everything. It's up to us to be courageous, to look and listen deeply, to find the sparks, gather and release them back into the universe, transformed into something new. Join me as we wake up to the sacred-ordinary blessings waiting to greet us each and every day.


Monday, January 31, 2011

Perfection of Imperfection

today's final small stone:

I continuously wake up to this moment.

Icicles, teethcycles, crooked, dripping, jagged, sparkling in the morning sun.


What could be more perfect than their imperfect edges, ridges, catching the light and my wholehearted attention? 


I sit and watch them melt, tear by tear, listening for the faint sound of each drop as it descends and finally becomes one with the snow below my window.  

Yes, I've opened it, allowing the cold air to kiss my face, 


 as I continuously wake up to this moment.
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I have deeply enjoyed participating in a river of stones this month, it has been a lovely daily practice. I am grateful to Fiona and Kaspa for the opportunity to be a part of this worldwide sharing of moments observed.


  1. Such gorgeous icicles. I've been thinking that they are like miniature ice sculptures!

  2. aren't it the imperfections that make something perfect???

  3. Such beauty in your photo's and thoughts...there really is something perfect about imperfection...waking up to the moment at hand is a pricelss gift we give ourselves...experiencing all that is...the joy, peace, the emotions, the beauty..the noise or silence...I often times miss the moment or am not paying attention to it..I'm getting better at it...Monday blessings to you my friend....((((Laura))))

  4. i am glad you opened the window.

  5. Wonderful closeups of the icicles, Laura! And your words are beautiful, as always.

  6. exhilerating, opening winter windows!
    me in my car yesterday, letting it blast in, kissing my cheeks, too.

  7. Continuously waking up to the moment -- a perfect description of the difficulty of truly being in the Now on an ongoing basis!

  8. Such a work of art! I bet they just spakle in the sunlight! Great pics

  9. Such perfection even in it's transformation from icicle to water... Love, Silke

  10. Lovely clarity in this post . . .
    They could be ice caterpillars, couldn't they, with those bumps and ridges? Soon they will transform . . .

  11. I have enjoyed the photos of your icicles. They are a beautiful example of winter's wonder.

    May you be safe and warm ~

  12. I have a ton of these outside my window as well. I love the sunlight reflections Laura. Terrific shots.

  13. Beautiful capture Laura. Imperfections makes us perfect. Keep warm!
    Reb Bulb

  14. The nature of transformation is always fascinating.
    I love icicles, can stare at them and the world reflected in in their irregular surfaces!
    Beautiful post Laura.
    Have a nice week ahead!

  15. this awakens me to the beauty of cold water. i usually don't like cold water, laura. you have made it beautiful!

  16. I have always loved icicles!!! My younger brother and our friends and I used to pretend they were diamonds when we would play outside when we were little and we would fill the 'vaults' of our snow forts with them :o)

  17. have really enjoyed your daily observances Laura - thank you for sharing them in your beautiful poetic way. xox K

  18. Hi Laura...super-super- beautiful post...always a delight to visit your beautiful heart..and your spirit shines through all you create! Awe-inspiring photos of nature's gifts! wonderful..and beautiful words and inisghts to match! I agree!
    Shine on...have a sparkling week..and thanks so much for always leaving a kind word and a bright sparkle..

  19. Laura,
    What a perfect awareness and sensitiveness of nature, an ice melting and dlicicious poem.
    Thanks for sharing your beauty from inside out and viceversa

  20. nice. icicles are so cool...and the cold air on my face is a fav way to wake up to the world...

  21. As Liza said I am glad you opened the window. And thank you once again for introducing me to A River of Stones. You are truly inspiring in so many ways- warmly - teri

  22. These are beautiful...they almost look like melted silver in some pretty.

  23. gorgeous photos, I was looking at the icicles outside my window today wishing I could capture the beauty of them and then I see these here tonight. Amazing. thanks for sharing them.

  24. They are so beautiful when viewed close up.

  25. Hey, I 'remember' you now from way last September!

    I'm not a "Buddha Chick" (never will be a chick!) but I did just take my first class today, Intro to Buddhism...VERY interesting--even more than that--I'm going back for more and signed up today for the whole course. Exciting!

  26. Great photos on the icicles and great text too :)
    Thank´s for your comment on my Hepaticas !


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