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Friday, January 28, 2011


I saw reflections of buildings in the buildings… distorted structures within the structures… I pondered my own architecture, what I know to be true about myself through direct experience and nearly forty-six years of inner excavation, attentive discernment, close observation, intentional cultivation.

I considered what I know is not true about me, but a mirage someone else has transferred onto me because of their own history of experience. It is interesting how we see what we expect to see in others without really looking…or asking…or taking the time to get to know them before making judgments. Very interesting. I am not immune to this behavior. I work hard to avoid this, to pay attention, to not make assumptions, to truly be present to what is happening in the moment, to what or who is really in front of me…but I know I fall prey to this from time to time. I'm human...we tend to categorize people, places, things into boxes  and patterns that are familiar. We construct alternate realities because our minds just want something concrete to hold on to. Mystery is terrifying to many humans; it makes them (me too occasionally) terribly uncomfortable. So humans create answers to questions when sometimes the answer IS a question. Sometimes we see what we want to see, even when what we THINK we see is only a reflection of our own attitudes, fears and inadequacies.  Sometimes we are blind to what is right in front of us. Sometimes what is right isn’t clear. Sometimes we see our own humanity, frailty, failings reflected back at us and don’t recognize what a gift this is. Sometimes, we do...a window of opportunity for compassion is revealed.

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  1. ~you are a treasure for each of us...the words in which you wise and true...words shared...given...written...for us to always carry with us and ponder throughout the day...words to inspire and encourage us to be only best as we walk along our path...thank you for such thoughts this morning....

  2. Well said. The world is full of endless opportunities (endless reflections) to get to know ourselves.

  3. Beautiful words Laura. We need to reflect once in awhile.
    Great photos!
    Happy Weekend Reflections

  4. I think you are spot on with often we really don't see the truth or just see what we want to see (or even hear)...making assumptions based on very little knowledge or truth...I have paid the price for this dearly by getting into relationships I shouldn't have...I know it has hurt me when others have assumed or put me in a box...learning to take each person as a seperate idividual and not putting them in a box...still it's hard because we view life and people through the glasses of our own experiences

    I am working on not doing this always thank you Laura for sharing your reflections...sending you love, hugs and smiles as I really are a gift to me Laura. ((((Laura)))

  5. "So humans create answers to questions when sometimes the answer IS a question."

    Wise woman...

  6. "a mirage someone else has transferred onto me". Lots of power in this post.

  7. Prejudice is a blind wall and difficult to notice!
    Great insight with a nice photos. Photos match to what you write:)
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Really thought provoking, Laura. And chock full of wisdom. There's something very liberating about knowing that some questions have no answers...a case of "let it be".

  9. another heart felt and insightful post ... i personally love those windows of opportunity for compassion... I shall quote you! xo

  10. it IS so hard not to make a maze of judgements, categories, etc... even if we think we are mindful.

    beautifully written.


    Mansuetude (having trouble with password)

  11. Marvelous reflections for the day! A beautiful, wise and insightful post as always, Laura, thank you! Hope you have a lovely weekend!


  12. Beautiful and Profound.

    I adore how you saw the message in the images:

    "I saw reflections of buildings in the buildings… distorted structures within the structures… I pondered my own architecture"


  13. Thanks for the inspiring words. Happy weekend!
    Weekend Reflection

  14. You like the rust, I line the lines!

    Your words are very insightful.

  15. Love your photos. Planning to spend some me time exploring your site this weekend!

  16. I considered what I know is not true about me, but a mirage someone else has transferred onto me because of their own history of experience.

    pondering our own architecture, and that of others around us, possibly a great way to ensure structural soundness in a community, getting to the solid stuff and avoiding smoke and mirrors

  17. Well now, this is good news, and I might add....something I have not thought about!

    I will especially think about projecting my experience and my own perceptions on another person or situation.

    Very timely post!

    Thank you so very much!

    Wishing you a fine weekend!

  18. Interesting photos and thoughts. Reality is real; our perception of it can be unreal. Go figure...

  19. Many (most?) of the Big questions can only be answered with questions.

  20. Beautiful reflections, both in words and photos!
    Have a great weekend, hugs :-)

  21. Interesting post - and very true. What I always have trouble with is working out why someone who is difficult or mean is in my life. I know it is a reflection - but sometimes I just cannot see it in myself. I know I'm not perfect, yet understanding the connection can be really difficult. I guess I have to look harder. In any case, I reckon tolerance is the most important thing to cultivate - it gets round a whole heap of problems in others. We just need to accept them. (Easier siad than doen sometimes!)

  22. The reflected buildings are so tall, too. The lines define its beauty!

  23. Dear Laura, this is one of my favorite posts of yours...
    I love the way you compare our own architecture to that of we also consist of buildings blocks and we age and witter with time and our looks tell a tale of history gone by...
    And the projection we do onto others, see what we want to see, making assumption, drawing hasty conclusions - so true that is. I guess what is important is to admit freely - to ourselves and others - when we are wrong, as we can be wrong occasionally, even when it comes to people. We are only human, but as such we have the capability to forgive.;)
    Have a lovely weekend dear friend,

  24. your reflections here have given me pause for thought....

  25. Really nice shot for the second

  26. Nice composition on those pics... And a very intersting text to illustrate them. Thanks for this inspiring sharing.

  27. You really have an eye for interesting perspectives. Nicely captured!

  28. You hit on one of my remaining pet peeves: making assumptions about others. It doesn't bother me as much as it used to; I try to let it flow over and past, but sometimes it really does. No one should assume they know why I do something or how I think; if they'd like to know, they just have to ask. It bugs me when someone says "Oh, I *know* why they did that!" Even the OJ trial bugged me with everyone *knowing* he did it. He may very well have, but none of us *knows* it; only he and the victims hold that knowledge.
    Anyway, I hear what you're saying and I'm sorry you've been subjected to others' assumptions. Communication is a valuable commodity if one is to acquire truth. Gentle hugs to you, my precious friend.

  29. I have come back several times to look at these photos. They remind me of why I love cities ~ perspective, scale, reflections, not being able to see the whole of anything at one time. That's how we are as humans ~ no one can see all of us at one time. This post resonated deeply with me, Laura. Thank you.


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