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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Resplendent Sentries

 resplendent sentries
 their task
 protect my soul
from flying free
into the blue
beyond this
in this moment
i cannot imagine
a  n  y  t h  i  n  g
more appealing
than this
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medical update: we are stopping the tysabri and going to do iv steroids once a month for three months while the ty clears from my system and then we will talk about other drug options.
Thank you all for you love and prayers... I am happy, my ear feels much better, and it is a relief to at least be taking a step forward in the decision making process by stopping this medication. 


  1. progress is progress, and i'm so glad to hear it!!!

  2. one step at a time. beautiful ice!

  3. good morning hug,
    and glad you are feeling better.

  4. Stunning! Laura you have such a way with words and images. These may be some of my favorites. Have a cozy day!

  5. Laura,
    Glad to hear you are happy, and relieved, and welcoming it all. xo

  6. Such beauty in these photo's...and your words...simply thankful you are feeling better...thankful that your doctor is taking steps to help you...(((Laura))) Enjoy your Tuesday.

  7. Laura,

    What gorgeous pictures!

    Good luck with your medication change. I'm glad your ear feels better. :)


  8. I love icicles and always have, when I was little and played outside with my brother and our friends, we used to pretend they were diamonds and we would hide them in our snow castles :o)

    I'm glad that a decision was made at your appointment yesterday and hope that things will move forward with your treatment.

  9. Beautiful connectivity of words and images ...
    I particularly LOVE the second

  10. Nature is still the best artist I know. Amazing captures, Laura. To see beyong the cage is extra hard in the winter, but you make it beautiful.

  11. Love the icicles photos.

    To be happy, behind the crystal sentinels, to be happy in this cage, is true happy.

    Your opening paragraph is full of these same thoughts. I am thinking believing this way about healing, is the identical way to face life.

    I've been reading your blog, and I must say, many things ring true to me, so I keep reading and thinking things over.

    Thank you for sharing.

  12. thanks for the update, and for these soaring verses and photos. hoping and praying for a level path as you move forward...

  13. So Glad my dear LAura you are having an alternative, a new way to relieve... but you get so better- I Know- as you write these beautiful words from your soul...

    That's a cave where you seem to feel so at peace and always grateful.

    You are a REAL example of love and gratitude, and I admire you and love you for that!


  14. Beautiful post..gorgeous prose and imagery! Shine on..stay well and wishing you many sparkles along your journey always!

  15. Seems like you and I are survivors! Great little thought for the day here!

  16. Nice combination of poetry and image. Never quite looked at it that way. Cheers

  17. An ice prison will not keep caged the heat of a passion for words. Excellent One Shot. I know not of your past ills, but wish you recovery. As a cancer survivor, I know it can be acheived.

  18. smiles. still praying and lets keep you tethered here a bit longer...

  19. I love the angle that this icy world takes for you - protected from the storm

    your Photography gives that added beauty

    nicely penned for One Shot

  20. What heart for beauty- thoughts and images. The blue in the last photo is mesmerizing. The icicles shine out in brilliance against the background. Just like you.

  21. interesting how you have taken something so cold and made it seem so warm. Must be the rays from your lovely soul shining through in your words..

  22. Thank you all for your loving comments. I have to be honest...I took these photos hanging out the window and it was around daughter walked into the room aghast to see me doing this (with an ear infection)...but the beautiful ice called to me!

  23. Lovely better place to be but snuggled inside when it's that cold! Hope you're feeling better.

  24. awesome images and poem - resplendent sentries, beautiful cage... I love your attitude in the face of what most would call adversity.

  25. Oh yes, Laura.. sometimes, one needs to be in one's own sanctuary to feel most free...
    This is a beautiful and reflective poem.. makes me think a lot...

    Wishing you well, my friend..

  26. Every day a new adventure, hmmm? Glad to hear you're feeling better.

  27. Lovely words and images here, but the best word of all, 'progress'--so very glad to read that. Take care of you.

  28. A wonderful and haunting unity between words and pictures. A lovely poem, Laura!

    Lady Nyo

  29. Wow! I really enjoyed your little stone and photos of the beautiful icicles. I hope the few weeks of steroid treatments gives you a boost, and while I don't know what your next option of treatment will be I'm glad you are going off Tysabri. (my intuition doesn't like that stuff FWIW).

  30. I am so sorry to hear that you are not at your best. But your stunning images and words as always bear witness of your beautiful and resilient mind and soul.
    Much love...

  31. Stunning photographs, I love ice pictures and sculptures, they make for such calming surroundings.


  32. Loving the combo of pics and prose!

    I also appreciate the juxtaposition of icicles (frail, temporary) and cage (solid, permanent).

    Nice One Shot!

  33. I love the title of this piece. What a job that would be. Now to the piece :) I actualy posted a piece about being in a cage today with a completely different feeling of being in a cage. Yours is pleasant and leaves one feeling warm.

  34. I send healing energy to that ice crystal cage. I am not sure what soul will emerge, but I know it will be a strong one.


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